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Hammer and Pickle 9:56 Sat Feb 17
Crispy Duck
How do you get it PROPER?




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Hammer and Pickle 6:25 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck
Nailed it.

Seasoned the bird in marjoram, star aniseed, Sichuan pepper and juniper berry.

Placed in hot (220C) oven, fan on THEN turned heat right down to 160C. Turned the bird every 20 min or so for around 2 hours until light brown and most of the dripping had rendered.

Then the key moment - take the bird out of the dripping pan, place on grill rack on middle shelf of oveN and hit it with 250C, fan on with bastings every 5 minutes until deep brown.

Crispy as you like GOVERNOR.

Grumpster 1:53 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck
A lot easier buying it from the Chinese.

Not a monster fan of food, but do like some crispy aromatic duck and pancakes and haven't had it for ages!

Johnson 1:43 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck
Get many Swans in the parks in Turkey where you allegedly grew up, Zoltan?

Coffee 12:41 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck
Would you eat Bombay Duck?

HairyHammer 12:37 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck
I would never eat duck I have a phobia they belong in the pond at the park.

I am not joking I can eat Chicken though, I am sure it is because I always went to see the ducks and swans in our local park and it has just stuck in my head that eating duck is both wrong and disgusting.

Sydney_Iron 10:29 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck
I got taken to a Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing, it was 8 storeys high and was all duck restaurants, they first serve varies bits of the duck, tongues, livers feet etc, you then get the “Crispy skin” with some sugar to dip it in, they then wheal out a trolley and a chef carves the duck and you stuff the sliced meat with others bits and pieces into these little pancakes.

It was fucking delicious.

I don’t know how they got the skin crispy though!

Coffee 10:16 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck

Tomshardware 9:57 Sat Feb 17
Re: Crispy Duck
Have the oven as high as it will go. You need a fan oven as well.

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