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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Leonard Hatred 3:32 Tue Feb 20
Some Welsh splitarse from the DVLA talking about number plates on Talksport now. Apparently this went for £57k 10 years ago.
I've seen it around somewhere, probably at UP.
Who owns it?

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Trevor B 4:20 Fri Feb 23
Re: WE57 HAM
No, he IS a Mingey Midget.

JonWHUFC 4:06 Fri Feb 23
Re: WE57 HAM
Chester, surely he drives an MG Midget?

ChesterRd 10:06 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Saw this one of Sullivan's roller W4 NKER

AVOR 9:45 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Best i saw was on a battered fiesta....a694uok...spread out slightly!

JonWHUFC 6:24 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
I remember going over the QE2 bridge once and pulling up behind a car that had 811 NOB with the 11 in small font and at the top so it read 8" NOB. I remember thinking if I was going to have that on my number plate I would have at least made sure it was double digits!!!!

Northern Sold 5:56 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Bloody Gabbidon everywhere

Trevor B 5:41 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Texas Iron would probably find her sexy, if she was at death's door.

yogib 5:39 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Used to see an old blonde woman driving around Ilford many moons ago with the reg 50 5EXY on a 5 series- good plate for a fittie but not a 60 year old wrinkly

Bungo 3:01 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Best I saw on a large Roller once was 'GG WIN'.

joe royal 12:12 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
BUL 541T is the best no plate .

Willtell 12:09 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Former Motorbike racer, team mate to Barry Sheene and twice (iirc?) World Champion lorry racer, Steve Parish has had PEN15 for years.

He's one of those annoying blokes that thinks it's a hilarious practical joke driving around with PENIS written on his car...

gph 11:48 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
I'd rather we were at the bottom of that table, as it's just a slightly distorted "more money than sense" ranking

lowermarshhammer 11:11 Thu Feb 22
Re: WE57 HAM
Spotted today

DV10 ORC (Divorce??)

There is a chance that this is actually not 'cherished' but the fact that it is on a shiny new pink Fiat 500 makes me think a Doris has splashed out with winnings. Stay classy.

Also seen


On a black Tesla, clearly dyslexic Steven is not ashamed to boast of his learning disabilities. Good for him or is that GU0 4HIM


Trevor B 5:16 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM
Who knew anyone from Preston had money? ;-)

Son of Sam 5:15 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM
Trev just stumbled across this on the net a few nights ago , cant guarantee how accurate it is though, the first figure is an adjusted valuation in 2016, the second figure the alleged selling price

1 PNE £100,399 £70,000 Preston North End *********************2009
WE57 HAM £69,856 £45,000 West Ham *******************2007
V1 LLA £61,097 £35,000 Aston Villa ************2000
AR53 NAL £59,676 £36,000 Arsenal ****************2004
HU11 CTY £47,579 £36,000 Hull City *************************2013
ALB 10N £42,372 £19,000 West Bromwich Albion **1990
T16 ERS £33,631 £20,000 Hull City ***************2003
45 TON £26,283 £15,400 Aston Villa **************2002
DER 8Y £24,412 £14,500 Derby County ***************2003
M417 UTD £23,071 £13,700 Manchester United ***************2003
8 WFC £22,815 £14,000 Bolton Wanderers *****************2005
50 TON £20,557 £12,200 Southampton ***************2003
S41 NTS £19,383 £11,500 Southampton ***************2003
2 WBA £19,010 £12,200 West Bromwich Albion *******************2007
PRE 570N £15,863 £9,400 Preston North End ***************2003
MA11 UTD £13,275 £10,000 Manchester United *************************2013


Trevor B 5:09 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM

Trevor B 5:08 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM

DVLA suggest it is this (published in 2014):

WE57 HAM 57,000 Oct 2007
AR53 NAL 36,000 Oct 2004
HU11 CTY 36,000 Mar 2013
V1 LLA 35,000 Nov 2000
ALB 10N 19,000 Mar 1990
DER 8Y 14,500 May 2003
EN61 AND 12,000 July 2012
S41 NTS 11,500 Mar 2003
UTD 80Y 10,000 May 2011
PRE 570N 9,400 May 2003

Son of Sam 4:49 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM
Second most valuable football plate in the UK apparently . 1 PNE went for 70k in 2009.

No 3 is V1 LLA
and No 4 is Ar53NAL both in or around 35k

Bungo 11:51 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM
My number plate include the letters 'DP' for any enthusiastic fans of double penetration?

Trevor B 11:38 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM
maybe to someone that owns a VW?

Leonard Hatred 11:36 Wed Feb 21
Re: WE57 HAM

Victor Winston Olodiwala

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