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chav_corner 11:37 Thu Mar 8
you have pm

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istabraq 5:05 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
golden sygnet best ive seen.

istabraq 5:04 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
cheers got it

pdcwhu 2:55 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
My first and only £500 bet 3/1 St Paddy's Day

Northern Sold 2:52 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq

From 3 days ago... good to see he has not changed at all... count your fingers !!

Northern Sold 2:36 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
Surprised the Fly wasn't on that list (highest RPR of 173)... always thought he was a better horse than that

Northern Sold 2:34 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
The Fly in Ireland looked a totally different horse to the one that raced in Cheltenham... not that he did bad there (2 Champ Hurdles) but he was a monster in Ireland (and especially L'town)... used to love watching him race ... always looked the angriest horse you have ever seen.... think Mullins said he had more chunks taken out of his backside by that horse than all the rest put together... ha ha ha!!

Son of Sam 12:56 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
Ruby Walsh has said The Flys the best hurdler he has ever ridden, but all due respect to istabraq but id rate Persian war , Hattons Grace and See you then above him but Timeform rates them as follows

Highest Timeform Annual Ratings (Jumps - Hurdlers)
182 Night Nurse
180 Istabraq, Monksfield
179 Persian War
178 Comedy of Errors, Le Sauvignon
177 Lanzarote, Limestone Lad
176 Bird's Nest, Bula, Faugheen, Golden Cygnet
175 Baracouda, Gaye Brief, Salmon Spray, Sea Pigeon

Takashi Miike 12:48 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
never knew that about VVM, I'm glad she's retired safe and well

Sarge 12:39 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
Some great names in there

Those 70s hurdles starting with bula Lanzarote, comedy of errors, and continuing with the likes of night nurse, sea pigeon, monksfield, dramatist and birds nest.

Some super super horses.

Northern Sold 12:05 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
All about the breeding sheds ain't it Miike... see one of your ol' favs Vroom Vroom as been retired...

charleyfarley 12:01 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
Its code for stab iraq

Takashi Miike 11:58 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
haha, I did love Sheik Mohamad's hoss Kribensis, not sure we'll see a top flat owner/trainer winning the CH again 😭😭

Northern Sold 11:55 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
Night Nurse anyone??

Takashi Miike 11:53 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
.......and Katchit

Northern Sold 11:52 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
Actually whack a bit of Sea Pigeon in there as well...

Takashi Miike 11:49 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
no, Flakey Dove

Northern Sold 11:44 Thu Mar 8
Re: istabraq
Best Champion Hurdler ever.... with Hurricane Fly not far behind

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