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Gavros 5:52 Mon Feb 5
WHOs been?

Where's nice?

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Far East Hammer 5:19 Wed Feb 7
Re: Mauritius
Had some work there several years back. Visited I think 4 times over a period of 6 months or so.

Don't know whether Bunks still posts on here, but he was WHO's resident member there for a while (though he's since left)

Get yourself a car and drive around. Some great scenery.

Struggling to remember some of the places but there was a great restaurant (with their own spiced rum) on a mountainside in the southwest of the island.

Avoid Port Louis after dark/ at weekends - as few people live there, so it's largely just dodgy characters who hang around there.

The green dip is the dog's bollocks. Not raita, but a mix of green chillies and other stuff.

Party area is in the far northwest.

Some good resorts but like I say, it's worth trying to head out and about for at least some of your stay - car hire can be done quite cheaply if you avoid Hertz, Avis, etc

Gavros 12:37 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
yeah can we get away from USA-CAL?

plenty of space to talk about shit beer and fucking awful food on some other thread.

chim chim cha boo 12:35 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Ron Burgundy: Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.

Veronica Corningstone: No, there’s no way that’s correct.

Ron Burgundy: I’m sorry, I was trying to impress you. I don’t know what it means. I’ll be honest, I don’t think anyone knows what it means anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.

Veronica Corningstone: Doesn’t it mean Saint Diego?

Ron Burgundy: No. No.

Veronica Corningstone: No, that’s – that’s what it means. Really.

Ron Burgundy: Agree to disagree.

WorldCupWilly 12:33 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Got married at Le Touessrok - great place with it's own islands with different beaches.

They also have giant toilets - but they're outside ones!

Gavros 12:27 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
San Diego translates as Saint James.

chim chim cha boo 12:21 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
San Diego. Discovered in 1909 by the Germans, it roughly translates as 'a whale's vagina'.

Northern Sold 12:21 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
David L... US Midway?? Fantastic place...

Northern Sold 12:20 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Oh and noted for the Florida Project....

chim chim cha boo 12:20 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Ha ha!

David L 12:20 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Nice place San Diego.Like LA but with a bit of class.

The aircraft carrier is a must, as is the zoo and the rest of Balboa Park. Nice shopping in the out of town malls if you're into that, and there'/s a couple of Cheesecake Factories YEESS!

Northern Sold 12:19 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
What sofa you going for Chim ?? I need a new one...

Northern Sold 12:18 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
PCH1?? Big Sur??

Yup ... great drive and scenery... Great Railroad Journeys on BBC2 are doing the Cal Pacific-Yosemite trip at the moment...

chim chim cha boo 12:18 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
You can't help yourself Sold, can you?

This is a thread about Mauritius and maybe strayed a bit with the best dive sites and here you go apropo of absolutely fucking nothing to tell us about this year's holiday in America which:

A is of no help to this thread,


B we all know already as you never fucking go anywhere else.

It's about as helpful as me saying my new sofa gets delivered today.

Anyway, having established that you are a boring cunt (with all due respect and all that) have you seen 'The Florida Project' yet? I thought of you when I watched it. I think it's right up your street. It's about little kids who live in the hinterland around Disneyland in garishly painted short-stay accommodation. Some great acting by the little girl who plays the lead and I bet the ending has your bottom lip wobbling. Mine was. Anyway, watch it and thank me later.

David L 12:17 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
How much was the flight for the black lab?

Gavros 12:15 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
actually if there's one place i'd like to see it'd be the west coast - San Fran down to Diego, over the border for some salacious activity. good fun.

oh and of course the Appalachian trail.

Northern Sold 12:00 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Yeah you should try it one year... obviously when your ban is up... I'll put a good word in for you if you like??

Gavros 11:56 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
America? That's a new one for you Sold0???

Northern Sold 11:54 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Just booked out hotels for our CAL-USA trip in October... looking forward to our 4 day stay in San Diego staying in a Dog Hotel on a Dog Beach... my idea of paradise that...

David L 11:45 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
Fucking hell

Giant or toilets = giant tortoises

Gavros 11:45 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
"They've got some giant or toilets there too"

I was hoping for either or (but not both together) so that's good news.

David L 11:43 Tue Feb 6
Re: Mauritius
We (2) went in 2011 for a week at the (now) Mauricia Beachcomber. All inclusive. Great place to go for a complete rest. However, the hotel beach was mainly 2 inches of sand before you hit concrete! Next to the water was fine obviously but it was made to look a lot more natural than it really was. It did have some nightlife in the hotel though which was decent. Short walk into Grand Baie as well which made a break from the sunloungers and swimming pools.


- Do NOT do the submarine. Yeah you see a sunken Japanese trawler, but you will see more marine life watching an spins ode of Stingray. The walking tours on the seabed poked interesting though as did the underwater scooters. Loads of that on YouTube.

- Do go to the botanical gardens. Sounds shit but we found it really interesting. The gates are from the original Crystal Palace, and have you ever seen a camphor tree? They've got some giant or toilets there too although I think there are probably better places to see them.

- Port Louis worth a look, although the local market there which was recommended was mainly just a stinking hole. Reminded me of Queens Market on a Saturday. Nice new waterfront area though.

- They make a lot of big name polo shirts and stuff there and cheaper than UK too, but I'm not convinced the area the taxi driver took us to had the genuine Fred Perrys etc so be careful.

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