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Stubbo 7:12 Mon Feb 26
Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
Making four big assumptions:

1. We stay up
2. Moyes stays on
3. Moyes reshapes the squad
4. No one leaves that we don't want to

How do you expect and hope to see us setup next season?

My feel is Moyes will look to retain Arnautovic, Antonio, Lanzini, Mario, Ogbonna, Masuaku, Adrian and maybe Chicharito (and that's about it). Others will stay of course but could be considered surplus to "the plan".

I'm hoping we make a return to a back 4. One of our problems at the moment is that 3 at the back inevitably becomes 5, meaning we fail to compete for possession higher up the pitch and our line just gets deeper. If we stay as a 3 I'd hope to see Antonio and Masuaku drilled as the wing backs (meaning the 5 in midfield really are midfielders) with dramatic improvement in centre midfield and centre back from a personnel perspective?

But my preference is a return to a back 4 as the standard approach, which in my opinion gives more options as to what takes place in front of it.

Moyes historically has favoured a 4 too so hopefully that happens.

Cue everyone getting hung up challenging the assumptions made.

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costahammer 12:22 Sun Mar 4
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
I'd keep Rice & Ogbonna from the defenders we have there rest can do one...either too old or shite!...we can clearly see especially this season how slow this team is in the defence and midfield areas,....they need a complete overhaul to freshen up with some younger players with pace and ability to pass the ball and keep possession all of which are severely lacking this season and last season for that matter! Big changes needed!!

swindon hammer 10:28 Sat Mar 3
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
I would say 442 would work best in the Championship.

pdbis 10:26 Sat Mar 3
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
We could have a brick wall in front of our goal and still concede 3's and 4's on a regular basis.We need to buy proper defenders which means spending some fucking money.

The Libertine 1:44 Tue Feb 27
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
Not really too fussed about 3 or 4 at the back, as long as there is some consistency. With the current crop of players I could see the 3-4-3 work.


Zabs replacement - One of the def-mid - Lanzini/Mario- Masuaku

Antonio - Chica -Arnie

However I think it does look more solid with 4 at the back.

Zab - Rice - Ogbonna - Mas
Noble - Lanzini - Mario
Antonio - Arnie

Reid will compete with Carroll for a place on the physio table.

Vexed 11:04 Mon Feb 26
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
Both Bilic and Moyes looked like they wanted to play a 4 but we didnt recruit well enough and reverted to a 5 out of panic. 5 is shit imo. Too negative.

Alex V 9:40 Mon Feb 26
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
Good but depressing topic. Apart from Chelsea last season nobody else in the league's history has had any real success with 3 at the back. I think going to a 3 is what you do when your defence can't cope in a 4, or as a novelty to shake it up and try something different or match an opponent. But without a really significant shake-up I don't really have the trust in most of the current players to operate with a 4 - it really is pathetic when your squad literally can't function in a standard formation!!! Massive shake-up needed in the Summer - I barely see a player in our defence who we should fight to keep.

Takashi Miike 8:57 Mon Feb 26
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?

tnb 8:10 Mon Feb 26
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
A 3 can only work with proper talent and discipline in central midfield. Look at Chelsea without Matic, and they've still got Kante. An extra centre half may sound solid but as you say it sacrifices a body in central midfield and so it ends up being counter productive as you just invite pressure onto your centre halves and if they're the quality of ours minus major changes you could have 3, 4, or 5 of them and the result would still be inevitable.

4 at the back, 3 in the middle, 2 wide players who actually get close to the striker when attacking. Antonio and Arnie can do that, especially with full backs behind them who they can trust. Call it a 4-5-1 or a 4-3-3 but that seems the most realistic option with the bones of our current squad. Lanzini could be the third central midfielder without having to worry about doing too much donkey work meaning it even becomes a 4-2-3-1 at times, but he needs to have at best one of Obiang, Noble, or Kouyate behind him, and not two of them.

Hernandez is probably not the striker for that system, sadly. But unless we spend big on the new addition to central midfield which has been badly needed for some time now, I can't see us ever being able to truly play to his strengths.

Raymond Reddington 7:41 Mon Feb 26
Re: Next Season: 3(5) or 4 at the back?
Have a look at what Ironmike is saying over on West Ham rumours. Seems to get a few things right in the past

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