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BRANDED 12:18 Mon Jan 22
Jimmy Armfield RIP
Always seemed a completely top bloke.

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Sarge 11:06 Wed Jan 24
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Peter Jones, bryon butler with Jimmy armfield alongside.

Broadcasting gold.

normannomates 1:49 Wed Jan 24
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Proper old school northerner.

easthammer 9:13 Tue Jan 23
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Saw him play on a number occasions quick and cultured

An honest player and an honest man of great integrity with an excellent insight into the game.

Unlikely to see many like him in the modern game ( a loyal one-club man )


New Jersey 9:03 Tue Jan 23
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
RIP Jimmy!

I really liked listening to him summarise on 5live, said it how it was, without getting hysterical, like some do today.

Fantastic player and as a manager got Leeds to a European cup final (a proper one, where only actual league winners were entered).

The BBC will find it hard to replace him, possibly some screeching, giggling women, like who was doing Final score with Dion Dublin on Saturday.

jim@chickenrun 8:29 Tue Jan 23
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
A top bloke....rip.

Coffee 5:47 Tue Jan 23
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Any Old Iron 1:18 Tue Jan 23

I listened to that too and was also struck by his humility and decency.

jimbo2. 5:44 Tue Jan 23
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
I saw him play for Blackpool at UP & remember him captaining England in the 1962 WC in Chile. A certain young Bobby Moore was just making a name for himself at that WC tournament! Jimmy was a real gentleman, v honest & straight forward. RIP Jim!

Any Old Iron 1:18 Tue Jan 23
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Just listened to a 90 minute interview with him on 5live. Some great stories to tell, but what a genuinely humble man he was. Pleased to say I saw him play a few times.

w4hammer 3:21 Mon Jan 22

That's definitely Bloomfield road.


Some terraces were huge in those days. Take a look at Wolves south bank, it was massive, twice the size of our north bank and probably bigger than Liverpools kop.


Tomshardware 8:42 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Saddened to hear this today, only knew him as a pundit but always liked listening to him on the wireless.

zebthecat 5:51 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
I liked him. Always perceptive and came across as a really nice bloke. I even forgave him for this end of season comment on one our relegations in the 80s.

"West Ham are a bad side and deserve to go down"

He was right there too.

Also like this one on Harry Kane

"Kane is a funny one. Sometimes he looks like no sort of footballer at all but, by golly, the lad can score."

w4hammer 5:46 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
I didnt think bloomfield road was that big- fucking majestic those old terraces look dont they !?

Far Cough 5:31 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Mooro wasn't booked many times either was he?

Northern Sold 5:27 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Armfield was never sent off during his career and was only booked once, after two fouls in an FA Cup match against Norwich City.

He later wrote: "I had played more than 500 League games by then and the referee was almost apologetic."

Ha Ha Ha... some going that for a defender

Bouncing Ludo 5:08 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Definitely Bloomfield Road


Spandex Sidney 4:52 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Took over from Brian Clough after his 44 days at Leeds and did a half decent job with those Don Revie dirty cunts.

When top footballers were not greedy, self-serving wankers. The story about his WC Winners medal says it all how humble the bloke was and decent commentator

wanstead_hammer 4:17 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP

I reckon it's Blackpool (Bloomfield rd) back in the day.
Typical old school end ready for the taking.

cholo 4:03 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
During the so called tv football blackout in the mid eighties, I turned to radio 2 and the brilliant voices and commentary of Jimmy Armfield and Peter Jones. Both now sadly gone.

Sven Roeder 3:38 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
Sorry to hear that.
Has been mentioned a fair bit on 5Live that he was ill and you could tell by the comments that he was thought of as a top bloke
Always enjoyed him on the radio as he knew his stuff and just seemed like an old school gent.


Sniper 3:37 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP

Such a wonderful man to listen to, superb pundit. Iā€™m sure there was a satire programme about him on 5live just before Christmas...

w4hammer 3:21 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
RIP. Amazing career and a decent tho pretty old school presenter

anyone seen that photo of him in and england shirt that west ham have tweeted? Trying to work out what stadium he's in at- is it Molyneux?


BRANDED 3:21 Mon Jan 22
Re: Jimmy Armfield RIP
From 2009

Jimmy Armfield, the former Blackpool and England defender, is to receive a World Cup winners' medal 43 years after England lifted the trophy. Armfield, who captained England 15 times and earned the last of his 43 caps against Finland two weeks before the start of the 1966 finals, is one of the 11 reserves who did not play in the 4ā€“2 win over West Germany.

Prior to the 1974 World Cup only those players who played in the final received a medal, but Fifa have now confirmed that they will reward the others who were part of the winning squads ā€” 14 additional medals will be made for each of the winning teams from 1930 to 1970.

Armfield, a former Bolton and Leeds manager, insists that he did not apply for the medal, but considers the decision as a welcome surprise.

"It's nice to get it but I can't say it's something that's been bothering me all these years," he told Blackpool's official website. "We just didn't expect it and I wasn't bitter about it at all. If you didn't play in the final, whether through injury or not getting selected, you didn't get a medal ā€“ it was as simple as that.

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