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cup of tea 8:23 Wed Mar 7
PPI Success
...6 weeks ago made a speculative claim for loans/credit cards I had around 15 years ago

...Got in from work an hour ago to find 4 envelopes from RBS on the mat

...4 letters with claim upheld/redress/our offer to you

...Total owed to me to be paid within 28 days 7,166.32p


Anyone else had PPI success?

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Dr Moose 5:04 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
Grumpster 4:05 Wed May 30

You can ask them to re investigate under the Plevin ruling and subsequent FCA rule changes in terms of unfair relationship if the original payout didn't include the commission the banks made selling the policies or they didn't tell you they would be getting commission.

Grumpster 4:05 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
Sorry, I didn't see that you'd gone via a PPI company, I was talking about the banks directly.

Guessing it depends how many people go through the company.

And if you've claimed before, you can't claim twice on the same loans etc I don't believe, so if they've said once before, it was because you didn't take out PPI and not because they didn't fancy paying what was owed.

Manip 1:44 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
Does it matter if you have claimed before, or sent claims in with more than one company at once?

Manip 1:39 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
3 months! Bugger. :(

Takashi Miike 1:32 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
really grumps? the firm i contacted said 2026 :.)

Grumpster 1:30 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
Within 3 months I'd say manip.

Took HSBC 13/14 weeks to give me my wedge, where as the missus had hers from Lloyds after about 5.

As HSBC are one of the worst banks in the world, it stood to reason they were slow.

Takashi Miike 1:21 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
normally about eight years

Manip 1:21 Wed May 30
Re: PPI Success
A good 2 months ago, maybe even 3 I sent off my details to a PPI company, yesterday they rang me to say I had PPI on a Barclays loan. They took a few employment details from me and sent in the claim to Barclays.

How long should I expect to wait before getting the settlement?

Cheezey Bell-End 7:17 Wed May 23
Re: PPI Success
joyo 2:36 Wed May 23

It's almost what I pay for a business class return airfare, so probably plenty. Does that give you a thrill you snivelling little weasel?

bubbleblower 2:47 Wed May 23
Re: PPI Success
Got a grand back from barclaycard. Still not heard from HSBC yet. They've had their 8 weeks. Time for another letter.

joyo 2:36 Wed May 23
Re: PPI Success
How many ladyboy brasses will benefit from your final settlement sleazy Bell End?

TeVaz 11:46 Tue May 22
Re: PPI Success
Had a letter from The Halifax the other day saying I may be due a refund over an old loan . When I phoned they said I had been “ treated unfairly “ by being given a loan when I was in financial difficulty and were refunding me interest and fees for the 3 years of the loan ! Fair play to them for that !

Cheezey Bell-End 10:33 Tue May 22
Re: PPI Success
After seeing this thread, I thought I would try my luck over a credit card I had for about 3 years, and spent 5 years paying off until 2014.. I no longer do credit cards..

Today got a letter back offering a final settlement of 1,220..

Nice one. Thanks for starting this thread!

Buster 12:25 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success

Northern Sold 11:17 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success
Yeah I think sock has a point.... Saying that I did have a profession before...does mobile video deliveries' count??

Takashi Miike 1:16 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success
haha, no never worked for the governement you cunt

riosleftsock 1:15 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success

Try Canary, they only charge 15% and its almost completely painless.

By the way, if you are a pedantic civil serpent, who has been earning a pittance robbing the working classes of a living for the last thirty odd years, don;t bother. Its unlikely you ever earnt enough money to ever qualify for any credit products

Takashi Miike 1:14 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success
i have a fairly good memory soldo and im convinced i would have declined it but if some are saying they may have put it in anyway, you never know?

Northern Sold 1:12 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success
I bet you end up GUTTED like me Miike..... :-(

Takashi Miike 1:11 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success
anyone know any companies where i can check without getting hassled of fucked about too much?

i wasnt going to bother but what can i lose by checking?

Northern Sold 1:06 Sun May 13
Re: PPI Success

Leonard Hatred 7:47 Sat May 12
Re: PPI Success

You went through all the small print to check you weren't being mis-sold PPI did you?

Nope.... I declined PPI for ALL my loans, credit cards etc... but I was absolutely GUTTED when I did a PPI check and was told that I took NO PPI... GUTTED

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