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isolated hammer 1:04 Thu Feb 8
Winter Break
With the Premier League looking at the possibility of introducing a winter break in the football season, it is interesting that they are looking to schedule this in after the Christmas schedule. Of the top 5 European Leagues, only the Bundesliga has less than 20 teams.

So we would play 19 league games, have a break for however long and then resume. I have seen so many times whilst living in Germany when a club like Werder Bremen or Hamburg have been top of the league come the winter break only to lose the momentum when returning to the season.

But there would certainly be implications in the supposed January break. How long would the clubs have off? What about the domestic cup competitions? Would the League Cup be wrapped up before the break or would that continue as it does now into February or even March.

I don't see how it could work to be honest except maybe ditch the League Cup completely and start the FA Cup 3rd round earlier. What do others on here feel about a winter break?

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Mike Oxsaw 12:52 Fri Feb 9
Re: Winter Break
All that will happen is that the bigger teams organise "exhibition matches" between each other in the USA, Middle East & Asia.

The players won't get any break whatsoever and the TV will still get it's fix - although the suits can take their sponsored symposiums (all expenses paid holidays with full family in tow) in the Caribbean over that period...

zico 12:45 Fri Feb 9
Re: Winter Break
Correct me if I'm wrong but if you have a winter break then surely those fixtures would be moved to then create a backlog of fixtures at another time of the season unless of course you add a week at the start and the end of the season.

isolated hammer 5:50 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
Mart O 4:12

Just goes to show how time flies, it was nearly 20 years ago.

Mart O 4:12 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
Even if they do this, you just know half the teams will fuck off to play exhibition matches in Asia.

Woodford Green 3:57 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
they experimented with timing the FAC 3rd round in early December about 10 years ago.

It was an unmitigated PR disaster. That great competition has already been tampered enough with. Leave it where it is.

JOHNNY V 3:48 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
I would be for it if it was 2 weeks and followed straight after the Christmas fixtures, cut the transfer window to the same amount of time as nothing happens for 2 weeks of that anyway. The players have had a fortnights rest and and transfers can be concluded during this time with no disruption to fixtures. Managers then know who they have available to them for the remainder of the season.

Sven Roeder 3:46 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
The problem at the moment is that tv want a game every day so we end up with our nonsense of playing Boxing Day and then Jan 2 & 4

Sven Roeder 3:44 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
If it was in 2018 I’d have everyone play
Sat Dec 22
Wed Dec 26
Sat Dec 29
Tues Jan 1

Then have a break until the season is relaunched with the FA Cup 3rd Round on
Sat Jan 12

Would give the break plus put focus on the FA Cup as no one would have an excuse to field a weak team

Private Dancer 3:36 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
If they did do this, and they probably will at some point, it won't be over Christmas, they will never stop that tradition and have said as much, it would be in January, But as said, they would only fuck off to the desert anyway. Cunts.

One McAvennieeeeee 2:25 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break

isolated hammer 2:21 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break

Allardyce is one of it's biggest supporters. He's also a supporter of having a 39th game, the INNOVATIVE fat wanker.

Northern Sold 2:23 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
Meant to be fittest footballers ever... what an absolute laugh...

isolated hammer 2:21 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
Yeah, but has anyone noticed that the only managers campaigning for it are the Foreign Managers who have recently come to the PL, i.e. Pep, Klopp, even Conte has moaned about the players getting fatigued.

Northern Sold 2:13 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
Break?? Yeah will be a nice tour to Dubai or wherever promoting.... what a pile of shit... fucking modern day football shit cunt

Lee Trundle 2:03 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
I miss the 2 games we used to play over the Easter break, so I think this idea is terrible.

No doubt it'll happen.

JustAFatKevinDavies 1:56 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
i wouldn't be totally against it if they did it after the fa cup 3rd round games, don't see why a winter break would have to actually be over xmas.

penners28 1:42 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
football is DEEC over xmas

plus managers moan enough now about congestion...

Josh 1:38 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
Love football over the Christmas period. Without WHU whilst off over the holidays would be terrible.

We do not need a winter break.

Takashi Miike 1:24 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
horrible idea

Dr Moose 1:18 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
I think a player on x hundreds of thousands a week at peak physical fitness should be told to stop whining about a winter break.

One McAvennieeeeee 1:06 Thu Feb 8
Re: Winter Break
Not for me at all. Awful idea.

Can't understand why any supporter would be up for it to be honest.

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