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Sodapop 9:21 Sun Feb 11
Summer Ins and Outs
Assuming pressure on the board does force them to spend rather than earn this summer and providing we stay up and keep Moyes, I think this sort of activity is realistic based on known targets and those likely to be available, and would be needed to make a real impact next season.

Ins (100M):
Apare (free)
Dendoncker (15M)
Maddison (15M)
Shelvey (15M)
Redmond (15M)
Traore (10M)
Keeper Cover (5M)
Mawson (25M)

Hart (loan ends)
Mario (loan ends)
Fonte (5M)
Oxford (15M)
Burke (5M)
Cullen (5M)
Obiang (10M)
Carroll (10M)

50M Net Spend, Gaps filled, and Pace, Fitness, Passing, and Age of squad addressed.

Have I been playing too much Football Manager?

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Lertie Button 9:12 Thu Feb 15
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
25 million for Oxford, Burke and Cullen?

Who is buying them, us?

Burke was subbed at half time at the weekend, had a shocker
he's basically a Division 1 player.
Will be doing well to actually get money for all 3

VirginiaHam 8:58 Tue Feb 13
Re: Summer Ins and Outs

I'm not sure how many external threats exist, other than relegation. That assumes the club is vaguely run properly and the likes of HMRC don't get involved.

Loss of fan base could be a threat, but a) how much revenue would we lose and b) how permanent would it be? There's no measure for plastics.

The days of gate money dictating how football clubs are run is over, at least until the TV money dries up, so relegation is the only real threat, apart from owners skimming cash and then not investing in the squad/club/ground, in which case relegation becomes a threat.

As for opportunities, that surely sits in the transfer bucket, which is internal from a cash perspective and external from a player perspective. We could continue to market ourselves to drive up S/T holders but in the grand scheme, that money is small fry.

What have I missed?

geoffpikey 4:20 Tue Feb 13
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
Opportunities and Threats should be external . Most of yours are internal.

goose 4:11 Tue Feb 13
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
i think you've jumped the gun with this a tad.

its still fucking Feb!!

After8 4:08 Tue Feb 13
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
Don't blame us the computer told us not to sign anyone.

Sodapop 12:10 Tue Feb 13
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
I'd have been happy to get Carroll off the books for nothing up until the Chelsea rumours. Now praying that BFS is still backward enough to make an offer, or barcodes could still fork out to please some desperate and misguided support. I'll keep dreaming.

Raymond Reddington 11:23 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
The fact the fella thinks Carroll is worth £10 mil is the best thing about the post

VirginiaHam 11:22 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
I certainly wasn't cynical enough when I put that analysis together, but it's difficult to disagree with either comment concerning 'assumed objective' or 'relative poverty'.

One of those 4 columns is usually far longer than he rest....looks like it should have been weaknesses.

Crassus 10:46 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs

The fault with your SWOT analysis is an assumed objective

Adjust that and you may just be seeing the absolute realisation of the true business plan, and the actual SWOT analysis

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:40 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
There's another weakness right there. Comparitive poverty of owners.

VirginiaHam 10:20 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
I remember Duxbury and 'the project'. Wonder if that was a 5 year plan?

Eithr way, it sunk without trace during the biscuit/fish finger era, and has been replaced by nothing in particular.

We have been rightly panned for being reactive in the transfer market, but I wonder what plan Everton had 3 years ago, and what flex there was to cope with the Europa league?

Didn't work, whatever it was, which throws the whole business of managing football clubs into complete disarray. The only model that seems to work is to be mega rich and just spend money on as many players as you can.

VirginiaHam 10:15 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs

The true value of a SWOT analysis is when it's done with a facilitator and a bunch of people, because then, with you can argue the toss out of everything. With that said, it's not saggeringly accurate, but does offer a few pointers and makes you think about priorities.

I realise now I forgot GBP100m debt; that should have a major impact on the TV money, because that unevens the playing field for everyone because if you pay the debt down and then not everyone has the same amount of TV money.......then you can move TV money where you want.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:01 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
VirginiaHam 7:34 Mon Feb 12

On a serious note. TV income isn't much of a strength since every other bugger has it too. You could equally place it in weaknesses (or opportunities or threats, to be fair)

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:59 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
If there was a five year plan some cunts on here would still be sabotaging tractor production.

Sodapop 8:42 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
For some of the prices I may be dreaming that Sullivan type offers could be successful! Probably another 50M required then - if anyone offered 30M for Antonio be happy to get a contribution from that.

If nothing else shows quite how far away we are from the investment required to move forward and the amount of activity we need.

VirginiaHam 7:34 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
Here's a SWOT analysis.


TV income
Increased gate money
Huge, loyal fan base
New stadium
Owners who claim to be fans
Talented PL squad
Experienced PL Manager
Reputation for producing talented youngsters


New stadium
Owners who claim to be fans
Aging squad
New manager, trying to re-establish himself
Limited/non existent transfer policy
Angry supporters


Grow talented squad through investment
Increased income stream
Increased profit opportunity
Grow fan base
Develope WHU though strategic transfer/investment policy
Become top 6 side
Clear debt


Owners skim cash
Tactical transfer policy at best
Angry supporters

Feel free to dissect, add/subtract; no rights and wrongs here.

Trevor B 7:25 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
I'm sorry, but I just read the OP and I can't stop laughing at those figures.

What planet are you on Sodapop?

Side of Ham 7:22 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
Virginia, i'd have you running the club with that plan any day, for starters it's ALL about the football!

VirginiaHam 7:18 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
Side of Ham 7:15 Mon Feb 12

Well of course.........maybe we'll know, one day, what his strategic goals are. I don't think, based on his transfer thoughts, which aren't even tactical, his goals are not to WHU's (our) benefit.

Side of Ham 7:15 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
If Carlsberg was force fed down Sullys gullet......

VirginiaHam 7:03 Mon Feb 12
Re: Summer Ins and Outs
I'll have a go at this; forget the summer of ins and outs. Put a 5 year plan together, because that is what it's going to need.

i) Agree a transfer budge of GBP75m/year, then add 10% year on year. That's based on this year's predicted profit of GBP55m plus players sold. There's some guesswork in that number.

ii) Agree what positions need to be filled NOW. Identify and buy.

iii) Review all players based on age and availability. Confirm sell by/retirement dates and action. My focus would be on anyone over 30.

iv) Conduct skill based assessment of all U-23s/suitability for PL. Make like for like switches with existing PL side; bite the bullet. Out of all our U-23s, how come Rice is the only one to have made it? We've invested a lot in Oxford/Burke/Cullen/Martinez. They could/should be ready made replacements; if not why not?

v) Scout Championship. There are PL players there, and they are cheap. Next level up from our U-23s.

vi) Be ready to spend big on DM/CM/Goalscorers.

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