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Hermit Road 12:04 Tue Feb 6
Yoga is racist
I know none of you do yoga with your massive beer guts and inability to put your own shoes on, but if the missis is going to yoga classes once a week you'd better give her the heads up to stop unless she wants to be outed as a colossal racist.


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Lily Hammer 10:28 Tue Feb 6
Re: Yoga is racist
Do Americans who eat curry contribute to white supremacy, too?

I find this one hard to follow.

Has this professor Gandhi suffered a stroke?

Sven Roeder 9:02 Tue Feb 6
Re: Yoga is racist
Given the real problems in the world the things some people manufacture outrage about really is astonishing
You literally couldn't make some of this stuff up

arsene york-hunt 6:55 Tue Feb 6
Re: Yoga is racist
Shitting is racist.

HairyHammer 4:48 Tue Feb 6
Re: Yoga is racist
So is the 100 metres, I will always remember Alan Wells winning the Olympics, best race ever I am not racist at all I just wish for the days when things were in there correct place that is all.


Darby_ 1:58 Tue Feb 6
Re: Yoga is racist
‘Cultural appropriation’ is the stupidest thing Americans have ever invented.

orwells tragedy 12:47 Tue Feb 6
Re: Yoga is racist
i thought as much, he calls his best mate Boo Boo, obvious really.......

gph 12:35 Tue Feb 6
Re: Yoga is racist
There isn't a single culture in the world that hasn't got stuff from other cultures.

Cultures mix. Any cultural expert who hasn't noticed this is a fraud.

Oh, hang on, she's a theologian, and almost by definition a fraud....

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