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zebthecat 10:18 Wed Mar 7
Sport and morality
Listening to the moral maze on morality in sport and it is interesting in the difference between football and rugby in the attitude to playing the ref, In rugby it is a vital part of the sport (even at the not very good level I played) in that a big part of it is knowing how far you could bend and break the rules and still get way with. Richie McCaw being the prime example of this he is respected for being, not only, the greatest open side there has ever been but also the best cheat whereas the likes of Delli Alli are regarded as cheating shits (which they are).

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HairyHammer 10:52 Wed Mar 7
Re: Sport and morality
(End of final sentence) Or basically what is right or wrong, they may know it but do they see it?.

HairyHammer 10:49 Wed Mar 7
Re: Sport and morality
There should be no cheating in sport but the question is this can it be fully stamped out?, the answer is no. Sadly there will always be sports stars who do it , can you imagine being cheered by thousands and being kicked to hell throughout a game and the ref does not do his job so your in the box and your one on one with one of the nasty;s your past him but the ball is getting away slightly he brushes you slightly and you need that goal so badly the crowd are cheering like mad, what do you do?.
Most of us will say I'd stay on my feet, but without being in that situation who can truly honestly be correct in their thoughts, they can't the truth is you don't know nobody does.
The only way to have 100% morality is through the policing of the game or sports the morality sadly cannot be left to very competitive athletes they are so ridiculously passionate that most of them cannot see nice or good.

Takashi Miike 10:38 Wed Mar 7
Re: Sport and morality

Takashi Miike 10:38 Wed Mar 7
Re: Sport and morality
yes, but McCabe was at least likeable and a decent enough bloke, Alli is an utter cunt

gph 10:25 Wed Mar 7
Re: Sport and morality
If only Alli was universally regarded as a cheating shit (or even just outside his club, so long as refs were included)

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