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Alan 7:07 Tue Feb 27
New winter break agreed
The Sportsman

Winter Break In England: What Is It And How Will It Work?

By Matthew Crist

The idea of a winter break has long been debated with everything from fixture congestion to player fatigue and even the prospects of the England National team being suggested as a reason for a half-way hiatus; but although such a system is common-place across Europe it’s something that has never been adopted in English football; until now it would seem.

That’s because The FA, The Premier League and Football League are understood to be in agreement over a winter break in English football from 2019, but how will it work and what changes can we expect to see?

Here’s everything you need to know.

When will it be?

Fans of the festive football feast need not be alarmed as early reports suggest any break would be in early February, before the resumption of European fixtures.

How will we cope without winter football?

We won’t have to. That’s because the plan is for any break to be staggered, with five Premier League matches taking place on one weekend, and five on another; meaning football will continue just with fewer games over those particular weekends.

How long will it be?

Effectively two weeks or two weekends, meaning a period of thirteen days of slightly less football than we are used to at the moment but not a complete drought.

When will it come in?

The initial proposal is to introduce the break from the start of the 2019/2020 season, so ultimately February 2020, providing players and managers with a much needed period of rest and recuperation going into the European Championships that summer.

Will It just be The Premier League affected?

In a word, yes. That’s because The EFL has already stated the break will not apply to them because they have too many games. They need every weekend available to fulfil 46 fixtures for each team.

What’s the catch?

Obviously something has to give in order to free-up space in a busy season and in this case it would be the FA Cup in a tweak that would change the face of this competition forever. The proposal would be for the Fifth Round of the tournament to be staged in midweek and there would be no replays from this stage of the tournament onwards.

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Sydney_Iron 5:35 Wed Feb 28
Re: New winter break agreed
It wont happen BUT.......

Make all domestic Cup games decided on the day, penalty shoot out if needed in both but no replay, Both European competitions should be home and away, all this 4 team mini league nonsense should be scrapped, you have your seeded teams in the first few rounds, then its luck of the draw.

Lastly, why do we have so many pointless breaks for international friendlies, even the players look disinterested in the meaningless games, fuck them off I say, unless a game has an outcome that matters then don’t play it, players get enough friendlies and practice in pre season and in training each week.

Chigwell 4:52 Wed Feb 28
Re: New winter break agreed
It's the "2 snowflakes and I can't cope" generation.

Private Dancer 3:50 Wed Feb 28
Re: New winter break agreed
I'm all for the FA Cup being moved and no replays. Weekend before last was shit.

zico 12:37 Wed Feb 28
Re: New winter break agreed
Alex Bunbury 8:20 Tue Feb 27

I've been saying this for years that certain countries should be qualifying to get into EC or WC Qualifying groups. Qualifying groups are tedious affairs these days much like CL Group Stages and as you say Alex this would cut down on qualifying fixtures. Four teams in a Group top team goes through. Obviously the downside is England may not qualify but it would certainly cut down on pointless fixtures.

Boycie 10:32 Tue Feb 27
Re: New winter break agreed
Stand by for announcement of lucrative mini tournaments abroad during the break .....cunts

Mike Oxsaw 9:24 Tue Feb 27
Re: New winter break agreed
Well, the EU could form a "national team" supplanting the existing 27 national sides.

That would free up about 108 competitive international fixtures over a 4 year period, but the suits would then have to get their jollies & freebies elsewhere...

Alex Bunbury 8:20 Tue Feb 27
Re: New winter break agreed
I also think you could reduce the amount of qualification games for international tournaments by seeding countries and avoiding teams like Gibraltar and San Marino filling up the fixture list. That way you could have smaller qualification groups and free up some of the calendar.

Sven Roeder 7:38 Tue Feb 27
Re: New winter break agreed
First step for me would be to cancel all international friendlies.
And make all World Cup qualifying groups also apply for the next Euros. So the results in the qualifiers in the European groups for the 2018 World Cup might see the group winner go to the finals and the runner up into the playoffs and those two teams would also qualify for the 2020 Euros with the third team going into a playoff

Also all FA Cup and League Cup ties are decided at the first match. No replays or extra time just 90 mins then pens.

The Stoat 7:24 Tue Feb 27
Re: New winter break agreed
Bunch of fucking PANSIES !!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:10 Tue Feb 27
Re: New winter break agreed
Stupid idea.

All the clubs will arrange lucrative friendlies for the period of the break which will be played in glorious summer sunshine, whether abroad or at home. It will then snow like shit in December, January or March. This is England ffs.

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