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JohnnyL 6:16 Fri Feb 16
Taxi for Pardew?
Well it looks like we at least made the right decision not to have warm weather training !

West Brom in free fall and 4 players try to steal a taxi ! What do you think Livermore’s excuse will be ?

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Far Cough 7:29 Tue Feb 20
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
I dunno but I'm playing pocket billiards as we speak

Swiss. 6:45 Tue Feb 20
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
What happened to Pocket Pardew?

franksfat&slow&wank 6:24 Tue Feb 20
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
still cant help but like him tbh

surely at the end of the road now though feels like he's constantly failed last few years

Swiss. 4:08 Tue Feb 20
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Regardless of his faults, and people for some reason love to slag him off at any opportunity on here, he gave me one of the best seasons in living memory. 2005/6.

The Spurs lasagnegate and an FA cup Final.

Lertie Button 7:12 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Drunk, 5.30am, McDonald's - even forgetting about the taxi it's all wrong.
And to cap it all that clown Pardew had his wallet and mobile stolen - wonder what he was up to.

Once an arsehole, always an arsehole as me old granny always said

Mart O 6:32 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Well, WBA lost but it sounds like they gave it a right go.

under the thumb 6:28 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
The Pardew myth that he goes in to galvanise ckubs is well and truly destroyed with this chapter of his manegerial career.

He’ll make a living as a pundit with the other failed managers.

happygilmore 4:52 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
1 down already,

moorethanjustananon 4:31 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Weren’t there stories of trouble when Pards took our lot to warmer climates?

Took over a club on a downward spiral and didn’t really get to shake things up player wise in the window, basket case by the looks of things as well given the CEO has been given the chop!

Still, in his whole career as a manager he was only any good in patches, a season or two of over achieving at our place, Newcastle and Palace followed cataclysmic failure.

happygilmore 4:13 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
terrible if the phone fell into wrong hands

terry-h 2:35 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Poor old Pards. That phone will have all his contacts in football,and no doubt more personal contacts. Some footballers' wives might be trying to cover their tracks at this time.

Sven Roeder 11:18 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
As some have mentioned Pardew has also had his jacket stolen including phone & wallet on this trip.
I agree that THAT may even be a better story than some drunken buffoons stealing a taxi

We await details
I see the CEO there got the sack this week because they are shit so all involved are on thin ice especially if they go out of the FA Cup this afternoon

ironsofcanada 10:59 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
So a player does a stupid thing and the club are lightning quick to his defence and he gets off without any punishment.

Roll on a month or two, the same player and his teammates do another stupid thing.

It's almost as if creating an atmosphere where there are no consequences for failing to control your impulses encourages more stupid behaviour.

As some have said, I liked a lot of what Pardew did but he had form for stuff like this with us.

Mex Martillo 9:56 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Evans has been involved in this sort of nonsense before, hasn’t he?

I do not remember many wanting Pardew. Personally I really enjoyed Pardew as a manager, but not sure what happend at the end, baby bentleys and shagging? We acted like a club full of stars that had achieved their places in the hall of fam, which we obviously were not.

But turn the clock back and who would you have chosen given the choice between Moyes or Pardew? In retrospect I am glad we have Moyes, but not sure in that would have been my choice.
Has to be said I did not want Bilic to go...

Sven Roeder 9:34 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Sorry, didn’t see this one
Apart from the fact they were out Thursday morning in Barcelona before they play Southampton at 3pm Saturday it’s amazing it’s the likes of Evans & Barry involved
Supposed experienced respected professionals

Jake Livermore obviously knows he can do what he likes

Infidel 9:28 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
After taking Fletcher off in the FA Cup Final to give his pal Dailly a run out in a final he should never work again in football management.

Any coach who puts personal friendships ahead of the interests of the club and the fans should be ostracised from the world of football forever.

normannomates 4:39 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Las Vegas?

Always going to go bandy..

Sydney_Iron 3:51 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
I thought this may have been another sacking? Think that may happen at the end of the season, either way they looked fucked even before this stupidity.

Also i dont recall anyone let alone "Many" on here wanting Pardew back either??? His name did crop up but so did just about every available manager.

Private Dancer 3:06 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
swindon hammer 8:46 Fri Feb 16
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Many on here wanted Pardew back as the replacement for Bilic a few months ago''

Utter cocksnot. You have just made that up, I don't recall that at all, let alone 'many' Can you pop a couple of posts up to back up your claim?

normannomates 2:34 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
Mr Chocolate will be slumming it some jock chippy soon enough.....
Quadruple battered fried Pardew

On The Ball 12:33 Sat Feb 17
Re: Taxi for Pardew?
under the thumb 12:22 Sat Feb 17

That stuff is 100% in a brothel somewhere. No doubt whatsoever.

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