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Queens Fish Bar 12:17 Mon Mar 5
Club accounts
Still not published.

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Iron2010 2:24 Sun Mar 18
Re: Club accounts
Stubbo 1:58 Sun Mar 18

That is a really good article stubbo. It's only really worth reading from just under half way down from below the graph "West Ham player trading 2013-17"

Stubbo 1:58 Sun Mar 18
Re: Club accounts
Published on C and H:


Iron2010 11:40 Sun Mar 18
Re: Club accounts
JayeMPee 11:32 Sun Mar 18

I'm not sure but I know that he isn't attracting any interest on his ten million loan which we were told was impossible !

Iron2010 11:39 Sun Mar 18
Re: Club accounts
Forgot to mention that our profit last year was the ninth highest in prem history.

Majority of the info is on link below. It will be very interesting to see what next years accounts look like given the player sales !


JayeMPee 11:32 Sun Mar 18
Re: Club accounts
Iron2010 - whatever happened to the yank, as a major shareholder he appears to be keeping a very low profile?

Iron2010 11:19 Sun Mar 18
Re: Club accounts
Some information (speculation from those who understand accounts and have taken time to investigate further) still coming out about our accounts.

The net spend on players since G&S joined us is £161 million and interestingly throughout this period £150 million has been generated by the club through it's own operations.

They took out £198,000 per week last year in interest payments.

We took a 25 million payday loan out in Aug 2017 and ten million of this was used to pay interest to G and S. (at a higher rate than the 6%)

The new yank has loaned ten million interest free.

The Swiss ramble estimates that they have put 26 million into the club since they purchased it excluding loans and subsequent interest payments.

After selling our home and enjoying the sky "years of plenty" without striving for success our shareholder deficit is £146 million.......

Westside 6:00 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
Penners, that £3 fee won't apply in few days, when Companies House have completed the validation and upload process.

For them to release them, before the above is done, involves extra work, for which they charge.

penners28 5:53 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
dunno if mentioned already, but odd that the accts for west ham utd ltd have a £3 fee to be able to download...

accts are usually free on companies house are they not?

Iron2010 5:44 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
That's possible Westside but I doubt our owner who has an economics degree and owns over a billion pounds worth of property managed to under sell by twenty million pounds !

Queens Fish Bar 3:43 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts

Westside 3:28 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
I'm no fan of the owners, but I think the £40 million proceeds were agreed back in 2014, after a bidding process?

Maybe they agreed the £40 million then, as a fallback, in case of downward movement in land prices? Or they wanted to be sure of getting £40 million when they did, in case relegation led to a fire sale type price for the land.

Iron2010 2:18 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
Dosent look good does it ! I’m surprised there hasn’t been more focus on it.

Interesting is the almost immediate 17 million dividend as the chap in that post outlined.

Jaan Kenbrovin 2:16 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
It looks like Galliard just cashed in early when their joint venture with Barratt Homes finally got planning approved, after early proposals of 6% affordable housing rose to 25% during negotiations well over a year.

Westside 1:35 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
Boleyn Phoenix was incorporated ion January 2014, I suspect as a special purpose vehicle for the purchase and sale of the Boleyn Ground.

Their accounts to 31/03/2017, do show costs of sales (i.e. buying land), for £40 million. their sales are £60 million (from Companies House).

Now, I think we accept West ham's accounts show we got £40 million in total, for the sale, which would match Boleyn Phoenix's purchase figure.

Now their MAY be other property disposals in the £60 million, but I doubt it. The 2017 accounts is the first year they've had any income. The profit (net of tax) sits in the balance sheet at 31/03/2017.

Sir Alf 1:25 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
Sadly C & H are largely a propaganda outlet. Hugh Southon has a relationship ( ooh err) with Gold who feeds him his info. Gold endorsed the site when it first opening to help an old acquaintance from the press as I am guessing Southon was no longer able ( sober?) enough to keep a regular job as a sports journalist as the traditional media outlets shrank as the internet took over?

Anyway, Southon essentially has a conflict of interest as he will not get his news from Gold if he upsets him or does not tow the party line. C & H is essentially a kind of Pravda type publication.

KUMB is hardly controversial but definitely more impartial than Southon's site. C & H is useful only for insider info on injuries or getting the inside track on club official announcements.

BRANDED 1:24 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
It would strike me that a successful team would be worth infinitely more to the owners than skimming a bit of wedge.
Infi is right. Their steering of the club is pretty average to say the least. Also they dont seem to be behaving like people with a long term plan apart from giving more fans the opportunity to go to a game.

I'm guessing if they just said " we're average at best at running a successful team but good in general at running a club that doesn't perform well" then it would be hard to criticise them.

Takashi Miike 1:11 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
you're calling kumb fake news and quoting the board's propaganda site? hahahaha

Willtell 1:08 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
Never believe anyone from KUMB. Below is the report from C&H last year...


Iron2010 12:59 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
The chap from Kump issuing that info seems to know his onions. He said that Boleyn Phoenix sold to Barratts for 59.9 million.

Willtell 12:42 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
And it was sold on for £40m - just £2m profit - so someone is giving fake news...

Jaan Kenbrovin 12:34 Wed Mar 7
Re: Club accounts
Iron2010 11:58 Wed Mar 7

It wasn't sold on for 20m more inside 24 hours though. It was over a year after Galliard won the bidding process that Barratt's announced they had joined a joint venture with Galliard to build the homes, before fully buying them out in 2016.

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