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Any Old Iron 12:05 Wed Jan 17
This VAR bollox
Already VAR is being misused.

VAR is supposed to only be used when a "clear and obvious mistake" has been made. Well tonight Leicester had an offside decision overturned and had the goal awarded thanks to VAR.
The only trouble is that no way was it a clear and obvious mistake by the lino. I've seen it and I still think the player was offside, but even if I'm wrong there is no way it was a clear and obvious mistake.

By the way, supposing the keeper had seen the flag raised so didn't make an attempt to save the shot, but VAR give it.
How the fuck can that be fair.

The whole thing is flawed and will only lead to even more controversey.

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Willtell 12:53 Mon Jan 29
Re: This VAR bollox
So what you are saying is that you prefer football to be constantly decided by wrong refereeing decisions.

Even World Cups have been affected by poor refereeing decisions (hand of God, Ireland's WC exit) but you want it stay that way cos' your an old stick-in-the-mud.

OK got it thanks. VAR is not perfect but it gives a chance to sort out errors. That's all and I repeat. When did the truth stop mattering...?

Any Old Iron 1:56 Mon Jan 29
Re: This VAR bollox
Yeah, you're right off course, it's really quick in Rugby Union. Only takes them 3 or 4 minutes to decide on some tries.
Anyway, football isn't 'other sports'. It's completely different.

Full Claret Jacket 11:07 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
I'm all for VAR.
At last the refs can't influence the game by making decisions which are suspicious or designed to even up other mistakes they've made. It's got to be quick to a decision though. In other sports it's done very quickly. If it's so close it's inconclusive on video replay then the ref can stick to their original decision.

Hopefully stops some of the cheating dives and handballs into the net we've seen recently.

zebthecat 11:00 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
The one thing that they really need to do is tell the crowd what the fuck is going on.
It works in cricket, rugby and the NFL as the replays can be seen and you can hear why the decision is being made. With all the money sloshing around in football (especially the Premier League) it can surely get sorted out.

Any Old Iron 10:17 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
Witless - it's not the truth that you end up with, but just another blokes interpretation of an incident. Just 'cos he's looked at it on tv doesn't mean he'll always be right.

As I said in the OP this VAR bollox is being missused. The officials are not following the rule that they only look at clear and obvious mistakes as clearly demonstrated in the Liverpool West Brom game.
And it will only work properly on objective decisions.

Willtell 5:23 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
When did the truth stop being desirable?

AdamL 4:54 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
I don’t buy the muted goal celebrations argument. 90%+ of goals will be so clear cut we’ll celebrate as normal. Most of the rest we’ll still celebrate and maybe then be disappointed but how different is that from celebrating an offside goal or one that hits the side netting when half the ground think they’ve scored.

I remember a Chelsea West Ham game when I think Kanoute scored a late header to make it 1-1 and literally the entire stand celebrated for half a second, turned to make sure the Lino hadn’t given offside (he looked off from behind he goal) and then celebrated like mad when when it was given. Okay, that’s a lot quicker than current VAR but I’d rather the correct decision being given than ensuring we celebrate all goals to the full.

Sven Roeder 4:52 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
And as Pardew said he ended up with players with hamstring injuries as they stood around getting cold.
It took 4 mins to decide the pen and the other two VAR’s were 2 or 3 minutes. Add on 4 goals and some injuries and the injury time added was ..... 4 mins. Should have been closer to 10

Sven Roeder 4:48 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
They ended up with more correct decisions but the time taken and the type of decisions involved has to change
Plus the pictures HAVE to be on a screen in the ground with Uber Ref VAR on the loudspeaker talking through what’s happening

The West Brom 3rd goal should have been ok’d with one replay in 30 secs ie as long as the goal celebration
And the Liverpool pen appeared to be reviewed because players bullied the ref into it. That WASNT given initially so shouldn’t have been reviewed in my opinion under the guidelines

Also I think refs will end up with iPads strapped to their backs rather than run over and stand right where the managers and benches are

Boycie 4:32 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
They are sabotaging it so people get rid of it think about it

13 Brentford Rd 10:48 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
Watched the Liverpool game and it seemed like another sport.
Kills the flow and atmosphere.
It is going to lead to goal celebrations from fans and players being muted as they will have half an eye on VAR.
Also it all seems to be about the ref now.
It's not flawless as it's still down to interpretation.

Iron2010 10:18 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
Talk about the flow of the game is a bit of a cliche but it’s accurate in regards to football. We have accepted the refs interpretation of an event since time began and this technology is simply asking another human to interpret the event with the benefit of a replay. The Liverpool game stopped for three minutes last night for the chap watching the screen to review a potential foul on Salah that the ref could easily have made his own decision on. I still didn’t think it was a pen after watching all the replays.

In short it is going to ruin the way we enjoy football for no real benefit. Goal line technology is great and I’d only introduce it in this human less form.

Keep dreaming 9:55 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
Agree with iron 2010

VAR will come in good in the future, but it can't be used in every doubtful situation. Keep testing it,band they will find a proper way of using it.

Same with retrospective actions. The rule that states that a player can't be taken action against if the ref took action must go. Same with not being able to rescind yellow cards.

geoffpikey 9:50 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
Shite bollocks. Only just watched highlights of Liverpool WBA and half of it was the fucking ref and video replays. Must completely kill any atmosphere in the ground. No explanation of anything.

Private Dancer 9:10 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
This VAR shit doesn't sit right with me at all. I understand that there is a lot at stake these days and bad decisions can have consequences,etc, but I'd rather crack on with accepting that human error will play a part in some games.

Waiting around for the decision, players sitting on the deck, then as just said a belated celebration after the 'moment has passed' Then you have the time that needs to be added on. Not for me.

Iron2010 9:06 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
You won’t even be able to celebrate a goal until this unnecessary verification has taken place. Refs need to use it as an absolute last resort only.

gph 1:27 Sun Jan 28
Re: This VAR bollox
When are they going to apply this to the 1981 League Cup Final, and award that year's trophy to us?

Barry was less interfering with play for WBA's disallowed goal than Lee was for Liverpool's in 1981.

ornchurch ammer 2:26 Thu Jan 18
Re: This VAR bollox
VAR will always work with 'line' decisions as has been proved in other sports.

Where there will always be arguments is where it used used on decisions of opinion or interpretation such as the Willian penalty last night. I, among others, didn't think it warranted a penalty but the ex pros in the studio all did - matter of opinion.

One good thing that may come of it though is if it rids of this bollocks that if there is a touch it is a penalty. There was a touch on Morata but it wasn't a foul and didn't warrant the dive that he made.

-[Rasta]- 2:11 Thu Jan 18
Re: This VAR bollox
all dives I hope this is how it will be from now on :)

zebthecat 12:49 Thu Jan 18
Re: This VAR bollox
Eddie B 11:21 Thu Jan 18

That really annoys me along with "There was contact" as if that justifies an outrageous dive. The whole point of the bans is to cut out diving as it is cheating and makes the ref's life a great deal harder.

ironsofcanada 12:47 Thu Jan 18
Re: This VAR bollox
Fo the Communist 12:45 Thu Jan 18

But the punishment was not the same. The system needs work.

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