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Roby 6:12 Sun Mar 4
Engagement rings
What’s the general rule with engagement rings?

Is it just a case of getting down Ernest Jones and buying the Princess something nice and sparkly for £1500 or is that not considered enough nowadays?

I’ve heard of the 2 and also 3 month salary cost but is that just a myth put out there by the diamond companies to drum up business?

Did anyone on here let their other half have much input into the ring or did you just buy something classy, get down in one knee and hope for the best?

Second hand ones are a better deal but some people say are bad luck but you get much more for your money.

Any stories / financial advice would be good. Cheers

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Woodford Green 11:57 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
As others have said you can’t go wrong with Hatton Garden but you get even more value for money if you go direct to one of the workshops there. They don’t have the costs involved with running a store but are usually based in the upper floors of the older buildings there. They can copy any of the designs you see in the shop windows.

Google Indivijewels Hatton Garden. David who’s the owner will get you the best rock for your budget. I used him 11 years ago.

Far Cough 6:55 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
Well done Jas, I'm a Hertford man as well

Jasnik 6:52 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
Forgot to say we worked with them and they made our rings , so unique to us.

Jasnik 6:50 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
We went here Hertford store :

Very good quality:
15 Market Place
SG14 1DQ

Tel: 01992 534555

HairyHammer 6:17 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
1600 quid for a fucking Hoola hoop made out of Gold? fucking hell some West ham fans must be swimming in money.
£ 5OO- 700 should be the cut off point and put the rest in the bank a woman who loves you loves YOU, obviously one would think there are women who lets say are not extremely bright upstairs and love shiny things who would be happy, but only with a 10 000 pound ring to show off then lose it whilst at a hen night with their mates oh they would pull a sad face but would not be as annoyed as you that I can promise you, and guess what you will probably have to buy another one cos she'd say " I feel Naked wivout it luv"
If your a Millionaire or are doing very well different rules apply.

Bungo 5:29 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
I'm bloody clever me.

Took mine to Thailand. Got her to pick a loose stone she liked. Had them make it into a ring of her choice by the end of the holiday.

Special, a complete one-off (and coincidentally, rather cheaper than buying the equivalent here). And you get a far east holiday out of it.

You can thank me later..

Beat Freak 5:11 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
Unless you have an a very good idea of the sort of ring she wants/likes then my advise is not to buy one. I'd guess there nowt worse then seeing a look of total disappointment when she sees the ring (I don't speak from personal experience here) . Propose then buy something together. Set a budget and stick to it.

Dr Moose 3:09 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings

Check this site out:


BRANDED 2:44 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
Depends on the quality of the blow job you want. The thing about a ring is how her mates will comment on it. Thats all it is. BUT that massively effects her attitude towards you and the ring.
As I say, you should get a great blowie if you invest well.

Fifth Column 2:37 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
Surely Argos is still around.

Fill out a small piece of paper with a novelty size pen with 6 numbers, hand it over and Bob's your uncle.

ray winstone 1:55 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
I spent £600 the other year on one, good quality solitaire so quite small. It’s all about the 4 C’s but I’m not sure women are that bothered, they just want a nice ring.

Razzle 11:41 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
How old are you Roby?

mattyolmes 8:56 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
As debs said make sure there proposal is proper else you'll never hear the end of it and have to out up with other couples stories making you look the count forever

Don't ask how I know this

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:53 Mon Mar 5
Re: Engagement rings
If she demands more than you can afford, get out now and save yourself from a life of regret, debt and financial arguments leading to divorce.

If you feel the need to spend more than you can afford, ask yourself what you are trying to prove and then get out now and save yourself from a life of insecurity where you don’t feel worthy of the partner you have.

Once you have done those two tests propose without a ring and then choose one together to avoid disappointment. Remember she has to wear it every day for the rest of her life so don’t take a risk on your taste fitting hers.

arsegrapes 11:47 Sun Mar 4
Re: Engagement rings
Do what Sullivan would do, get the biggest ring you can get thrown together with chippings, not real diamonds for next to nothing, finance it for as much as you can, and RAZZLE DAZZLE her!

Rio or Anton or Les 11:21 Sun Mar 4
Re: Engagement rings
Don`t get her a ring buy her ST at the London Stadium (on the other side of the ground to where you sit). If you are still together at the end of the season, then buy her a ring! It will be a test of your love for each other

Darlo Debs 11:11 Sun Mar 4
Re: Engagement rings
Alex you are right....he hasnt even said his woman is a worldy or a supermodel...standards are slipping

Alex G 11:08 Sun Mar 4
Re: Engagement rings
WHO really has gone. Eighteen replies and not a single request for a link to the potential fiancee.

claret50 10:53 Sun Mar 4
Re: Engagement rings
Cost me £12 from H Samuels in Dagenham, but it was 59 years ago, so I suppose Iv'e had my money's worth.

Darlo Debs 10:53 Sun Mar 4
Re: Engagement rings
hate this assumption we are all.money grabbers.

pulhampete 10:44 Sun Mar 4
Re: Engagement rings
Thank you Spandex! I was beginning to think I was the voice of reason on here.

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