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Keep dreaming 11:38 Tue Mar 6
Forced whuicide
The past three years eclipsed tonight, making me feel totally unable to recognize myself with the next level West ham.

Is it possible to disconnect yourself from following west ham? If not, what is your glimpse of hope in the future?

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Private Dancer 5:56 Fri Mar 9
Re: Forced whuicide
Pony - At the end of the day we're all fucked, including you pal, so whatever..

White Pony 4:39 Fri Mar 9
Re: Forced whuicide
Dancer, I reckon you're a bit unwell.

Having said that, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to stop Oxsnore's endless Last of the Summer Wine-lite drivel.

Mr Anon 3:50 Fri Mar 9
Re: Forced whuicide
It's like that one girlfriend you loved the most, but was a complete cunt.

Swiss. 1:33 Fri Mar 9
Re: Forced whuicide
Like a lot of fans interest ebbs and flows.

I think there were times under Curbishley and Grant I was less interested and I'd maybe even only check the result the next day.

I do like watching Arnie and Lanzini when they're on fire. So I'll keep watching for now.

All this WH being let down shit doesn't really surprise me anymore.

Sydney_Iron 5:18 Fri Mar 9
Re: Forced whuicide
joyo 4:36 Fri Mar 9

I thought of you when i saw this??????


joyo 4:36 Fri Mar 9
Re: Forced whuicide
Fuck off Mincer you fat scumbag...... Why don't you post another whoicide.... Your not wanted on this site

Private Dancer 4:08 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
Erh, in your post at 7.11 you thick cunt.

Mike Oxsaw 3:42 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
Private Dancer 7:22 Wed Mar 7

Where did I state, claim or imply that, you illiterate clam?

Fifth Column 11:44 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
I've got 4 season tickets for me and kids in band 1.

May move two or all of them to shit seats so that I've got ST still and can still get to away matches with priority points, In fact if I move all to shit seats I might try to buy two away STs though they're going to be difficult to get hold of for next season I suspect.

SnarestoneIron 11:35 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
I stopped going when the Bond Scheme was introduced, stayed away for years, but when we got relegated back in 2003 I got sucked back, lured by going to a few different grounds. I've been a member ever since, and go to as many games as time allows.

I'm at the same point now as I was with the Bond scheme, I very much doubt I will renew my membership next year. As a previous poster said, very difficult to get away tickets, which was a major draw for me, living in the Midlands.

Private Dancer 8:22 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
kd - Because that's the only point in being on here.

swindon hammer 8:15 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
Of course everyone has the right to be upset the way the club has been run and where we have been heading but whether you like it or not you won't be able to just switch off and suddenly not care about West Ham anymore. Believe me I have tried many times.

Those of you that are saying West Ham is dead to me or that's it for me I will follow my local team from now will still be posting on here next week talking about West Ham.

The current owners won't be here for ever and things can change very quickly in football.

I will continue to support West Ham despite the owners and not because of them. I was supporting West Ham 25 years before they arrived and I will continue to do so long after they have gone.

Supporting West Ham has always been a challenge but its in my DNA and I can't give it up.

Keep dreaming 8:14 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
That's exactly what I'm going to do PD.

But why do you feel an urge to cunt off people in here , are you not well?

Private Dancer 7:55 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
Give it a rest, you old queen.

Keep dreaming 7:39 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
I guess Leonard and Sydney are about as right as it gets.

I probably won't be able to stop sneaking into results and match reports, cause my brain is programmed to wake up when West Ham is mentioned.

But the annual kit, the occasional London + match travel which now costs a fucking fortune are pretty much history.

Green Street outside match day was shit, but on match day it was my kind of paradise. I felt so unbelievably good.

Thing will maybe change to the better, I don't know, but from now on, West Ham is dead.

I'll try to find consolation in talking rubbish on who with you guys.

Private Dancer 7:22 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
I'm not surprised the wife stopped you from going football. Oxsore. Pussy.

Mike Oxsaw 7:11 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
Sydney_Iron 5:25 Wed Mar 7

You can keep following them, but no need to go and support them (in the traditional sense).

I stopped going decades ago due to work commitments (yeah, yeah, I know - my career is something you'd all willingly sacrifice to support West Ham), so the cash flow from me to the club stopped, but my interest didn't.

Even when my ex- always seemed to find "something for the family to do together" every Saturday of the football season (even though the kids actually loved my antics as the scores came in (normally on the radio)), I always found a way to keep abreast of what was happening - and I kept that flame alive all these years waiting for the day (this season, as it happens) when I would be in a position to go back and physically cheer the team on again.

That flame's been snuffed out.

What I can't get my head around is why the club would want to get rid of the very fans that (help) create that "footballing experience" they keep banging on about. They're revenue generators in themselves - and at no cost to the club.

Sydney_Iron 5:25 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
Good luck to anyone who thinks they can stop supporting West Ham!! As much as you may want to, I bet after a few weeks you will find yourself checking results, reading reports, be back on WHO for a sticky beak………..

You may stop going to games and may say you will follow another team or sport, well odds on that doesn’t work especially if you have grown up a hammer.

Its all the changing face of football IMO, just about every club is a shadow of what they were before the PL and big business arrived, all I see is our owners took a punt and made promises based on that punt working out, unfortunately is hasn’t, the stadium is a bit of a white elephant and they made poor choices and decisions with team management.

Not sure were we go from here, my gut feel is we stay what we were at UP, a lower to mid table team with the odd relegation, there is no next level.

WHU(Exeter) 1:29 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
PB...there you go, that's not a bad idea.

Marches can be stopped, police, authorities prevention etc etc.

I doubt that there is a law in the land that can stop 22 players playing football in West Ham United home and away kits, and as many people as you like turning up to watch.

Not an AFC West Ham or anything like that.

just that if people can't march, then do that instead - a one off...give the OS a miss for a match and get as many as possible turning up to watch your suggestion instead, unlike the OS nobody will be chucked out for chanting whatever they wanted...get enough involved and the media would be all over it, just as much as they would any march.

Johnson 1:22 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
It’s gone now PB.

Did the day we left Upton Park. This whole sorry affair has just sealed it. Could and possibly should have happened last season, put loads of us out of our misery.

Others are free to support West Ham London at the OS and give the lying charlatans their money but it’s not for me.

Already planning to be busy Saturday so I don’t even bother with a stream, I’ll only be sat there hoping it kicks off round the ground anyway.

Takashi Miike 1:21 Wed Mar 7
Re: Forced whuicide
its fucked PB. the last week has resembled a club based in a banana republic and run by dictators, rather than a modern football club in the richest league in the world

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