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happygilmore 11:55 Wed Jan 31
Six Nations
Starting soon

The winners?

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happygilmore 12:25 Sun Feb 25
Re: Six Nations
I think Scotland , Ireland and even Wales showed great attacking intent and the bigger try scoring teams won out. England looked a bit sterile. A wake up call maybe? or the end of Eddie's long honeymoon.

btw.. Ireland missing 3 Lions today and Ringrose and SOB ..but great to see the young talent flowing ..building nicely for the WC.

DocMarten 12:19 Sun Feb 25
Re: Six Nations
I didn’t see the second half after OF’s try.

First things first though, absolutely we’ll played and congrats to the Scots. From what I did see, thoroughly deserved. Outplayed e us completely.

England have plateaued in the last 8-10 months. Jones fixed the low hanging fruit, but to consistently go to places like Murrayfield and Dublin, etc he absolutely has to fix the open side issue. Personally, i’d have gone for Underhill midway through first half. Similar to the Welsh game, we struggle to get momentum that regularly goes beyond 5th or 6th phase. This needs to be addressed and has been an issue for a number of years now.

Secondly, Mike Brown is not good enough as part of a back three that has to be able to do damage as an attacking unit. Currently, it’s two wings and MB. Watson or Daly have to go to 15 Brown doesn’t worry defenders in the same way Watson would. Hogg in space with confidence is possibly one of the best attacking full backs. His attacking game outweighs some of the weaknesses in his defence. Brown is the reverse. His defensive capabilities are greater than his offensive. Love him as he’s a warrior, but the change has to come.

For England to push to the next level, these two issues need to be addressed.

But again, we’ll done Scotland. Enjoy the spoils.

White Pony 10:21 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
England can have no complaints there, well and truly beaten by the better side. Actually enjoying the 6Ns more now that the Scots are competitive again, Ireland clearly strong and I don't think the taffs are too far off. Most competitive home nations line up for some time, which is great for what was an already great tournament.

zebthecat 10:14 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
We have the same problem as we have always had in that England always look to get forward dominance first and then, and only then, even half think about letting our backs loose.

We had three fast, talented finishers in the backs and they never got a sniff as all we did until the very end was give it to the big blokes and pound it up the middle.
Finn Russell was always looking for the killer pass and surprise, surprise a couple of them came off.

, 10:00 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
We were stuffed today simple as that.

All the optimism for England in the longer term seems really misplaced now.

Eerie Descent 9:42 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
As an England fan, what you do is front up, admit the better side on the day won, and congratulate them.

NO excuses, no crying, just well done the opposition.

That's what makes us the greatest nation on earth.

Northern Sold 9:00 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Ha Ha Ha @ medway !!!

Yeah thought Owens ref it OK... breakdown was key.... one quizical one was Care's breakaway that got called back... looked ok to me there at the breakdown... Sam Underhill made a big difference and then got canned... even then we looked most likely to score... thing is can't even really call it a bad day at the office as i do't think we played that bad... it was just the Jocks almost played a perfect game... fair play... cracking game to watch and just sums up the 6N's

neilalex 8:57 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
I honestly don't see this as too much of a surprise given the preceding two games. England have been pretty pedestrian and unimaginative against Italy and Wales. I'm not sure what kind of malaise has got into them, whether they've started to believe their own bullshit a bit perhaps, but they've been poor for a team with their aspirations.

Maybe this wake up call will help. We'll see.

medwayhammer1 8:30 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
I reckon its just to do with Eddie Jones coming out as West ham....England have now got the curse!

East Auckland Hammer 8:28 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Enjoyed what I saw of that game, particularly the final result.

Thought Owens reffed it pretty well, and got the big decisions 100% right.

Scotland were good value for their win.

Some pretty staunch defense from both sides, although neither had to deal with an awful lot of imagination from what I saw. There was a LOT of looking for contact, instead of looking for space.

Still don't like seeing all the passing behind players that's become so prevalent.

Oh well, now the bubble's burst, which side of the Eddie Effect will kick on?

The one where he inspires his players, or the one where they get sick of him being a dick and performance drops off?

Mart O 8:24 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Northern Sold 8:17 Sat Feb 24

Exactly, better side on the day deservedly won. As for blaming the ref, he's one of the best in the game. I don't like the way he refs the lineout but, other then that, if you concede all the momentum, you can expect the ref to favour the other team. That's rugby, end of.

Anyway, some really poor showings from some of the England players, but this may well turn out to be the best thing that's happened to them since Jones arrived.

Northern Sold 8:21 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Well it was not as if we laid down... Jocks earnt that.. the hard way....what killed us was the breakdown... and game management at 10... Ford was SHOCKING... Russell was magnificent.... we are still a bloody good team... we know the situation in the 6N's that we have to be at our absolute best as every other nation will raise their game...

happygilmore 8:21 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Eddie's sarcastic comments about Finn probably spurred him on for MOTM performance.

happygilmore 8:19 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
We're still top of the table this week I see.

Eddie carrying a few of his old favs.

Northern Sold 8:17 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Hats off to the Sweats... been nothing short of superb.... great game and fully deserved

Hammer and Pickle 8:15 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Rugby is mental

zebthecat 8:15 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
This is torture

stoneman 8:10 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Don’t blame the ref, the fact is England are piss poor.

Tomshardware 8:08 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Too many penalties conceded.

Knicker Wetter 8:08 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Nothing marginal at all really Owens as usual has given everything against England you know it's always going to be tough when he's reffing the 16th man for the oppo

Iron2010 8:04 Sat Feb 24
Re: Six Nations
Some many marginal calls makes rugby a difficult sport to watch as a casual.

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