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billywhitehorse 9:13 Sat Mar 10
Disenfranchised people
History has shown over and over that if you treat people like shit and then deny or take away their ways of protesting peacefully then it will be ugly when it erupts.

Not condoning anything today, but not surprised by it either. The disorganization because of the farce over the march has not helped anyone. Could get a lot uglier yet.

Leadership is needed. Who would get trust? One Iron? Sir Trevor?

Good luck to anyone who tries!

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one iron 6:47 Mon Mar 12
Re: Disenfranchised people
I would tell you all this, things might happen, beware the wolf in sheeps clothes.who can you trust ,YOURSELF ONLY.

goose 3:58 Mon Mar 12
Re: Disenfranchised people
nope that was Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Thani.


One McAvennieeeeee 3:55 Mon Mar 12
Re: Disenfranchised people
You don’t seem to have much to say on results this season, Sidney?

goose 3:54 Mon Mar 12
Re: Disenfranchised people
is he the guy that was involved with Malaga?

Spandex Sidney 3:45 Mon Mar 12
Re: Disenfranchised people
The second richest person in Qatar is Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani.

He's 83, is a member of the Qatari royal family and was born down Katherine Road.

Stepney.Ammer 2:57 Mon Mar 12
Re: Disenfranchised people
Bill - to be honest mate it looked like no march was going to happen, certainly nothing organised, that's for sure.

I was 100% up for it, even after RWHFAG pulled out. But once you were out (i know this was for health reasons) it seemed like there was no one organising it, so I didn't come down in the end.

I can see why maybe others didn't turn up, even those who attended the game, as many probably weren't aware a march was defiantly happening.

If a march is being organised for one of the forthcoming matches then I'll certainly be there for it, as I'm sure will thousands of other.

Don't lose faith in the fighting spirit of the West Ham fan base, as I reckon there are a whole load who still have it.

one iron 6:39 Mon Mar 12
Re: Disenfranchised people
I think our fans are still looking in the mirror,after Saturdays no show,read below

goose 4:41 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
Fair enough, fingers crossed.

Keep up the good work!

one iron 4:07 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
goose, told 2nd most money in the country,looking to buy a London club, my mate not told yet the club,but he mixes in that type of people.

goose 1:51 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
Good work One Iron!!

How much do you know about this guy from Doha?

billywhitehorse 1:50 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
Brenty - I'll leave it up to your organizational skills to spread the word about the black bags! I really think this will be effective and is simple and costs nothing.

13 Brentford Rd 1:37 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
You'd only have to meet the man once, briefly, as I did, to know he would never do such a thing!

billywhitehorse 1:03 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
Black balloons are fine but there is something much more effectively visually for TV cameras and the directors box.

Think yesterday with the plastic bags for Bobby Moore.

Now replace with a black bag. A black rubbish bag would do. In fact ideal as everyone has them, they are big so will fill gaps. Also the connotation of rubbish. And you can definitely get them in the stadium.

The east side (and others) completely black at kick off for every home game would be something harder for the media to ignore than walking around East London.

one iron 1:01 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
I was the last to get any info.in time the truth will come out.

Pee Wee 12:51 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people

You said at the time you believed he hadn't accepted any money.

Reading your last couple of comments, you might not be so sure?

What's your thoughts on why they cancelled the march? It can't have been for those sorry looking flags yesterday surely?

one iron 12:41 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
I have no proof of the call, was ill. and got the call after 8pm. man said he was acting for mr Sullivan who was upset with things id said,and the march,if I could speak out against it I would be paid 20k. told the man to tell Sullivan go fuck him self.this was about 3 days after andy had the meeting at sullivans house, I asked him if Sullivan had offered him money he said no.I said why would Sullivan offer me when I was only a bit player.i joined the group thinking it was the right thing todo, I still think without the group, westham fans would have done fuck all.the first threats went out and online sites bottled, have spoke to mates who marched yesterday 200 of them, was thinking of trying to help but need people with balls, why did fans put beers before marching, do you care, look at yourself in the mirror, did you march or stay in the pubs, letting other people do the hard work grow some you heroes. with that I am out.find someone younger,. I will get behind the team at away games and that will do me, ive done my bit. down to you now

Johnson 10:07 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
Doha you say? Knowing our luck those wankers will sell us to a consortium headed up by Keys and Gray.

Abbey lane 9:55 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
That is the best news I have heard recently regarding our club. I hope you are right Bill.

Westham67 8:44 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
Qatar the richest county in the World per capita, yes, please

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:42 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
Bill do you have any evidence of the £20k offer - a leak to the press would go some way to exposing those shysters for what they are.

one iron 8:12 Sun Mar 11
Re: Disenfranchised people
We must wait, see what happens,if a buyer can be found great,if not we try again,the club board will want to go now,looking for a very rich man info ive had he comes from doho in the middle east.The mans looking at 3 London clubs.Ithink whats gone on will make our price go down,i think we will have to go 2 steps back to come forward again,in the mean time black ballons for Chelsea,hide them when you go into the ground.

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