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collyrob 7:43 Thu Feb 8
Jay Rodriguez
Charged by the FA for racial abuse. Apparently saying someone has smelly breath is racism now.

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Charoo 10:25 Fri Feb 9
Re: Jay Rodriguez
Precious smelly cunt.

If he really though he was racially abused he should have got hold of Rodriguez in the tunnel and had it out with him.

These modern day grasses and fucking fairies. Man the fuck up.

Having said that. A relegation rival losing a decent goal scorer for a few games wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Ronald_antly 10:15 Fri Feb 9
Re: Jay Rodriguez
Hermit Road 10:19 Thu Feb 8


Willtell 10:12 Fri Feb 9
Re: Jay Rodriguez
I laughed when I saw Rodriguez hold his nose a bit like Razor Ruddock did with Patrick Vieira years ago. I'll bet he said "You fuckin' well stink..."

Bong whose first language is French probably thought he said "You black an' well stink..."

Probably a misunderstanding. I saw the ref saying he never heard him make racist comments but Bong obviously thought he'd heard something.

Thing is of someone calls you "white or whitey" or some such would you be insulted? It must be different if you're black with no history of much achievement except slavery to be proud of?

Hermit Road 10:19 Thu Feb 8
Re: Jay Rodriguez
To be fair, the evidence here is pretty damning. I don’t think he’s getting away from this.


Sven Roeder 9:43 Thu Feb 8
Re: Jay Rodriguez
Gesturing seems to be fine .... Deeney isn’t going to be punished for giving Chelsea fans the middle finger .... but Bong reckons Rodriguez referred to him as black
The rotter

ironsofcanada 9:36 Thu Feb 8
Re: Jay Rodriguez
It didn't look great without the words.

The gesture alone was a pretty silly thing to do in the current environment.

collyrob 9:33 Thu Feb 8
Re: Jay Rodriguez
I'll tell you something, if he was English he would have got off with it.

On The Ball 9:20 Thu Feb 8
Re: Jay Rodriguez
Sven Roeder 8:09 Thu Feb 8


Sven Roeder 8:09 Thu Feb 8
Re: Jay Rodriguez
Bong alleges that Rodriguez told him he was ‘ black and you stink’
Rodriguez denies this

I assume we can go to the lipreaders
And then afterwards establish whether the comment is a statement of fact

It’s probably in our interest that Rodriguez gets a long ban.
Does he have any dead children or is he likely to get punished?

penners28 8:00 Thu Feb 8
Re: Jay Rodriguez
it's unreal, however I can only assume they have used a lip reading expert or something?

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