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ray winstone 1:31 Tue Feb 13
The Illuminati
Ooooh, I do love a good old conspiracy thoery, or is it?............

Paul Hellyer, who oversaw the Canadian defense forces in the 1960s, has come out and said that the illuminati is a real entity and is controlling the world - making him the highest ranking government official worldwide to do so.

Hellyer told the Lazarus Effect podcast he believes the world's elite has the technology to reverse the effects of climate change, but is holding back from the public. When asked why, Hellyer said that the Illuminati wanted to help the petroleum industry.

The Illuminati are a group that conspiracy theorists assert controls the world's affairs and economy, and its members come from the worlds of politics, business and entertainment.


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normannomates 6:41 Sat Feb 17
Re: The Illuminati
I am Harry Dad
He knows

Leonard Hatred 9:35 Fri Feb 16
Re: The Illuminati
Hewitt is obviously Harry's dad.
I dont think it even counts as a conspiracy theory.
I mean...LOOK AT THEM.

mashed in maryland 4:04 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
Looks similar to both imo.

Don't forget this sort of thing was always impossible to prove either way until relatively recently

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:58 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
MiM - The Harry/James Hewitt thing was always a hoot and certainly has many believers, which is strange, because, apart from having red hair, Harry looks fuck-all like Hewitt while being the image of Prince Phillip.

I suppose it's always possible that Hewitt is Phillip's son by his wife in Belgium/Anna Massey/whoever.

mashed in maryland 11:16 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
Trudeau being Castro's son isn't that far fetched. His mum was known to have had several affairs and facially they're very very similar.

Prince Harry not being Charles's son is almost common belief.

After all. The world elites are human beings like the rest of us (or are they.....)

Swiss. 10:59 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
Love to rio but then I'd have to kill you.

East Auckland Hammer 9:13 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
Well, that's probably the last we'll see of your mum.

Your mum 7:35 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
Don't believe in an illuminati as such, but rich people control the media, big businesses control politicians and pay fuck all tax. Make of that what you will.

SDKFZ 222 2:31 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
Boycie 1:17 Thu Feb 15

Don’t forget the festive board 😉😂

Boycie 1:21 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
oh and add 20% VAT

Boycie 1:17 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
it never ceases to amaze me how people just fill the vacuum with bullshit. I am a mason and I can categorically confirm we only spend 80% of our time conspiring to take over the world and the other 20% is spent fighting each other and drinking.

gph 1:04 Thu Feb 15
Re: The Illuminati
I refuse to believe that an organisation that has two of my uncles in it controls the planet.

The Freemasons is an association devoted to making small businessmen feel important. There's a bit of low level corruption (my Dad's brothers offered to help him queue jump for an operation, but he politely refused, to his credit) and a lot of charity work - mostly the kind which involves getting pissed up on 80% of the money, and 20% going to charity.

It's not the stuff of nightmares.

eusebiovic 10:19 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
If this is an actual thing and it's members think they can leave the planet earth a burnt, hollowed out old husk and colonise another planet infinite light year's away then they are about as illuminated as an old Osram 40watt lightbulb...

Thank You All

I drink my tea

Nurse Ratched 9:59 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
I am confident it's not just aliens who would spin that sort of yarn.

East Auckland Hammer 9:57 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
Might have been the Enquirer I think.

"I was abducted by an alien called Michael who probed my anus to learn the secrets of the human race"

"Four-headed dog has a patch of fur that looks like Jesus - Apocolypse now certain"

That sort of thing.

Nurse Ratched 9:47 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
(psst, I'm dealing with one now on another thread)

National Enquired? Sunday Sport?

East Auckland Hammer 9:43 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
Justin Trudeau is actually Fidel Castro's son. Fidel's son committed suicide and mentioned it in his suicide note. It's been confirmed by someone who knew Trudeau's mum.

The same lady also grew up near Justin Beiber and apparently, he's actually transexual, you can tell by where his belly-button is.

The most worrying thing, is that a LOT of people agree with this women.

She's weapons-grade loony,

What was the name of that paper that used to have all the UFO's and shit in it?

Nurse Ratched 9:33 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati

We've all had them, mate. It's the internet.

East Auckland Hammer 9:23 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
I recently had a run in with a weirdo on Facebook after I saw her comment on an article and I checked out her profile and saw Illuminati and associated stuff all over it.

She reckoned that I was somehow linked to a shadowy group of South African paramilitaries who had made multiple attempts on her life, with cars being their weapon of choice, and that a number of NZ MPs and their families were deeply involved.

Of course, these attempts have become so common-place for her now, that she is able to anticipate their occurrence and puts this down to some sort of divine protection.

I've just had another look at her page and now Pink "is a dedicated initiate of the Left Hand Path of dark witchcraft/freemasonry/illuminism" because she wore a glove and a particular earring during her Superbowl performance.

It really is quite astonishing, and I urge you all to have a look:


Lily Hammer 8:00 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
Joe is Johnson?

I was with this up until the lizards, but that’s one conspiracy theory too far for me.

Nurse Ratched 7:46 Wed Feb 14
Re: The Illuminati
I suspect his facts aren't going to be very facty.

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