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The Stoat 4:36 Mon Feb 19
31 years for the cunt !!

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Italian hammer 12:20 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bennell
How can this man been allowed to carry on in his activities?
How it has been possible that this horror has been protracted for years in silence?

normannomates 3:13 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bennell
This vermin like all his ilk have a meeting with the man.

Sven Roeder 10:02 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bennell
Every Barry is a paedo, right?

arsene york-hunt 9:25 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bennell
Barry Bum'ole?

Tomshardware 10:14 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bennell
His name alone makes him sound like a paedo.

cholo 8:12 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bennell
Having read some of the harrowing witness accounts, it seems suspicion falls on Gradi and those at Crewe. I suppose Bennell, an incredibly manipulative and evil cunt, could've duped Gradi like he did everyone else, but it seems unlikely Gradi had no idea whatsoever, what was going on.

HairyHammer 6:31 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bennell
80 if he ever gets out, I doubt he will be able to dazzle young minds with his football skills and bullshit promises.

Despicable evil worthless bastard.
Because of this Cunt there are many middle aged men that will forever be traumatised children it was never their fault but the fault of a system within football that allowed these terrible men to fester.

Toe Rag 10:08 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell
What’s wrong with Bennell, he looks properly AIDS ridden.

You’d have to be worried if he’d fucked you.

Sven Roeder 9:33 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell
I understand Dario Gradi has been suspended by the FA since December 2016
Any chance they could deal with allegations that he smoothed over claims of abuse?

gph 6:58 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell
I'll admit that when the Catholic abuse scandals broke, I thought the Vatican was unique among institutions in taking that approach. I may well have been wrong.

gph 6:54 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell
I'm very perturbed by the allegations made by some of the victims that the FA initially helped cover this up, in a Vatican-style attempt to protect the institution's reputation rather than prevent further abuse.

I hope that these allegations are thoroughly investigated.

y2smif 6:10 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell
Granted he won't be leaving the place at his age or health, but 31 years is bugger all for what he's done

terry-h 5:27 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell
He's unlikely to survive the 15 years custody the judge has given considering his health,but should have got more really for the 12 victims,and also his past convictions.

eusebiovic 4:47 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell
What a beast...proper fuckin' heathen

Lily Hammer 4:38 Mon Feb 19
Re: Bennell



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