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gph 6:02 Thu Mar 1
e-cigarettes can blow your mind

"In July 2017, the National Fire Data Center of the U.S. Fire Administration identified 195 separate e-cigarette incidents in the United States between January 2009 and 31 December 2016. Thirty-eight incidents resulted in third-degree burns, facial injuries, or the loss of a body part. The number of fires and explosions has risen in tandem with the rise in e-cigarette sales. The report also notes the lack of regulations, codes, or laws governing the safety of the batteries in e-cigarettes."

This is probably behind a paywall, but

Counterfeit batteries are the problem - even reputable companies have been fooled.

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PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:00 Sun Mar 4
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
Allan Carr for me too. If you take the time to read it it makes perfect sense and I totally quit. When pissed up I’ve been tempted, light one up and one puff and realise it’s stupid and horrible and stop. I never thought a gay comedian would help me quit fags.

I know people who vape that never smoked. They are literally doing it because it’s fashiobale. It’s not fashionable. When you see people vaping in cars it looks like the car is on fire. In 20yrs or so we will start seeing the first deaths attributed to e cigs.

jack flash 10:03 Sat Mar 3
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
It's actually ridiculously easy to stop smoking, once the penny drops & you realise that you don't like smoking!

I smoked about 20 a day for about 30 years, gave up, which I found incredibly difficult,hen for about 5 years

Then during an extremely stressful time, like an idiot, I started smoking again

A young man who I was training urged me to read a book "Allan Carr - The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" He actually emailed me a copy

I didn't bother reading it for a few months, then one evening got round to downloading & reading it

That evening I proved to myself that I didn't enjoy smoking. I took a fag & took as many deep drags as I could out of it, holding as much smoke in my lungs for as long as I could

It was horrible, like the first fag I'd ever smoked making me feel nauseous & giving me a headache. Before bed that evening I went to smoke a final fag before retiring. I had a couple of drags & put it out. It tasted horrible

The following morning I read the last 20 or so pages in the book & went to smoke my last cigarette, as instructed in the book, before throwing the packet with the remaining days in it in the bin

I walked out the door, lit my last cigarette, as I headed for our dustbin

I had one small puff out of it. It tasted foul so I stubbed it out, put it in the packet with the rest & threw the packet in the bin

I knew then that I would never smoke again

That was about 10 years ago & I've never fancied another cigarette since. No withdrawal symptoms, nothing

I can honestly say I don't feel better off financially or feel any healthier but I hate the stink of cigarette smoke

Food tasted better at first & I have to admit I gained a bit of weight at first, which I've since lost

It really was easy & not a great achievement like people often make out!

DukeofDevo 9:03 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
This stuff is piling up their lungs it’s going to be worse than nicotine in the long run

lowermarshhammer 8:53 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
If I could give up smoking after 20 years anyone can.
It was difficult yes but got there in the end and now am totally repulsed by it.

Started at 13, by 16 or 17 I was 20 a day absolute minimum. Could easily do 60plus when I was drinking.

Would never have dreamt of trading that addiction in for an e-cigarette habit.

I suppose they are cheaper, less stinky and probably a bit less damaging but IMO they do make you look like a COMPLETE CUNT.

gph 8:45 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
Are there only two Fish Bars on WHO? And only one living one?

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 8:43 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
I vape

Purposely went for kit that doesn't billow out anything more than a cigarette and I smoke tobacco flavour

I guess I'm still a twat though. What with saving about £7 a day an'all and not smelling like shit

Queens Fish Bar 8:40 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
I only vape weed.

No plumes and not much of a smell.

Far Cough 8:35 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
I'm with lowermarsh

and yes, I'm a tobacco smoker

claret on my shirt 8:32 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
lowermarshhammer 6:27 Thu Mar 1

Better than dying of cancer you twat

lowermarshhammer 6:27 Thu Mar 1
Re: e-cigarettes can blow your mind
People who vape are bigger twats than cigarette smokers what with their clouds of flavoured shite billowing everywhere.

Ridiculous looking cunts.

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