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one iron 6:04 Thu Feb 1
Press release

West Ham United supporters have condemned alleged comments made against African players attributed to Director of Football Tony Henry, and called for current owners David Sullivan and David Gold, to step down in light of the mismanagement of the Club.

Real West Ham Fans' Group member Bill Gardner said "Quite simply today's allegations represent a further nail in the coffin of the Gold and Sullivan administration. It has happened on their watch. We are outraged and bitterly disappointed to once again have West Ham United's good name dragged through the mud during the Gold and Sullivan administration. As is common knowledge, West Ham United has a proud history of nurturing and attracting young talent from a uniquely diverse community. Remarks attributed to Mr Henry today- should they be proven accurate- have no place at our Club, and flout those proud traditions."

Today's allegations follow continuing discontent and anger at the Club's mismanagement and failed promises to West Ham supporters following the much-maligned move to the London Stadium.

"It's the last straw" added Mr Gardner. "Fans already angry at the board's failure to engage in meaningful dialogue to resolves deep-rooted frustrations are outraged, and gravely concerned over the future direction of our beloved team."

"As a result, a march and demonstration will be held on 10th March to highlight and seek action over broken promises to supporters and the mismanagement of the Club. In addition, we will be asking Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan to consider their positions as owners."

"We contend they have both presided over, and fuelled, the deep and heartfelt discontent among thousands of loyal, paying fans for too long."

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Jaan Kenbrovin 2:15 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Nicely worded. Needs to be shared with a few Journo's to get the message out.

Lily Hammer 12:36 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Well said, one iron.

Has this been printed or put online by any of the big newspapers or websites?

claypole 12:05 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Great statement. The press love numbers is there anyway to set up an online petition of fans demanding action.

COOL HAND LUKE 11:20 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Iron2010 7:50 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
**BMC’s threat that the owners will continue to asset strip and eventually sell to the highest bidder if the supporters carry on Standing up for the club is chilling because it’s true. **

They are doing that anyway, why should we cower away from standing our ground?

What Balto said.

Johnson 10:22 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
The only flag this site has produced was the cringeworthy, creeping, incorrectly spelt

WHO says welcome the Dave's

or some such bollocks. We could spray paint FUCK OFF over the top of Welcome I suppose?

OccupyGreenStreet 10:09 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Good work. Need to keep the pressure up on this grubby GSB regime.

neco 10:00 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Great work, keep the pressure going.
The hatred is really building among the family, they've awoken the monster.

Will need plenty of flags/banners for march, maximum impact.

one iron 9:59 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
This sites the only one ive ever posted on,it would be great if we had a huge turnout on the march.

one iron 9:52 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Will this site have a flag on the march.

Westham67 12:42 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Balto 10:58 Thu Feb 1

gph 12:37 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
If this is the real you, ask yourself what your mate Oswald would do.

And then dis-mate him.

You know he'd be defending Henry.

normannomates 12:27 Fri Feb 2
Re: Press release
Crassus 10.56

Too right mate.

And as for Bill..superb.

Absolute legend

Mr. Burns 11:51 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
Mart O 8:05 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release

Thanks Mart.

Yarmouth 10:58 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
Great post mucker

Balto 10:58 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
This is nicely written and the owners will not be able to brush this off lightly.

I do feel that the "Dave's" are in above their heads. The crux of the problem is that they are living off the football club not investing money that has been earned elsewhere.

The last transfer window has seen them dither and wait for last minute bargains.

The successful clubs are backed by owners who have other businesses that channel funds into the club. Our owners have vacated the "adult market" and are 100% football club owners. They simply cannot afford to play in this league. It is time they sold to owners who can afford a seat at the table.

Crassus 10:56 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
ornchurch ammer 10:40 Thu Feb 1

Nothing opportunistic at all

'When fighting a battle do so on a field and at a time of your choosing' - Sun Tzu

Common mistake to underestimate a Cockney accent, made a career out of it

AKA ERNIE 10:52 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
great post bill see u on the 10th

ornchurch ammer 10:40 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
Nice piece of opportunism.

Get a dig in on the board and publicise the march. I like it.

Trevor B 8:06 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
"Go on the Chalton site and see if they would want to swap places with us."

what a ridiculous thing to say, I'm not a charlton supporter so I wouldn't give a flying fuck about their club and fans.

bmc why on earth would anyone give them 10m unless they were buying a stake in the club? third party ownership is illegal, so that would be like me giving 10m to a tramp.

so back to this dead cat/turd on a plate thing. you'd be happy to eat a dead cat because it's not as bad as a steaming pile of shit, right?

thecockneyboy 8:06 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
To sit back and watch them line their greedy pockets and do nothing is criminal, enough of this "we should be grateful" bollocks, they need to know they're taking the piss, it's our club! And it will still be our club when they've finally fucked off.

Mart O 8:05 Thu Feb 1
Re: Press release
TRIPP Smith, the geezer from Blackstone who bought 10%.

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