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LeroysBoots 5:09 Mon Mar 5
Chinese Tourists
For the last 3 weeks we have enjoyed a timely sojourn to the Far East.

I say timely as we missed all the bad weather the UK had

So, currently in Bali until Thursday

Observations.... all Chinese tourists are cunts

We have been to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.....and at every place the Chinese tourists have been rude, ignorant, and downright boorish.

Plus they are greedy cunts who make a mess of eating

Mainly for those that live in Asia, is this typical behaviour ?

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lowermarshhammer 12:27 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Saw a suited up Chinese bloke carrying a suitcase get knocked the fuck out in broad daylight there once, the two assailants walked off calmly without touching the suitcase and everyone carried on as if nothing had happened leaving suit bloke on the deck.

Elephant in the room / beating in Chinatown, same thing really. No one sees that shit.

Ha ha.

lowermarshhammer 12:21 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Wong Kei where the waiters would tell you to go fuck your mother's cunt as they were putting the food in front of you.

Funny old place that was especially if you could swear back at them.

I too haven't been there for around 20 years but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the Cantonese owned restaurants in and around Gerrard Street employ staff from mainland China nowadays as they would accept shittier wages and conditions. Might be wrong but that's my guess.

LeroysBoots 12:17 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Still there Bungo..Still as rude as ever !

Bungo 11:31 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
I always used to find a visit to Wong Kei's quite refreshing as the waiting staff were so off-hand. Made a nice change from sychophantic waiters at other restaurants angling for a big tip.

Haven't been for years. Is it still there/still the same?

Grumpster 11:09 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Couple of Chinese girls at work who have been in the UK now and two nicer people you couldn't wish to meet, now they're fully into the British way of life.

Chinese who are still Chinese are magnificently rude fuckers. The bluntness of people I used to work with in the Beijing office was a wonder to behold and cracked me up.

Aalborg Hammer 10:29 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Agreed on the rudeness aspect,they have no spatial awareness at all...try taking a picture of something or someone and they'll walk right across the line of vision...having said that,my daughter-in-law is from northern China and a more gentle,polite,respectful and clever woman.I've yet to meet...

BRANDED 10:21 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Worse than Brits?

Cheezey Bell-End 10:14 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
The groups that follow the leader with the flag are famous for it. Ignorant peasants with new money.

I've encountered some that were pleasant enough though. Usually couples or groups of independent travellers.

Bungo 9:58 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
zebthecat 9:12 Mon Mar 5


Dwight Van Mann 9:49 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Chinese tourists are just shorter, yellow, straight-haired version of Russian tourists. All horrible cunts.
Must be the years of living like fucking peasants, having fuck all and travelling no where that now they can afford to and are allowed they think they're the bolocks.
Be nothing compared to the North Koreans if they ever get rid of Kim - they'll be like a load of Millwall on a stag do.

zebthecat 9:12 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
A great bunch of lads

lowermarshhammer 9:05 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Mountain rescue bothering idiots.

Was on the Isle of Skye recently and every single one of them was dressed up in the shite designer stuff they adore.

You don't wear that Bicester village clobber on a fucking big hill in shit weather.

Clueless new money, rude cunts.

Mrs LMH does a lot of hair cuts on them.

They are always late, always on phone even during shampoo and haircut and even some of the daintiest young females leave the salon toilet looking like the bookies bog in Trainspotting.

Sven Roeder 8:44 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Western people just don't engage with the Chinese at all it seems.
Apart from over food

Some questions ...
Who are your 5 favourite Chinese ....
Bands ?

ps RUSSIANS are worse

HairyHammer 8:32 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
I would imagine them to be Nationalists who trust no one and are transfixed to their own culture, so no surprise is it that they are rude I have heard many story's about them being rude in the past too and they are not great at integration.

The fact that the Chinese have got rich all of a sudden and the rich set are buying paintings for millions and old red wine for thousands is rather comical and proof that they are just as vulgar at being humans as what the West are.

Hammer and Pickle 8:18 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Seen plenty of tiddlies round here recently - it seems to have become a thing in one itinerary or other.

Anyway, they get noticed because of their numbers, loudness and brusque manner. Clearly peasants but in no way are they worse than the American Poles or Brit stag/hen parties.

The Cult Of Bob 7:16 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
I live in a relatively small neighbourhood just outside of Tokyo. There's guest house near my place, just off of the main stretch.

About twice a year my neighbourhood gets infested by the tiddlys all blinged up in frighteningly expensive skatewear. Also fat, noisy American chicks with blue hair, plastered in hello kitty merch.

Malayammer 6:59 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Good effort ! I've all but hung me boots up apart from occasional
Tour . Didn't give up through incapabiloty more playing games at 5:30 on a Sunday is a bit of a stretch for a functioning alcoholic with a love of a Sunday pint !!

Westham67 6:43 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists

All good mate played in Saigon 7s in November

Sydney_Iron 6:29 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
"They swarm all over the tourist spots taking pictures but keep their hands deep in their pockets. They've paid full-board so every meal is taken back at the hotel and none of the local traders benefit from them being there"

The local economy does benefit, we get plenty of those types of tours here in Sydney from China! The hotels are busier and so they need more staff and so need to buy in more from the local suppliers, and the bus/coach operators benefit with more business, as do Laundry’s, food and drink suppliers etc, its just all packaged up, and that’s how they holiday in China, all inclusive so hardly surprising they are comfortable with that when going overseas.

Malayammer 6:23 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
Yeah tough call between the Chinese and Ruskis !

But as someone said earlier don't confuse the Mainlanders with the local Chinese , for example here in Malaysia who fee the same as we do about mainland tourists.

Hiya 67 , I meant to reply to you the other days but think events overtook me , how's tricks ?

Westham67 6:23 Mon Mar 5
Re: Chinese Tourists
The Terracotta Army more like Terracopy Army

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