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Troy McClure 10:17 Sat Jan 27
Not a cold. And none of this man flu bullshit you hear that’s just to mock men for being weak... Actual mother fucking flu. Shivers shakes aches the fucking lot. So cold I’m cramping up. So hot the sheets are soaked through. Worst 2 nights of my life. Thank fuck the missus knew what to do throwing pills down me all night.

If you’ve had it lately, you have my sympathy.

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Nurse Ratched 10:02 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
Stay away from me, you smelly git!

lab 10:01 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
On the third week of this chesty thing , absolutely floored me, possibly as I've a weak ticker. Had the flu jab. Plenty of garlic is good. Nurse will back me on this.

Nurse Ratched 9:53 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
Troy, Yes Autumn time.

But you can go to a high st pharmacy or even Asda and get the jab. You complete a very short form and the most you'll pay is about 15 quid. About 10-12 quid is average on the high street, I think. Peanuts, really. And that way you get it done at your convenience rather than negotiating the Soviet era style and practices of your GP/NHS clinic, which is run for the benefit of its staff, with you playing the role of irritant.

Troy McClure 9:37 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
Never had one Nurse R. Never crossed my mind to be honest as I’m rarely Ill (touch wood)

Will defo think about it - when are they dished out? Autumn time? On the NHS is it?

Nurse Ratched 8:29 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
I never miss a jab, Lowey. The idea of not having one is absurd. Flu is nasty. As I said, I'm hoping the one I had this year is the quadrivalent one.

lowermarshhammer 8:21 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu

I've had flu jab every year bar one for about 2 decades now.

The year I missed it was grim, a cold properly ruined me for near to 10 days.

With a flu jab I normally shift the worst of a cold in 48 hours.

Was ill with cold / flu like symptoms in November, this time around I was messed up for 5 days, not good. Runs, hot, cold, shivers, headaches. G R I M.

I know for a fact I would be a statistic. if I got the FLU flu and had not had a jab.

Nurse Ratched 7:42 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
Troy - did you get the jab this year?

I got mine via a pharmacy and I have no idea if it was the quadrivalent(?sp) one or less effective trivalent.

Northern Sold 6:17 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
Had it inbetween Christmas and New Year with a nice dose of Norovirus as well.... got so bad I checked myself in the holiday Inn up the road... got a grand total of 2 hours kip.... the rest was shitting and puking... spent three hours stuck to the bog with a quilt around me... when I managed to get to the bed 20 mins later I shit it.... when I left in the morning I explained the situation to the front desk... so stay away from room 236 Holiday Inn Southend airport

bruuuno 5:20 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
My mate had that Aussie flew years ago. Said for two days he couldn't open his eyes as it was so painful

cup of tea 4:26 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
With PROPER flu you would not be on WHO. Used to make me laugh people that called in sick to work with 'flu' and were back 2 days later. No, that is called a COLD.

With real flu, and I have only had it once thank christ, you are bed ridden, shivvers and sweating, sore throat, headaches, top to bottom of your bidy is aching and painful all over.

Just to get up for a piss takes an obscene amount of effort and when you do you are out of breath and feel like you are about to keel over.

REAL flu is not pleasant at all, big diff between a cold and flu.

Joe C 12:36 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
Sounds like The Bad AIDS I’m afraid Mike

Takashi Miike 11:58 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
had a cough in December so thought I'd got it out of the way early but no, another cough this past week twice as bad as the December one and the mucous is still not shifting from one's chest

Mr. Burns 11:36 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
I had this over Christmas. Worst two days were actually Christmas Day and Boxing Day. An absolute cunt of a thing and I haven't felt so ill in years.

Joe C 10:55 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
No, you dirty, crabs ridden, mongrel

Bungo 10:53 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
I have an itchy left nut. Does that earn me any sympathy?

Joe C 10:44 Sat Jan 27
Re: Flu
In line with the above, anyone that's recently had the Norovirus as well. Deepest sympathies there too

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