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Brooking_is_GOD 7:16 Thu Feb 8
Quincy Jones interview/rant
A good read if you have the time.

Wasn’t Hendrix supposed to play on Gula Matari?

He was supposed to play on my albumApparently, Hendrix was supposed to lend guitar work to Jones’s 1970 album Gula Matari, which arrived at a time when the guitarist was expanding his musical vocabulary beyond rock and blues and into jazz and funk. Sadly, he didn’t get far, dying of asphyxiation in September of that same year. and he chickened out. He was nervous to play with Toots Thielemans, Herbie Hancock, Hubert Laws, Roland Kirk — those are some scary motherfuckers. Toots was one of the greatest soloists that ever fucking lived. The cats on my records were the baddest cats in the world and Hendrix didn’t want to play with them.

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Mike Oxsaw 6:56 Mon Feb 12
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
The Beatles went from nowhere to everywhere (in the UK) for everyone at the same time via the wonderful BBC Light programme.

As such, nobody was able to bowl into the 6th form common room/office/factory canteen and "introduce them to their peers", thus gaining unfeasible kudos in the school/workplace.

That pissed a lot of people off who, for evermore dismissed them as "popular" and spent their lives looking for a bunch of musicians on which to hang their anarchic anorak.

Long-haired scruffy dressers (who don't give BBC producers blow-jobs) need apply only.

Far Cough 6:44 Mon Feb 12
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Not so much their compositions which you may like or not but for me the Beatles harmonies were superb, you had Lennon's gravelly voice with Macca's choirboy tones

Another group with superb harmonies were the Holiies

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:53 Mon Feb 12
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Why would ranking below the Stones, the Who, the Small Faces and the Kinks mean a band was 'utter shite and over-rated'?

Claret Badger 5:43 Mon Feb 12
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Swiss. 4:43 Mon Feb 12

they also wrote Tomorrow Never Knows so your point is moot

Swiss. 4:43 Mon Feb 12
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Lennon and McCartney wrote "All We Need Is Love " and that just about sums up how utter shite and overrated they are.

Give me The Stones, The Who, The Small Faces and The Kinks over them any day.

Briano 1:17 Sun Feb 11
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
The Beatles had the songwriting ability with Lennon and McCartney, their ability as musicians was never questioned .
Quincy Jones was an absolute Production genius and worked with the very best.
It's great that he has opened up in his twilight years, he's 85 and clearly doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:51 Sun Feb 11
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Depends on whether you count song-writing as 'musicianship'.

Not that I've previously ever heard McCartney or Harrison ever described as inadequate before and Ringo is only called that by idiots.

DagenhamDave 12:45 Sun Feb 11
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Well that’s absolute bollocks. They may not have been virtuoso but they did something nobody else did at the time.

BRANDED 11:54 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
I believe Jones was implying the Beatles were the shittest musicians he had probably encountered at a professional leval st that point. Bearing in mind he'd worked with brilliant musicians they probably did come across as fucking terrible. None of them were particularly skilled at anything but a basic level, but that was their genius. Average music for average people.

Ronald_antly 11:45 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
geoffpikey 4:28 Fri Feb 9

Ah, I detect a misunderstanding here.

I wasn't critiquing the reporting of the journalist, I was commenting on how Jones had constructed his sentence.
That is, poorly.

Sven Roeder 8:17 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Presume this is all out of a book he has to sell?
Up to him what he wants to put in it and what opinions he wants to give. Especially in regards to people he knew who are dead and can’t refute or challenge

The amusing bit is to see him give an opinion on the technical musicianship of a couple of Beatles
Just to see Beatles fans burst into tears and wet themselves
It’s his opinion. But Beatles fans seem incapable of rational thought or dealing with anything other than blind adoration

BRANDED 7:08 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
I would say Jones is in a bit of an Ivory castle himself. Sure he has some good stories and doesn't mind recounting hem with humorous patois and profanity. I've never met him but met a few similar to him and they love a "motherfucker".

geoffpikey 4:28 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Ronald 10:11 Fri Feb 9

"You're clearly not fully conversant with the syntax of the English language"

I am, actually.

You perhaps are not conversant with conversational language. It's clearly verbatim. Professionally, one would be driven to perhaps "correct" Jones' words for both clarity and brevity. But I also appreciate why, in this instance, the journalist here simply reported what he said. Fuck syntax. It's the nuances of what he says that are more revealing than presenting it in "correct" language.

You don't even know what Jones means / implies, do you?
That doesn't matter.
I think it's an hilarious interview. What an old rotter he is.

threesixty 4:02 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant

State of Independence came out in 81. The original Vangelis version and the Donna summer version both have the same bass line which is the Billie Jean base line played faster.

Quincy actually produced the Donna summer version so I’m sure he had a chat with Michael about where that baseline he hummed came from!

The trick was turning the bass line into a an actual lead melody of sorts which is what MJ did. Pretty clever.

Furthermore arpregitated basslines were still pretty new at that time so it’s not as if he could claim he heard it somewhere else or made it up. There were probably a handful of records from mid to late 70s that had anything like that pattern.

Philganes wrote the c section of don’t stop till you so he was a Co writer and essentially and didn’t get paid or credit. There are writers who have written one word on a song and have got 50% publishing! This guy wrote a big part of the song and should have got credit.

HairyHammer 1:35 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Even if your Quincy Jones saying that the Beatles were shit Musicians is beyond trying to be edgy and deep into cloud coo coo land.
They may not have been the best I grant him that but they were
Musical Pioneers in some of the stuff they did, you can't take America in a heart beat if you are a shit band, not possible.

bishbosh 1:29 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Definitely losing his Marbles regarding Michael Jackson

A few facts about Quincy and MJ

State of Independence came out in 84 MJ wrote Billie jean and recorded the demo of Billie Jean in 81 Quincy just beefed it out with studio musicians.

Don't stop till you get enough was written in 78 and was composed and recorded in MJ's bedroom with his brother Randy playing the keyboards. No philliganes until the studio sessions for Off the wall

Quincy Jones also didn't want Smooth Criminal on the Bad album, think this was when MJ felt he wasn't up to producing anymore of his albums as his judgement had gone.

Darby_ 1:17 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Hendrix probably just remembered that jazz is shit.

Swiss. 1:15 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Didn't he bag Natasia Kinski. Lucky bastard

Side of Ham 1:05 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
Razzle 10:42 Fri Feb 9

Of course he was he was a pathologist! Texas Irons dream job i believe.

HairyHammer 12:57 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
He likes a good ramble does Quincy. I think at 85 he is slightly loosing his marbles.

Wilko Johnson 11:15 Fri Feb 9
Re: Quincy Jones interview/rant
His daughter Rashida, lovely.

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