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Yarmouth 6:28 Sat Feb 3
How & Why?
Every fucking season's the same.

We get turned over by mugs, we play like mugs, buy mugs, are managed by mugs, owned by mugs, and yet we continue to follow the club. We pay seriously good money to get in, buy season tickets, get promised shit that never tops up, follow them all over the country, buy merchandise, and get mugged off.

They even mugged us about our fucking ground which was the one & only singular thing we could be proud about no matter what this useless fucking team did.

Never having thought about supporting another club I often wonder how other fans feel when they continuously get mugged off by their club.

Because whilst 'unable' to stop supporting West Ham, I'm sick to fucking death of being turned over by cunts like Brighton year on year on fucking year.

For Christ's sake - give us a fucking break West Ham.

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Huffers 9:52 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
We get a break every 10 years. 8 more to go.

LeroysBoots 9:30 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
What IS tiresome is its always predictable, we never seem to learn from anything.

When we do well we dont learn from that and when we lose we lose badly and we never learn how to make things better.

Everything at West Ham is half hearted,no effort of thought is put in to anything

The training ground for example, we go all next level from moving to Rush Green from dilapidated Chadwell Heath

We go from 1 portakabin to 2, what does it say to new players coming to 3rd world and 4th rate facilities ?

The kit, since when did we play in turquoise ?

These cunts in charge change everything, but they never change ANYTHING for the better.

Mike Oxsaw 9:18 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
Grumpster 6:07 Sun Feb 4

That might be the new strategy, but don't we have to go through the club for away tickets?

eswing hammer 7:08 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
I watched the Brighton game in the pub ,the general talk after was the march in march and that we should be at least an 'eight place ' club ,not a continueus mug club like the poster says ,l have now added Brighton to my list of hated clubs in the past ,any West Ham fan knows what l mean clubs like ,Bolton ,reading ,Wigan and probably now Watford ,clubs that we should take the piss of but they do it to us !

COOL HAND LUKE 6:34 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
I'm sure we'd all cope with it a lot better if we felt it was going somewhere, instead of this downward spiral.

The Daves are clearly busy sucking cash out now. Either they have personal cash flow issues, or they are just greedy. Or both.

We need them out, whatever, it can't go on like this.

Peterboroughiron 6:18 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
Really quite sad reading this people who have been westham all their lives realising that without our ground we really have nothing and that is never gonna change
It’s a new West Ham now and for me the only real joy comes from away games now and unfortunately most fans can’t even experience that very often real sad

COOL HAND LUKE 6:18 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
If those of us, the lifelong fans, stop supporting and walk away, that is Brady's action plan implemented to the letter.

Just remember that, and don't give her the pleasure.

She wants US out, we want HER and the two money grubbers out.

Someone must blink first. As in so many situations in the past, we have to make sure it's not us.

Grumpster 6:07 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
Away games are your friend oxsaw.

Generally lose them, but the day out is always a crack if you're with the right set of lads.

Modern football and the way we're run has meant I literally haven't given a shit if we lose for a long time now.

Moving from a legendary stadium to that crap was the final nail to bothering with home games.

Mike Oxsaw 6:01 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
I'm pissed off over these fuckeries because I'm now back in a position to start following the team again after almost a lifetime away, but I really can't get the enthusiasm up to make the effort to book everything up and travel from wherever I happen to be every fortnight.

I know it's different from stopping - I've done that too and it wasn't the most pleasant thing I've done, but I had then other things to occupy my time.

I'd promised myself a "money's no object" approach to attending games, a treat to myself in my later years, which would have inevitably involved top-end tatt from the shop, and this has been over 10 years in the planning - looks like it could take another 10 - but that's 10 years worth of money staying in MY bank account, not Sullivan's; I'M not the one missing out on anything..

Percy Dalton 4:04 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
David L

David L 3:19 Sun Feb 4
Re: How & Why?
Just stop going to that shithole and you won't have to moan about supporting the club financially at least.

Mex Martillo 10:17 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
We are the same and we are the club.
They will get the message eventually
Would be nice if we had more say
It is a strange situation we support the club in every way including financially, but we cannot buy the club?!!!

HairyHammer 10:15 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
Over 40 years I have supported them I always knew that West ham was not the greatest team but I never had a doubt we were the greatest club.
The sad truth is that moving away from Upton Park has killed some of the magic for me. I was against moving but after some time when it was finalized and I was blinded by a supposed bling bling Stadium and also being told that we were going to the 'Next level' I got caught up in the bullshit .
There still could be a next level but it will not be with this bunch of Capitalist whores, they are the ones waiting for something big to happen but it will be to their wallets not our club.
Why do we keep supporting?, simple we are in love with West ham and it will always remain we are not Romeo & Juliet more Eminem and Kim.

swindon hammer 9:21 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
We are all angry and pissed off and everyone has the right to have a pop at the owners and they rightly deserve the abuse but comments like "I don't care anymore" and I might just jack it in and follow local football" is just words and nothing else.

We all wouldn't be on this damn forum every week bitching If we didn't care and hardly anyone of our supporters are going to give up on the club for the simple fact that we can't even If we tried. Whether you come from East London, Essex, the south, the North, Ireland, Scotland or wherever It's in our DNA.

I remember when we lost at Wigan under Avram Grant I decided that was it and vowed to phase myself away from West Ham as I was so fuckec off with it but there I was 2 days later logging into this site and reading other people's opinions on who the next manager should be and planning my next trip to UP.

I am so fucked off by that performance today, by the boards lack of investment etc and I am dreading another Monday at work where I will have to face the smug piss taking from all the Tottenham, Liverpool & Chelsea fans in the office.

The real "West Ham Way" is being shit and being let down all the time but Its not something we can walk away from unfortunately.

SDKFZ 222 9:11 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
I remember the chants from the opposition fans during the 80’s ‘shitty ground, shitty ground, shitty ground’ and so on. But even in those days we quite often had a quiet and sometimes toxic atmosphere. The new stadium isn’t perfect, but neither was the Boleyn.

Nick QQQ 8:58 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
I remember Upton as a kid. We were average most of the time but the smell of the ground, the atmosphere, the laughs, the feeling of the place. Yeah we had good and bad times and it evolved to become like others a bit “premier league”. But we’ve lost every last grain of what made West Ham different; great if you like.

Fucks sake... it’s why my old man will never step foot in the running stadium.

Mike Oxsaw 7:26 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
Yep - we sold our soul for a plastic bowl.

The only connection between what we have today and the club I grew up with is the name & colours (mere labels).

Everything else has long since sailed.

charleyfarley 7:19 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
mallard 6.30

Yarmouth 6:42 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
Mallard, likewise, I've really thought about ditching this crap but, as you said, like us all, just can't on the off chance we come good.

If there was ever, ever a fucking song that matched a club its bubbles - every fucking word matches our club.

There's no point in singleing out blame, its a collective fuck up from the top down.

Moyes must have been fucking desperate to take this shit on..

13 Brentford Rd 6:42 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
It is getting very tiresome. What is the point? Literally now joy or hope whilst the porn cunts are here, as said even our identity has bee robbed.
I want the stop caring but don't think I can. Well up for the march!

Northern Sold 6:40 Sat Feb 3
Re: How & Why?
What Nick said... I mean it's hardly the same club we all grew up with is it?

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