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Son of Sam 5:23 Mon Jan 29
Worst cup exit ever?
I was at Wembley in 1980 and Cardiff in 2006 I can remember Alan Taylors brace, cant quite remember the 64 final but in all my years that must have been the worst FA Cup performance in my lifetime, can anyone prove me wrong with other horror stories. What was the worst one prior to saturdays shambles or was there actually worse?

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normannomates 4:57 Wed Jan 31
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Back in the day I believe it was lack of self discipline regarding players performance. .especially British..liking a beer etc..

We have always been way behind the other major Countries in that respect.

We made up for it by getting amongst the poncy Europeans. .they didn't. . and still don't like a tackle.. bless em...but they always won out in the end though..being a amateur only gets you so far.

We are our own worst enemies as a nation..

Gascoigne was a class footballer..best I've seen..

Why don't we bring through his like anymore?

normannomates 4:09 Wed Jan 31
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
85- 86
Because of bad weather..we had a backlog of games..the like of which the precious darlings today would be on sick parade at the mere thought of it..let alone going out and doing it..on shift pitches as well by the way.

Modern football..ahh..I don't know..these boys are fit as fuck..and i admire the skill and speed they play at..but don't seem to have any arsehole. .or grit.
Is two games in four days too much to ask these days?

Surely not

Know what I mean?

normannomates 3:59 Wed Jan 31
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Luton at home in semi final league cup another fucking abortion..can't recall if that was yr before Oldham or after

normannomates 3:53 Wed Jan 31
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Yep we've been served up many times..some I've forgotten about..until reminded by my fellow WHU on here.

Got to say..to this day..and I've replayed it a thousand times..Dowie''s wonder header at Stockport has to be the ultimate in being a supporter of WHUFC.
The fucking brilliance of that header ..it was sublime.

His first goal of the season..hahaha

Oldham was fucking grim..and Wrexham..well..we never turned up..nothing new chaps

Ronald_antly 12:07 Wed Jan 31
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
So it was, Sold.

I remember Tom McAlister making 2 or 3 heroic saves to deny Barnsley taking the lead towards the end of the 90.
By the end of extra time I wished he hadn't bothered.

Northern Sold 6:28 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?

Outrageously Shit Surrender

Son of Sam 5:57 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Just gone through all these and remember most and would disagree with 90% Oldham was a shocker fair enough but Oldham werent a bad side then as i recall and someone mentioned the slaughter of the innocents at Forest a few years back which left a very bad taste in the mouth, but as some pointed out we had full teams in most of our upsets and were allegedly trying. On Saturday it was gutless, spineless and shameless, why not just hand them a bye, throw in the fact that they are two divisions below us on top of all that and Masuokas filthy contribution, I would rate that the worst ever. If id gone to that id be looking for a refund.

Northern Sold 11:33 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Torquay or Barnsley for me... being 2-0 up and losing 2-5 is some going... and also what I remember they were both not weakened teams...

One McAvennieeeeee 10:41 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Can't believe people are picking games where we lost to teams in the same league, of which some were better than us.

gph 10:29 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Hereford must have come the closest.

They took us to a replay while a non-League side. We won the replay.

Two years later, they took us to a replay again, and we lost that.

But they had joined the Football League in the interim.

gph 10:27 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we've ever gone out to a non-League side while we have been in the League/PL ourselves.

Manchester United have. They lost to a certain East London side in 1911.

percyd 3:48 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Amongst many (Swindon, Mansfield etc.) the one that stands out for me was a 3rd Rd replay at Upton Park vs Huddesfield Town in 1960. If I remember correctly Huddersfield were a Div 2 side and we'd drawn the away game 1-1 (?). The replay at UP on a snowy Weds afternoon saw a young Denis Law lead Huddersfiels to a 5-1 victory. I watched despairingly from behind the bars at the east end of the south bank.

smartkev 1:00 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Wouldn’t make our top 10 worst cup exits

Joe C 12:57 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
I think you're right Buster

Buster 12:53 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Didn’t they have David KELLY up front for them that day, JC son?

Joe C 12:50 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
There was a period in the mid to late 90's where we always seemed to go out to lower division teams - one that sticks out was losing to Tranmere in 1999.

We went there with a full strength team and were humped from the moment the whistle went. Genuinely one of the worst displays I've ever seen us put in.

Rayleigh Otter 12:49 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
I've been going since 1977, meaning we have now gone out of a domestic cup 77 times. The Wigan defeat isn't in my top 20, the arsenal one not in my top 50. 5 nil at spurs in 1987 in lcqf was probably a low point.

Willtell 12:35 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
FMOB we lost a cup game. Get over it FFS!

SDKFZ 222 12:30 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
Sarge 7, I make you right.

SDKFZ 222 12:27 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
I was at the Torquay friendly when Jon Gittens was all over Raducoiu like a rash. Radu just couldn’t cope with the attention.

Any Old Iron 12:21 Tue Jan 30
Re: Worst cup exit ever?
One McAvennieeeeee 5:30 Mon Jan 29

Dead right. Over the decades I've had the misfortune to witness many of the embarrassing cup defeats to lower league opposition (including Mansfield, Oldham and Toquay), but until Allardyce showed up none of those defeats were brought about deliberately by the manager. That was one of many reasons I despised Allardyce, and just when I though Moyes might be different he deliberately throws an FA cup match.

The sooner this cunt is gone the better.

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