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boleynkid 8:31 Sat Feb 10
Those who don't like Kouyate had a bad day today.

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Blunders 8:34 Sat Mar 31
Re: Kouyate
his pressing and tackling of the opposition set up all 3 goals today.

master 7:51 Sat Mar 31
Re: Kouyate
he was alright today in the first half, played the game at full beans. he, and the whole team came out 2nd half on half gas and subsequently he looked shit again. need him on full beans 100% of the time. still very limited in terms of what he does with the ball. could definitely acquire better.

Takashi Miike 6:56 Sat Mar 31
Re: Kouyate
played well

Full Claret Jacket 6:53 Sat Mar 31
Re: Kouyate
Another super performance from him and with so many defenders absent his strength and aerial ability is important at both ends of the pitch.

Browno22 5:13 Sat Mar 31
Re: Kouyate
Hopefully will be sold in the summer

Mex Martillo 4:55 Sat Mar 31
Re: Kouyate
Eerie, lovely assist from Kouyate (again)

Eerie Descent 12:47 Sun Mar 4
Re: Kouyate
He's had 2 decent halfs of football this season, and on both occasions the chumps on here can't wait to proclaim him as a box to box beast, yet no one wants to comment on that utter, utter fucking horror show of his today?

Eerie Descent 8:04 Sat Mar 3
Re: Kouyate
We missed him badly today, need to get him back into the team.

Mex Martillo 4:31 Sun Feb 25
Re: Kouyate
Eerie did you see Kouyates pass through to Antonio?

Eerie Descent 2:44 Thu Feb 15
Re: Kouyate
Yeah, Carlton was a nice bloke as well, that's exactly what we need more of.

Darby_ 12:39 Thu Feb 15
Re: Kouyate
Sounds like a decent bloke, actually. Hopefully his form keeps improving.

the exile 11:51 Thu Feb 15
Re: Kouyate
Interesting piece on the OS - Kouyate fessing up to being out of form etc.


Norflundon 9:04 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
You must oh been fuming with his first half performance

master 6:46 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
Cedric seems quite close to Mario and is a decent right back, plus ward prose is another decent midfielder in this league. Southampton do love a sale!

Sir Alf 5:58 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
Kouyate had a great first half (disappeared 60 mins onwards but was not alone I that ) but we need better first 11 choices longer term and that applies to Obiang, Fernandes and even Noble for central midfield. Weakest area of the squad as it has been for some time. If only Kouyate could pass and control a ball better or compete like he did in the first 45 for the whole game. He would probably be elsewhere if he could :-( I watched Dembele in the early game, that's what we need although every team would say that I suppose. Summer has to be about strengthening the central midfield and upping the technical quality assuming we survive and with results going the way they have been with other teams that is still not certain.

Eerie Descent 5:30 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
I was at the game, norf.

Chigwell 5:29 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
When you have players like Lanzini and Herrera in the team, you need someone to chase and get a tackle in and Kouyate is that type of player.

Norflundon 3:15 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
Master mostly I’d agree with you but in the summer could definitely of signed Wiltshire that is a fact , he wouldn’t of had to move and his family are nearly all West Ham and he wanted to come. He still wanted big dough and the club thought it was to much of a gamble with his injury record...probably missed the boat now but you never know how close his links are with london
I really hope we don’t end up with Fellaini he’s just Andy Carroll with a perm I hate watching players like him so I hope your bang in about him

master 3:01 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
They are never coming here under the age of 35. The options they have are beyond ridiculous before they cross our name.

Norflundon 2:54 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate
If Eerrie went yesterday he would of been foaming at the mouth Kouyate was everywhere he made some great interceptions and tackles. He’ll never improve on the ball now but he adds pace power and aerial ability into that central area and he nicks goals which happens to be all the qualities Noble lacks and that’s why they play better together than when Obiang is in the team who I’m yet to discover what his qualities are as he’s slow shit in the air he can’t pass or dribble and usually scores 1 or 2 goals a season at best. Noble and Kouyate have been shit for 18 months pretty much but they were immense in our last season at UP

boleynkid 2:42 Sun Feb 11
Re: Kouyate

Not quite. Wilshere is now back in the team and doing well but not so long ago he was out of favour and on loan at Bournemouth. Fellani isn't exactly the crowd's favourite up at Old Trafford.

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