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Flannel 3:07 Sun Feb 18
James Maddison
First time I have seen this lad play live - 68 minutes into the east Anglian derby and he is running the show and Ipswich are just smashing him in order to stop him .
I now understand what the buzz was about when we were linked to him .
Anyone know if we actually lodged a bid in January or was it the normal name dropping

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ChesterRd 1:13 Mon Feb 19
Re: James Maddison
On the TV commentary they were talking about this player and Norwich said there had been no bids from any club.

bowboy 11:35 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
It was stated on one of the hammer sites that we had bid for him in the last window. Problem was probably that Sully offered £2milion plus a packet of condoms and a blow up doll when he had scored 100goals.

pulhampete 7:42 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
I went to the game today (mates got a box), both teams were piss poor in the first half and Maddison was pretty anonymous. Second half was better and he was the best player on the pitch by a country mile. Comfortable on the ball and happy to take players on and get a shot away, dead balls were disappointing.

Locals reckon he's off to Spurs in the summer with some loans coming the opposite direction along with about £20m.

I've seen him a few times and would be happy if we managed to sign him, technically very good with good commitment - he doesn't hide even when he knows he's going to get clattered.

Stubbo 5:46 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
Apparently Moyes watched him in one game and didnt rate him. Interest over.

happygilmore 4:44 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
On The Ball 4:04 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Never seen him before, gave away 2 corners saving shots going wide and a bit of rush of blood to the head that contributed to the equaliser.

On The Ball 4:04 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
happy - oddly, he'd been pretty brilliant before that. I'd been wondering what he was doing at Ipswich!

happygilmore 3:35 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
watched the last 20 mins, he wasn't on the ball much. how shit is that Ipswich keeper.

Sven Roeder 3:27 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
Think he is 21 so has had a bit of toughening up at that level so you’d be thinking he will be a Premier league player next season.
I’d rather him than someone like Cairney at Fulham who is still at that level at 27
If he has any sense he won’t join Spurs and watch Eriksen,Alli etc but a middle ranking team with a shit midfield so he can play.

Anyone come to mind?

AKA ERNIE 3:22 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
decent championship player

11MDE 3:16 Sun Feb 18
Re: James Maddison
He'll go to Tottenham. They're the football equivalent of paedophiles because they like to take all the young ones.

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