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Texas Iron 6:38 Wed Jan 31
Hugill Deal completed
Jordan Hugill https://g.co/kgs/vYy96s

West Ham United are delighted to confirm the signing of centre forward Jordan Hugill.

The 25-year-old arrives in east London from Championship club Preston North End after putting pen to paper on a four-and-a-year contract for an undisclosed fee.

The Middlesbrough-born striker, who is enjoying the most prolific season of his career, is delighted to have joined the Hammers and cannot wait to test himself in the Premier League.

“I'm absolutely delighted!” said Hugill, who will wear the No12 shirt. "It's been a long day, but to get this over the line is amazing for me and it's now a new challenge for me and hopefully I can bring what I did at Preston here and show what I can do. We got on the train at lunchtime and I couldn't tell you what happened, it's all been a blur!

"It's amazing to know I'm a Premier League footballer, to know where I've come from in the last five years to where I am now in the Premier League is amazing. I'm still pinching myself to see if it's all real, but hopefully I can bring my qualities from Preston here to West Ham. Without a doubt it's a huge opportunity and I'm looking forward to it.

"Wherever I have been in life, not just in football, but in whatever I do, I give everything. I'm going to give absolutely everything for this Club and for my teammates. It's a new challenge for me, playing in the Premier League, but they are going to get nothing less than 100 per cent.

"I know a lot about West Ham and its history. Upton Park spoke for itself and now the big move here which was a brilliant thing. The one thing that has struck me about watching West Ham over the years is the fan base that we've got. It's amazing how good the fans are here, so I'm looking forward to walking out at London Stadium and hearing the old Bubbles!"

A hard-working, physical centre forward who is dominant in the air and with his back to goal, Hugill is a graduate of the Glenn Hoddle Academy, where he spent a year honing his skills under the expert eye of the former England manager.

On returning to England, he played non-league football in his native North East with Whitby Town and Marske United before before moving into the professional game with Port Vale at the age of 21 in 2013.

After a brief but prolific loan spell with Conference Premier club Gateshead, Hugill returned to Vale Park and ended his single season in the Potteries by being voted Young Player of the Year.

Hugill moved to Preston in June 2014 before further honing his skills during loan spells with League Two sides Tranmere Rovers and Hartlepool United, scoring the goal which kept the latter in the Football League. He returned to Lancashire in May 2015 and was part of the North End squad which won promotion to the Championship by defeating Swindon Town at Wembley in the League One Play-Off final.

The 2015/16 season saw Hugill establish himself in the Preston starting XI and his form over the last two-and-a-half seasons has attracted attention from Premier League and Championship clubs alike.

Last term, he netted a career-high 13 times, finishing as the club’s leading scorer as the Deepdale club finished the season in eleventh place. And he has maintained that form this season, netting ten times in 29 appearances in all competitions.

We welcome Jordan to east London and wish him the very best in a West Ham United shirt.

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master 3:06 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Rather have this bloke as a backup option off the bench on 30k a week than a poppadom striker like Carroll on 90k playing 10 games a season and scoring 2 goals.

chim chim cha boo 3:03 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Like Antonio, he'll get his chance because our players are made of balsa. If he seizes his opportunity when he gets it it'll all be alright.

Had about 5 minutes yesterday and smashed a Watford player, backed into another who ended up thrown over his back in a move a judo black-belt would have been proud of and generally made a right fucking nuisance of himself.

Not a bad start.

Westham67 12:03 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
El Scorchio 11:23 Sun Feb 11 and PD

Hernandez going
Ayew Gone
Sakho Gone
Carroll Waste of space (Unreliable)

You know as well as I do the board won't pay out for 2 new strikers, CMid and CBack

Hugill will be a backup striker, I hope he gets chance to shine

El Scorchio 11:23 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
PD is right. The only way he has a chance here is if the owners fuck us over in the transfer window again this summer. It’s goong to turn out to be a complete waste of 10 million quid which is maddening given their purposeful fucking about when ‘trying’ to acquire legitimate targets we actually need.

I don’t think he will start a single game unless there are injuries, and I don’t think he will score a single goal for us. (I hope I’m wrong)

Vexed 10:45 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Fletcher was fucking terrible. This lad is certainly better than him.

Westham67 4:22 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
You always need a grafter PD lets see how he gets on for the rest of season. I have high hopes for him

Private Dancer 4:12 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Haven't you got anyone to mug at knife point, you scum cunt.

Alfs 4:10 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
You still here, Prancer. I'm surprised considering you're as welcome as cancer at a Christening.

Private Dancer 3:54 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
I would suggest the game has moved on a tad since the Mad Dog era, 67 son.

Problem this lad will have is assuming we bring another striker in during the summer he will movefurther down the pecking order. Very difficult to prove yourself with fleeting substitute performances and realistically that is all he likely to get.

Will no doubt be back in the championship within 2 years, a bit like Ashley Fletcher.

Westham67 3:48 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
normannomates 3:39 Sun Feb 11

I think that as well he'll be ok for us hopefully another Mad Dog

Sydney_Iron 3:44 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Reminds me of the Maynard and Baldock signings, ultimately punts on players who were doing the stuff at a lower level……….but then proved to be never quite good enough for the top flight.

Third time lucky perhaps, seems a nice lad and keen as mustard though, so fingers crossed we picked a diamond out of the rough!

normannomates 3:39 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Likeable lad..and his attitude is spot on...really hope he does the bizzo...got a feeling he will become a cult figure at ours

Westham67 3:30 Sun Feb 11
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Football London article on Hugill. Pro's and Con's Basically

He made me laugh when he wiped out a Watford defender, .I like him already

As normal for football London, the article is below a totally unrelated video


Tomshardware 8:54 Sat Feb 3
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Hope this lad gets a chance today, would be great if he gets off the mark in his first few games.

terry-h 12:12 Sat Feb 3
Re: Hugill Deal completed
He's my kind of centre forward. Natural target man,very physical but a fair player,never sent off for Preston as far as I can see. I hope he can bridge the gap up to the PL. Antonio did it,so can Hugill with a little bit of luck.

geoffpikey 9:14 Fri Feb 2
Re: Hugill Deal completed
I joked like everyone else. I'd never heard of him.


There's some good finishes in that You Tube, genuinely good. Head and feet.
His interview video is encouraging: he's going to give his all, you can tell.

Let's just see. Good luck son.

Westham67 7:21 Fri Feb 2
Re: Hugill Deal completed
One McAvennieeeeee 6:18 Fri Feb 2

Pretty good by the looks of it mate


Willtell 7:10 Fri Feb 2
Re: Hugill Deal completed
Ideal game to start. He's must be used to playing at Brighton...

I hope he does well and justifies Henry's and Moyes' faith in him...

Raymond Reddington 6:41 Fri Feb 2
Re: Hugill Deal completed
I’ll give him at least 10 minutes tomorrow before I start booing him

Hermit Road 6:23 Fri Feb 2
Re: Hugill Deal completed
It bounces off of him according the Preston fans

One McAvennieeeeee 6:18 Fri Feb 2
Re: Hugill Deal completed
"Jordan is a more bustling centre-forward, a real team player who has good energy levels and impressive physical statistics. He’s a handful and if you are a central defender, you wouldn’t enjoy playing against him."

This is all great to hear. But what's he like with a Football?

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