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gph 10:05 Sat Mar 3
Declan Rice
Thought that he did well either side of his lax marking for their second goal.

I seem to remember than after his last big mistake (against Newcastle, iirc), his game went to pieces and he was rightly subbed.

Good on him for shrugging off the mistake today.

"Good" is a word I'd use sparingly for the rest of them

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Sven Roeder 12:30 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Selling Fonte was following sending Burke (unused sub for Bolton yesterday) and Oxford away.
And pretending to think about maybe considering buying Mawson of Swansea.

Usual decision making shambles especially given Reid’s constant injury problems and Collins age.

jack flash 11:05 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
I think he's a terrific prospect & people forget just how young he is

Of course he'll make mistakes, Bobby Moore made mistakes at his age

It was a big ask of the lad to step up yesterday when 3 first team centre halves were missing & there wasn't another centre half on the bench

Although I don't rate Fonte very highly, he was a centre half with lots of premiership experience & letting him go in our desperate situation was a ridiculous decision

So now we are facing the most important time of the season, with Collins out hamstrung, Reid out for goodness knows how long with what looks like serious ligament damage & Ogbonna with some unknown sickness, to accompany our only other centre half, Rice, the rookie

Relegation planning I fear

Mex Martillo 10:13 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Yes, I was thinking we could have done with a fit Fonte yesterday...

One McAvennieeeeee 10:05 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
No where near as good a centre half as Jose FONTE.

He's clearly comfortable on the ball and a strong confident lad but he needs to improve his off the ball work. Plenty of time though.

Eerie Descent 10:04 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Yeah, good one Miike.

Kouyate had another stormer didn't he? Notice how none of you are sucking his cock after yesterday?

Takashi Miike 9:56 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
I like Declan, and apart from one goal played well yesterday. not surprised Fordstar2 is on his back 😂😂

Mex Martillo 8:28 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
He is shaping up into a good player, I enjoy seeing him develop
I think we would have been better yesterday swapping Kouyate and Rice, Kouyate right CB and Rice in midfield

gph 1:36 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Is that an argument ED?

Looks more like an admission you don't have one, and want to play exchanging insults instead.

daveyg 1:23 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Zabaletta makes countless errors every game but as he runs around a lot is never criticised ..
So frigging boring why we don't look at the 4 full backs in a team,time n time again...

Eerie Descent 1:07 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Stop being an idiot.

gph 1:00 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
"he is making major mistakes that are leading to goals EVERY game at centre half"

Not true, and you're alleging that's not slagging off?

You're slagging him off there. It's undeniable, and not changed by what you say elsewhere.

Sven Roeder 12:57 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Personally I don’t think he is physically or mentally (as a teenager) ready to play centre half in the Premier league.
Centre half is an experienced players position.
If he plays it should be as a defensive midfielder
The truth is our defence is a shambles at the moment ... Zabaleta and Evra FFS and no centre halves for most of the game.
And our midfield is worse

We are in real danger now as many appear not to give a shit.

Eerie Descent 12:57 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
I agree Gilmore, problem is we're knee deep in a relegation scrap, and I'd rather he was not learning on the job at this moment in time at centre back. He will be a class act, and it's not his fault really, because we're a shambles all round, but I'd let him get used to first team football in midfield, to be honest we badly need him there because our midfield is absolute fucking toilet.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:56 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
My impression of the Newcastle game was that Bilic subbed him to take away any possibility of his game falling apart. And I think Bilic did it because he rated him very highly and was trying to protect him, not because he thought he was an accident waiting to happen.

happygilmore 12:54 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice

what you have stated is correct. He has made many a learning mistake, but it will stand to him and he shows the right credentials.

gph started the thread and stated that in the Newcastle game between the 36 min and the 45 min, his game fell apart and he deserved to be subbed, Not my recollection, and not something he has backed up.

Eerie Descent 12:51 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
gph 11:45 Sat Mar 3

Slagging him off? Stop being a tit.

Read the part where I said he's going to be a class player. However, centre back is the one position where experience is most important, and he's been exposed there making a few mistakes that's led to goals, but I followed that by saying play him in midfield, where he won't be so exposed.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:47 Sun Mar 4
Re: Declan Rice
Two things

1) Two crucial blunders playing very little time at CB is a lot
2) He is listed on the official club site as a midfielder, not a defender

Let's not go overboard about him in either direction. He probably isn't the new Bobby Moore and he probably is a great young prospect who's made errors when played out of position in a crisis. Incidentally, I have no idea what his favoured position actually is, but judging on what I've seen, at the moment, it SHOULD be in midfield. He's certainly not a prima donna, which I also assume is why he is in the first team squad while others from his cohort are out on loan.

gph 11:45 Sat Mar 3
Re: Declan Rice
Only ED's slagging him off here. Over-reaction can only apply to him.

My view is that he's made remarkably few major mistakes, and that his reaction to today's was mature.

happy seems to be criticising me for not praising Rice enough.

Alex V 11:37 Sat Mar 3
Re: Declan Rice
No need for over-reaction. Every defender's made mistakes this season, and he's less responsible for our awful defensive record than most. He'll be better off for days like this as long as we stick with him.

Eerie Descent 11:36 Sat Mar 3
Re: Declan Rice
Maybe watch a bit more closely.

gph 11:32 Sat Mar 3
Re: Declan Rice
I can only recall today's mistake and the one at Newcastle that count as major, which is remarkable in itself.

And although, at least in my opinion, he reacted like a kid to the first of these mistakes, I'm impressed with his mature reaction today.

Especially in a poor team performance.

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