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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

TopGun 6:51 Sat Mar 10
Mark Noble
Looked ugly that skirmish. Ginge dealt with pitch invaders completely differently..

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geoffpikey 4:29 Sat Sep 29
Re: Mark Noble is too busy WINNING to bump this

under the thumb 5:50 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
I can't dispute some of that and I was the first to admit he had an outstanding season in Bilic's first year. Credit where credits due but his level of performances have just got worse and worse. He gives us nothing going forward, defensively he is too slow covering the ground and teams with pace play around him exposing the defence.

I don't accept we've always played worse without him in the team either. He has been a great servant to the club but every dog has his day and Noble's number is up

HairyHammer 5:41 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
Noble is one of the few who may be trying his utmost he obviously wants to do well for the club he supported and has always played for, but he is playing in one of the most important positions on the pitch and sadly his influence is minimal a midfielder should occasionally create or do something to get the best of the opposition he just does not do it enough.
In a team that plays well he can step up iv'e seen that he is even sometimes the best player but put him into a slightly difficult game and he is just not there he may run around and try but in this league you need more than that.

Buster 5:40 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
You’ve been banging the same old drum for years, utt.

But the fact is that every manager he’s played under has picked him, and when he’s been dropped we’ve performed even worse without him and he’s come back in. There’s more to it than not having an adequate replacement.

Willtell 5:39 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
David L 1:38 Tue Mar 13
"..and please dont talk about ''going up a level''....."
Seriously Dave can you read and understand English?

I didn't talk about "going up a level"! I said that Noble's lack of pace stops him going up a level. I also said with a lot of detail that our Chairman, manager and the fact that almost 11 first teamers need replacing is a bigger worry than about the team captain Mark fucking Noble.

Jesus H....you'd be dangerous with another brain cell to partner the one you use.

Takashi Miike 5:39 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
he looked good next to Obiang but Kouyate's just too headless and inconsistent so leaves him exposed quite a bit

Trevor B 5:38 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
Plenty of 'replacements' have been found, but as always their form drops, or they get injured, and Noble comes back in.

under the thumb 5:37 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble

**It just highlights the failings of the club that a replacement has never been found for Noble

under the thumb 5:34 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
I think Noble gets a lot of slack.
He was absolute pants at the beginning of the season and it was only whenhe came back second half I think it was against West Brom, when his performances imprioved.

However his form has dipped again and the fact is because we have no other options at the moment he pretty much has to play.

It just highlights the failings of to not gethe club hatt a replacement has never been found for Noble, which should have been at the start of this season.

It has been well documented the club have been looking to styrengthen the midfield for a while now and for those who were giving Obiang pelters, take a look at the results since he has been out of the side.

I like Noble as a bloke, seems a really decent person but the time has come for him to be replaced as a regular starter.

Swiss. 5:07 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
On fact he's been one of our better players this season. Problem is he's partners in this area are too lightweight.

Swiss. 3:10 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
One Mac
No we are criticizing Moyes as well. People are not singling out Noble as being the only reason for our problems. you've always have a very defensive and biased opinion regarding Noble.

And yes Moyes’ setup on Saturday was terrible. Remember how much crap Bilic got when he did something like that. I don’t wait him at our club.

Northern Sold 2:45 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
unfit shit squad left to him last November...

They still look unfit to me.... need a few more bleep tests Sarge Major Pearce

madeeasy 2:41 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
OM be fair to poor Moysey he had an unfit shit squad left to him last November....

Funny how everyone is letting him off for playing people out of position yet harangued Bilic for it....

One McAvennieeeeee 2:39 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
We had our top scorer on the bench, along with January signings Jordan HUGILL and Patrice EVRA. We also had 300 year old Zabaleta on the pitch, recalled a Keeper who is shot to bits who doesn't even play for us. Michail ANTONIO was playing left back, while having a wide forward playing Centre forward and the same people are STILLLLLLLLLL going on about Noble.

Quite mental to be fair.

under the thumb 2:24 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
HairyHammer 6:03 Mon Mar 12
Re: Mark Noble
HairyHammer 5:58 Mon Mar 12
Re: Mark Noble

Both absolutely spot on. Been a great servant but now is the time to cut the cord and let him move on.

Swiss. 2:17 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
Like Dave L says should have been looking to replace him 3 years ago.

The reason Mark Noble is still paying for us is not about his ability but his commitment on the field compared to others with more ability.

That just about sums up how sad this club has become and it's true.

wd40 1:45 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
Yep lets all slag off the only person that plays for the shirt
and disown the last thread we have with a local lad playing for us.

Some of you would have been slagging of Bobby Moore back in the day .

David L 1:38 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
..and please dont talk about ''going up a level''.....

David L 1:37 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
So first you say Noble is PL class, then you say we need a whole new team.You're a walking contradiction :)

We should have been planning for life without him 3 years ago.

Willtell 1:22 Tue Mar 13
Re: Mark Noble
Is Noble international class? No. Is he PL class? Yes. The only thing that stops him going up a level is his lack of pace. He is actually quite skillful but has trouble keeping up or getting away from challenges.

The fact is that throughout his career he has been selected as first choice and captain by a lot of WH managers over the last 12 seasons. He has been consistently the best we have.

Football teams get built by improving the existing players gradually and by avoiding chucking he baby out with the bathwater. There are massive problems at WH. Mark Noble is way down the list of problems that need sorting.

First is a chairman that clearly interferes in the buying of players by imposing his 'cheap' mindset on the operation. Looking for out of contract players will never take WH to the next level.

Then the manager needs refreshing. Whatever happens this season David Moyes is not going to take WH up a level. When the kind of players that he covets are Bournemouth reserves, relegated CB's and Championship strikers, that will never get us to another level either.

WH needs a whole new team this summer because Hart & Mario will go back. Ginge and Zabaleta will be 34, Evra 37. Byram & Fernandes permanently injured and have never 'made it' at WH. Carroll also. Fonte has gone already. Snodgrass will probably be wanted by Villa. Chicharito will almost certainly want out and Hugill? Who knows? Perhaps it was a sensible preparation for the Championship next season....

Recruitment is the key and all the fans' worries should be directed at Sullivan and Moyes. Not fucking Mark Noble!

Mex Martillo 9:38 Mon Mar 12
Re: Mark Noble
Noble revived our season after our poor start and I would put money on him being central to keeping us up

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