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Troy McClure 5:38 Thu Mar 1
Your Football Betting Stories
My mate once did 5 home wins in an accumulator but the dozzy twonk stuck X on the coupon instead of 1. On pointing out his stupidity, he threw his copy in the bin - After a bit of persuasion, he reluctantly retrieved it.

That Sat night in the pub - he bowls in - got 4/4 so far! All down to Stoke v Chester I think (about 1994 this) - It was a Sunday (last game of season) - Last min pen scored to make it 2-2. His 5 "homes" to win about a tenner turned into £870.

Un fucking believable.


West Ham related one..

Me and Brother went to West Ham v Coventry in about 2005 ish. It was the game where there was a big demo inside after (not much changes eh!)

As standard, he's done 4-0 in the bookies cos he's a fucking dreamer mainly. It's 1-0 going into injury time. We then proceed to score on about 92 and 94 mins to make it 3. My brother by this point is going fucking ape shit crazy cos no player has grabbed the ball and quickly returned to the centre circle. Everyone else in the stand is like Christ mate, we've won! relax!!

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only1billybonds 10:36 Thu Mar 1
Re: Your Football Betting Stories
For years now iv'e done a 8 match acca,both teams to score. About 5 years ago i had 7 out of the 8 and was waiting for Derby to beat Birmingham at st Andrews. 3-2 to Derby and in the 93rd minute the Brummie cunts levelled it. Let me down for 41k. Gutted didnt come close.

Grumpster 6:51 Thu Mar 1
Re: Your Football Betting Stories
More bad than good!!

Backed West ham to win the league on the handicap system (+20 points) the year we came 5th and we won it by 1 point from Leeds. £20 @ 33/1. Odds went to 10's a week after I done it as so many others were pumping in as our team was decent.

Got all 15 in an acca in, so strolled down the bookies the next day to be told it had lost as Blackburn were drawing at half time. "What you on about roy", to be told I'd done it on the half time acca form. Never heard of the cunt, but roy appealed for me and got me 300 notes. Would have been 1800 on the correct form.

Super cali go ballistic Celtic are atrocious - Celtic the last team on an acca for 2 grand when the infamous loss at home to cali thistle happened. Celtic were 1/16!!

Had a monster international acca with all in except for England in Macedonia. 2-0 up and the fat cunt Rooney gets himself sent off at we end up drawing.

Fuck it though, for a fiver a week the accas are mostly good value though I haven't got a big one in for years.

bill green 6:26 Thu Mar 1
Re: Your Football Betting Stories
I used to work in a bookies in the 80's - settling the football was easy - just check one of the bankers of that time, Liverpool Man Utd Celtic or Rangers had failed to win and all the slips are gone.
One week they all won and I settled about £2k worth of payouts. But no one came in to collect, and usually some desperado comes in at 4.50 on the Saturday. On the Monday morning I re-checked and one banker home 1/5 Airdrie at the bottom of the slip had drawn so all the slips were losers.. put all the 'winners' in the 'loser' file and adjust the takings.

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