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Texas Iron 6:38 Wed Jan 31
Jordan Hugill https://g.co/kgs/vYy96s

West Ham United are delighted to confirm the signing of centre forward Jordan Hugill.

The 25-year-old arrives in east London from Championship club Preston North End after putting pen to paper on a four-and-a-year contract for an undisclosed fee.

The Middlesbrough-born striker, who is enjoying the most prolific season of his career, is delighted to have joined the Hammers and cannot wait to test himself in the Premier League.

“I'm absolutely delighted!” said Hugill, who will wear the No12 shirt. "It's been a long day, but to get this over the line is amazing for me and it's now a new challenge for me and hopefully I can bring what I did at Preston here and show what I can do. We got on the train at lunchtime and I couldn't tell you what happened, it's all been a blur!

"It's amazing to know I'm a Premier League footballer, to know where I've come from in the last five years to where I am now in the Premier League is amazing. I'm still pinching myself to see if it's all real, but hopefully I can bring my qualities from Preston here to West Ham. Without a doubt it's a huge opportunity and I'm looking forward to it.

"Wherever I have been in life, not just in football, but in whatever I do, I give everything. I'm going to give absolutely everything for this Club and for my teammates. It's a new challenge for me, playing in the Premier League, but they are going to get nothing less than 100 per cent.

"I know a lot about West Ham and its history. Upton Park spoke for itself and now the big move here which was a brilliant thing. The one thing that has struck me about watching West Ham over the years is the fan base that we've got. It's amazing how good the fans are here, so I'm looking forward to walking out at London Stadium and hearing the old Bubbles!"

A hard-working, physical centre forward who is dominant in the air and with his back to goal, Hugill is a graduate of the Glenn Hoddle Academy, where he spent a year honing his skills under the expert eye of the former England manager.

On returning to England, he played non-league football in his native North East with Whitby Town and Marske United before before moving into the professional game with Port Vale at the age of 21 in 2013.

After a brief but prolific loan spell with Conference Premier club Gateshead, Hugill returned to Vale Park and ended his single season in the Potteries by being voted Young Player of the Year.

Hugill moved to Preston in June 2014 before further honing his skills during loan spells with League Two sides Tranmere Rovers and Hartlepool United, scoring the goal which kept the latter in the Football League. He returned to Lancashire in May 2015 and was part of the North End squad which won promotion to the Championship by defeating Swindon Town at Wembley in the League One Play-Off final.

The 2015/16 season saw Hugill establish himself in the Preston starting XI and his form over the last two-and-a-half seasons has attracted attention from Premier League and Championship clubs alike.

Last term, he netted a career-high 13 times, finishing as the club’s leading scorer as the Deepdale club finished the season in eleventh place. And he has maintained that form this season, netting ten times in 29 appearances in all competitions.

We welcome Jordan to east London and wish him the very best in a West Ham United shirt.

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Takashi Miike 9:33 Wed Apr 18
Re: Hugill
stop thinking these deals are mistakes. everything these cunts do is calculated and for a reason, everything

camel-with-3-humps 4:06 Wed Apr 18
Re: Hugill

He’s ready to be farmed out, apparently. What a fucking mess.

This is the ultimate evidence that Sullivan is a pea-brained turd unfit to manage transfers.

He’s also a coward, who blames others for his ineptitude. A vile character.

Pop Robson 2:35 Tue Apr 17
Re: Hugill
If he'd stuck with Preston he'd might have scored the goals that take them up

They're only 3 points behind 6th millwall

Still he'll be earning shed loads more and may go back on loan next season win win for him

claypole 9:28 Tue Apr 17
Re: Hugill
The recruitment of this player was backed up by a dossier compiled by young Sullivan ( the one in charge of ladies football) cutting his teeth in the transfer game before he comes in fulltime.

Johnson 9:16 Tue Apr 17
Re: Hugill
I think Sullivan was desperate to buy someone as he claimed he would buy but not spend money so we got this chump in for far less than we claim we’ve spent on him to appease moron fans who believe everything the board says, camel.

It’ll literally be that simple.

One McAvennieeeeee 9:12 Tue Apr 17
Re: Hugill

Jasnik 8:18 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
The real problem here is his head is too small for his body.

Mike Oxsaw 7:57 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
I'm about finding the motivation for this transfer as difficult as that which called off the protest march.

Personally, I don't think football was the primary motive here, but I hesitate at suggesting tax avoidance or money laundering; maybe a few brown envelope back-handers, but that's up to the authorities to deal with.

It was never going to be of any on-pitch benefit.

camel-with-3-humps 5:47 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
So what really happened on this Hugill debacle?

My guess is Hugill, having an over-inflated opinion of his abilities, sent his agent out to throw some chum into the waters of the transfer market.

While the other big fish circle cautiously, Sullivan can’t resist - and rears up for the big bite.

The instincts of the predator lurk deeply.

Sullivan, who negotiated shopkeepers into selling porn photos, loves the thrill of the chase. A wheeler, a dealer, a barrow boy come good .... he just can’t help himself. It’s all psychology.

Once a porn salesman, always a porn salesman. It’s just this time he’s buying and selling footballers, rather than porn.

Italian hammer 4:55 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
This reminds me of David Connolly.
We could have brought back Frddy Sears.

Swiss. 4:31 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
is an anagram for ill hug

Private Dancer 4:28 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
Allen you CUNT.

Johnny Allen 4:18 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill

13 Brentford Rd 4:06 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
A child fan knew we needed another holding type mid even before Obiang got injured. They even had the hindsight of his injury coming well before the end of the window.
Carroll back now too so Hughil is even more pointless.
Of all Sullivan's IDIOTIC signings Hughil is the worst and most baffling.
Far from learning from their mistakes they go and make even bigger ones.

camel-with-3-humps 3:28 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
Alex V

Anyone with a crumb of football knowledge can see he’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

His touch is simply atrocious for this level. The ball bounces off him uncontrollably and he turns like Stephen Hawking at a disco.

Shooting? He can’t decide whether to hit through the ball or pass it into the net.

Inept on every level barring enthusiasm - and even then he’s a headless chicken.

We bought Ashton for £7m, you could instantly see his finesse. Hugill? Should never have come to the Premier League but that fucking mug Sullivan just loves a punt.

Sven Roeder 3:19 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
At the end of the day we gave an international player to Swansea to help them recover and spent half the money on someone who looks like he’d struggle to play for the Faroe Islands
Weakening your squad in January is usually what teams that know they are going down do (ie Hull last season).
Sullivan deserves to relegate this team with his boneheaded decisions

Takashi Miike 3:10 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
thanks for the monologue, he's still crap

13 Brentford Rd 3:08 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
Alex, the difference between those players is that they were mostly if not all younger and promising.players who were playing well..
I wouldn't call Hughil promising would you? If so then almost any lower league player can be considered as promising as arguably anyone can develop.
I feel that Sullivan was trying to sign a Vardy or Deli Ali so that he can be seen as a genius and make a big profit but hasn't actually got a clue about football. It was a punt.

Not sure what the fuck is going on at the club, because it's obvious to all that we needed a holding type Midfielder who would play now rather than another body upfront to make up the numbers who won't play.

Alex V 2:50 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
El Scorchio 1:54 Mon Apr 16

I agree there are question marks over the decision-making around the transfer. Did anyone really want him? Was there much scouting, and of what quality? These are long-standing problems with recruitment.

On developing players, the trouble is if you confine development to only the youth there will be an enormous gulf between those players and the expensive veterans (of which I think all agree we've had too many). Cresswell, Lanzini, Kouyate, Obiang, Masuaku - all arrived in similar circumstances in that early-mid twenties age and with similar uncertainties as Hugill. I simply don't think we would have the success in 15/16 without that sort of Hugill-type player who were bought without certainty but came through and delivered at the right time with Payet. Noble imo needs guidance at 30 on how to adapt to his limitations. Players need developing at all ages - I think there's good evidence they don't get that at West Ham.

I also think too much is made of the £8-10m paid. The domestic market has at least doubled the cost of homegrown players in the last few years. It's really a low price for anyone of that age with any sort of record of reliable relative 'success' imo, particularly a forward, and actually might be a decent hedge against further price increases on domestic players to come. We will continue to need 8 homegrown players in the squad, and we're going to need significant extra investment in this area to achieve this with Collins and Carroll likely to be gone soon. It won't come cheap.

So I see Hugill as a solid if slightly uninspiring bet that we're unlikely to lose and if we do it won't hurt us. He might not be developed well or to the level that we require - we can sell for at worst a small loss with little major disruption. What constitutes success does not have to mean a world-class performer - if he can be an option we use some of the time it's very useful and potentially saves us the money we'd have to spend on another option for that role. Assuming his wage is relatively low it counter-balances the excessive wages handed out to the mercenary-types and helps us round out a 25-man squad.

VirginiaHam 2:48 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
I feel sorry for the bloke; he's been used to make it look like we were willing o spend money in the transfer window.

Whether he's failed to make an impact is anyone's guess. He wasn't going to start ahead of Arnie and Chica no matter what.

El Scorchio 1:54 Mon Apr 16
Re: Hugill
Alex V 11:50

Actually about the development point, I did make an error in my post.

Of course we can have development projects, but not a 25 year old at a whopping 10 million quid.

Quina, Fernandez, Haksabanovic, Samuelsson are good development projects for us- still young enough to learn, and more importantly not making a sizeable hole in our transfer budget. When the owners are claiming there's no money, spending 10 million on a development project which almost certainly won't bear fruit is fucking idiotic. Certainly we need to look for young bargains like some of the above may turn out to be, but Hugill isn't either of those things.

I still disagree with the rest of your post though. I don't think they saw that much in him. He was a panic buy completely out of the blue at the end of the transfer window. There;s no way in hell Moyes went to Sullivan and said 'THAT'S the player I want this transfer window.' If that was the case, then he'd have played more than 22 minutes for us since arriving. I'd rather they'd kept the money to be honest.

There's quite a good piece in today's paper thread about Hugill and our transfers in general:


'Sullivan appears to understand that he has to take a step back from a player recruitment process that has verged on shambolic. The mess West Ham made attempting to sign William Carvalho from Sporting Lisbon last summer was humiliating. They are not the only club to make amateur mistakes when trying to buy players. Liverpool were forced to apologise to Southampton for a hamfisted attempt to sign Vigil van Dijk last June. The difference is that Jurgen Klopp got his man as soon as the winter window opened. All West Ham did was kiss and make up with Sporting. The club intend to appoint a director of football in the summer to address problems like this but it will be a pointless role if the owners insist on interfering in deals. Moyes was unhappy with January’s transfer business. The only signing was Jordan Hugill from Preston North End on deadline day. It looked like a panic buy and the amount of playing time the striker has enjoyed – three appearances as a late substitute – suggest that Moyes was not exactly knocking on the boardroom door demanding the 25-year-old’s services.

There is a fair amount of talent in the West Ham squad but it looks like a group of players assembled on a series of whims. There is no obvious sign of a plan. A lack of strategy has defined the eight years since Gold and Sullivan acquired control.'

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