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Eddie B 10:17 Fri Feb 9
Derry Girls
Anyone watch it?

Last episode last night. One of the funniest new sitcoms in years IMHO.

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El Scorchio 6:07 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
Oh yeah, i wouldn't say it was as good at all, but it's similar in theme/style.

brick_lane_batty_boy 6:03 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
Just in response to Scorchio

This show is not fit to lace the boots of the inbetweeners just to save people from being disappointed.

It's not a bad watch, i would give it 3/5 beers

El Scorchio 5:56 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
Not too dissimilar to the inbetweeners to be honest.

Still different enough and funny in it's own right though.

scott_d 3:57 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
Saw it advertised and thought it looked allot like Moone Boy which I thought was brilliant.

Sounds like it's worth a watch?

ooooh Morley Morley 3:34 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
I'm totally shocked that Eddie B watches a programme about catholic schoolgirls.... TOTALLY SHOCKED.

Passerby66 3:02 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
I really enjoy it. Great music too.

Eddie B 2:38 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
The nun is the funniest character in it

cornish 10:22 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
Sorry but after watching the first episode I thought what a load of crap and didn't bother anymore.

El Scorchio 10:20 Fri Feb 9
Re: Derry Girls
Yup. Very funny.

The Dad and grandad are quality.

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