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only1billybonds 12:27 Sun Feb 4
Slot machines
I went out to pick a kebab up last night and saw some bloke sitting outside Ladbrokes in tears. I asked if he needed help and he told me he'd just spunked a month's wages in the slots at the bookies. Told him to get some help and left him to it. I know we are all responsible for what we do but addictions are called addictions for a reason. Anyone else got any horror stories similar to the above? And no,the bloke wasnt me before some smart arse suggests otherwise.

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bruuuno 8:47 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
It's definitely a mental problem

If I owned a casino or a an arcade I'd get people to pretend to win the jackpot so that the other punters get inspired

zico 11:57 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
Always had a bit of a problem not being able to leave slots or three card poker alone so a visit to Vegas probably wasn't the best idea I ever had, so much so my wallet was receiving counselling for weeks after!!

Was playing the Willy Wonka slot for ages and wasn't having much luck so swapped seats (they have three next to each other). Within 5 minutes the machine I left started flashing and ringing and the manager flanked by two security guards came and shook the hand of the gentleman who had just won the jackpot! Next day I tried the Monopoly slot and was losing so did the same thing and moved machines. Two fellas sat on the one I had left and they hit the feature and it went on and on for half an hour. They were two to three grand better off when I skulked off!!

Only luck I ever had was on Brighton sea front. Put a few quid in one and won £500 jackpot. Changed it up £511 and put the odd pound in another machine on my way out when another £500 jackpot came in. Happy days but very very rare!!!

joe royal 11:03 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
I've just had a nose around the event I'm working on.

Ten million euro jackpots sone of these things can pay out.

Every one designed to suck every last pound off you.

side effect 10:50 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
I use to love going in tbe carousel east ham knowing i wouldnt win but love playing the jpm each way nudger and other bell fruit. Thats when the ja kpot of a pound was paid out in tokens. 15 quid wS the mozt around 1980.

Later machines were no fun as it worked out the win and that took yhe fun out of it.

Gamblers have no structure as to what there doing which iz why they put everything back in.

Alfs 4:50 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
I was addicted to the fruties between the ages of 17 - 26. I'd often stick a week's wages in the flashing bleeping little cunt robots - and the jackpot back then was four quid!

To my shame, and I've mentioned this before and been royally slagged off for it, I mugged a bloke on Wanstead flats at knifepoint to feed my habit.

What saved me was moving to Cookham Dean, a little village with only three pubs, none of which had a fruit machine in sight. I didn't miss playing them in the slightest and quickly realised how futile it was.

I sometimes stick the odd 50p in now and never win and always feel like a twat for doing it.

Is it a disease/illness? I'm not sure. There is something psychological in the behaviour, definitely, but more of a displacement of emotion than an actual mental problem.

Claret Badger 3:11 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
play hang out?
what the actual fuck - proper gay

Claret Badger 3:11 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
when I was at Uni - we used to play hang out and play pool in a boozer called the Racecourse on the Lewes Road in Brighton

One day as we were nursing our pints of beater - some geezer who had up until this time been playing the bandit suddenly picks up a bar stool and beats the living piss out of the machine until glass and broken stool were scattered over the place.

Turns out he'd put all his giro into the fucking thing

the Landlord explains he's called plod - but the crazy berk decides he's gonna wait - the landlord pleads with him to go - but no, the irate punter is having none of it.

Rozers turn up - and then the bloke decides its time to take them on too - fucking weirdo

and yeh - gambling can be attributed to mental illness

mike hunt 2:30 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
a bloke i play golf with used to have it bad, did a stretch for nicking a lot of money from a firm he was working for, to gamble, he told me he went out one day, won 34 grand, by the time he came home later that night, he had to ask his old woman to pay the cab, as he spunked the lot on cards

lowermarshhammer 2:11 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
Slot machines, fruit machines, you must be retarded to venture near them.

I wonder how much I've spunked on gambling over the years.

Less than most hopefully I would like to think it's under three months current take home in total...

Biggest win, about £700 in 1994.

Biggest loss in one hit, about £300 I think. 1998.Never bet more than a tenner in one go after that episode.

Played 2 lines on the lottery for a few years,fucked that off for ten years now, absolute waste of time. Might get a scratch card for a quid or two maybe three or four times a year if I've ended up.with excessive coinage in my pocket.

Rigidly throw away 2 quid every Saturday on my 3homes 3 draws 3 aways ACCA. Expect to lose but always pick decent odd games so if the miracle happens it will easily be minimum 10k and could on occasion be 6 figures.

Bit of fun, can't see it happening though.

But you do have to be in it to win it.

Best punt I'd say is Sky Super Six, no outlay, and some lucky fucker is going to win a million one day.

SilverSurfer 1:57 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
Seen a fella spunk 2 weeks wages in a club machine, then later that night, some random, won the jackpot, and the fella wanted to fight him, pleading for his money back.


no week at the seaside for his wife and kids then.

SilverSurfer 1:51 Mon Feb 5
Re: Slot machines
House always wins
Why would they make the machines.

side effect 10:18 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
Its a bit like buying season tickets to cheer someone else's success.

Greed will ruin this world and will overtake religion as the reason theres wars.

Bookies earnt enough before bringing in those fruit machinez.

A mate of mine went to put a bet on and went on the machine ended up puting 150 in and never put his initial bet on that would have made him 97 000 pound richer.

TeVaz 9:43 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
When will people start taking responsibility for their own actions ?
Stop blaming the machines , the bookie and Uncle Tom Cobley !

LeroysBoots 9:41 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
Generally betting is a TOTAL MUGS game

Ever seen a poor bookie ?

Nurse Ratched 9:36 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines

Bungo 9:32 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
Nurse Ratched 4:03 Sun Feb 4

I would more or less agree with that except I would say:-

Haute Couture= Nouveau riche stupidity tax.

Most of the proper monied upper class I have met look scruffy as hell, and drive beaten up old Land Rovers or similar for getting around their estates. Don't give a damn about shiny baubles of any kind.

wurzel 8:43 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
My old man always says never bet on something with a plug on the end of it.

Mike Oxsaw 7:35 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
But all those flashing lights and beeps and stuff!

What more can a man ever want???

Northern Sold 6:57 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
Horses you have a good chance if you do your research

Football you have a good chance if you do your research

Those fixed odds machines are pure scum ... and in my eyes you have to have a fuse loose to play them... on a hiding to lose your gaff

joe royal 6:57 Sun Feb 4
Cool story bro.

Northern Sold 6:53 Sun Feb 4
Re: Slot machines
Good MATE of mine told his missus on their wedding day that he had remortgaged their gaff for £125ik to pay off what he owed to bookies.... oh that was just the start... funnily enough they ain't together now and he's just come out of a 6 month stretch inside... all gambling related... reckon we are getting in the realms of nigh on £500k... owes MATES a good £200k I reckon overall.... all started on Alderbrook in the CH in 95... honestly thought that every inside bet would come off... unfortunately.... the vast majority don't.... do your own homework rather that rely on others... its far more profitable

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