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Queens Fish Bar 12:43 Thu Jan 25

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Queens Fish Bar 8:26 Sat Jan 27
Re: Stoned
Too Much Too Young 7:52 Fri Jan 26

cheers for that.

sanfrancis-co-uk 9:36 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
zebthecat 9:13 Fri Jan 26

There's about 150,000 people up there on 4/20!

Hammer and Pickle 9:21 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
SF always puts me in mind of this ditty


zebthecat 9:13 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
My ex took my son on a trip to the States last summer and they had a stop off in SF.
They did the hippy trail and ended up on hippy hill in Golden Gate Park and there were people smoking weed on there. My ex doesn't smoke it any more but thought she would light a cig as a substitute. A passing park warden promptly told her to put it out but left the others to toke away happily. The times they are, indeed., changin'

sanfrancis-co-uk 8:04 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
peckham massive 6:38 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
Have they started legally selling yet in SF etc? Im out there in June, and err interested. For research purposes only obviously. And can you smoke it in licensed premises like in Holland?

Yes mate,completely legal now but I think you need a state issued ID/Drivers license,gimme a bell when you get here and I'll hook you up.You can smoke in some of the clubs here,but that apply to you for the reasons listed above.Everybody smokes on the streets anyway so don't fret,the cops don't give a fuck just be a bit discreet.Whomail mate.

Too Much Too Young 7:52 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
There is a website called Yahooka.

All about growing and stuff.

bruuuno 12:32 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
A few years back I bought some seeds online and planted them out in the woods where I go fishing. Got about half an ounce off each plant of lovely mellow weed. Wasn't like the strong skunk stuff you get and was quite purple

Queens Fish Bar 12:28 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
last post reply to cheeses cruyf 11:18 Thu Jan 25

Trouble posting when stoned.

Queens Fish Bar 12:27 Fri Jan 26
Re: Stoned
Thanks for the info and offer.

zebthecat 11:23 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
Have to say that i do miss a puff once in a while but far too sensible now and can't really square it with being a responsible parent.

I did grow a couple of plants four years ago in a cold frame outside and they turned out very well. The buds appeared just in time to be properly dried for my birthday and were very mellow (high CBD strain). Knocked me on my arse first time though as it was my first smoke for 12 years. Had forgotten how long a tail it has too.

cheeses cruyf 11:18 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
If you want any tips or that who mail and l'll gladly pass on any info etc

cheeses cruyf 11:16 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned

Bought a grow tent 100 quid
lighting set 120
fan 20
filter 40
seeds vary from anywhere form a tenner up to 60 or 70
l started with auto flowering seeds that cost me 20 for 4.First grow l got 3/4's of an oz after only 90 days and three weeks after that l was smoking it. Very nice it was too.Now moved on a bit having learned from a couple of mistakes and now flying it.I only grow for myself but its easy to see how people grow it to sell

Queens Fish Bar 11:08 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
The Kronic 8:16 Thu Jan 25

What about dabbing?

Lily Hammer 11:07 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned

Ok. Wherever it was, it would have been Bee S in your Fee S.

Queens Fish Bar 11:06 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
Did you buy a ready made cabinet top set up, make something from scratch,........?

I now have the opportunity to grow. I've got the Cannabis Growers Bible book. Any resources you'd recommend?

cheeses cruyf 11:03 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
Big Dingus

Grow your own mate it's double easy and there's never any drought , l only been growing for two years (smoking it for nearly 40 ! ) and after the initial outlay for a few bits and pieces your only cost is a bit of extra leccy

lowermarshhammer 10:54 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
Lily 🔨.

I don't know exactly where it was.
Warehouse or industrial unit somewhere east
Might have been near Stratford but far from sure.

Definitely wasn't the Rocket though. i think that may have been as much as three or four years later. Went there to see him maybe half a dozen times. Saw a girl in the queue in front of us stepped off the pavement without looking and got hit by a motorbike. Definitely haven't forgotten that.

Lily Hammer 10:35 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
lowermarshhammer 10:11 Thu Jan 25

Where was that? Was it at the Rocket? I think that was what it was called where he was set up as home.

bruuuno 10:17 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
Ha, Shaka once played in an old church in Bristol and dirty great lumps of plaster started falling from the ceiling

lowermarshhammer 10:11 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned
I haven't been near herbage for about 20 years plus but still partial to a bit of Augustus Pablo, and Scientist on occasion.

Saw Shaka a fair few times, think the first time I was probably 18. Me and my mate were just about the only non brothers in there, the thing I remember about that night the most is the fucking awful racket the roof made, Some kind of heavy weight corrugated roofing sheets, they just couldn't take it and they rattled like FUCK for about 6 hours.

scouse kid 9:16 Thu Jan 25
Re: Stoned

Not in the UK but we were in London before Xmas was loads of it about. Depending on quality and who you know from 35-60gram.

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