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cuzoftheeast 11:41 Sun Mar 11
So people, what do we do next?
March? placards?

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angryprumphs 6:43 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
easthammer 5:51 Mon Mar 12

I have read it. I think it is sad that people have put their own egos and political opinions ahead of a matter which is solely about their football club.

I think it would be bloody easy to do a job on this board, I get paid good money to do this sort of stuff for a living and they leave a trail that stinks to high heaven.

one iron 6:02 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
We keep still and wait, the moment will come, don't hurry things, the balls rolling now.

Dr Moose 5:55 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
relieving should read receiving.

Dr Moose 5:53 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
neilalex 4:19 Mon Mar 12

The crunch game is Southampton. We need to win this as its 3 points they can't get on us, lose or draw that and Palace will be sniffing blood and we'll be ripe for occupying 3rd bottom.

A few seasons back it would have been unacceptable to lose to Burnley, yet here we are on the relieving end of a 3-0 thrashing by them. Think of all the dross that have beaten us this season that would also be unacceptable, Brighton, Swansea, Watford; all games that we should seeing as 6 pointers.

easthammer 5:51 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
angryprumphs wrote.

"Unite what ever factions can be united and come up with standpoint that everyone agree with"

You obviously haven't been reading through many of threads on WHO.

The degree of disunity in the ranks of West Ham fans is the reason that we are doomed. Not just to relegation but to being run by the likes of SGB and their progeny.

The toxicity around the place will not only see us relegated but it will ensure no right-minded buyer will come forward.

West Ham is no longer UNITED.

In supporting the club since 1950s I have never been so depressed about where we are headed.

It is not that in the past I agreed with or liked every other fellow hammer but I always (maybe naively) believed we shared a common heritage of experience and fellowship associated with supporting a football club forged in the working class area of the East End. We had shared standards and values of behaviour and loyalty. Particularly towards fellow hammers.

I fear we are now just a reflection of the wider societal malaise of. Me first and fuck you, if you don't see things the way I do.

HairyHammer 5:22 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
The best thing is to leave the protesting outside of the stadium or when the 90 minutes are over.

Do you want the truth ? some will not like it but there are people high up at the club (guess) some media too and even a few players who even if you try your very best supporting your team perfectly,will be blamed for the poisonous atmosphere in the ground, if God forbid West ham get relegated.
Not the cheap skate board, not the darn awful players on the pitch who play like a pub team, and not even the soulless fish bowl, but the fans who pay hard earned money and try their hardest to cheer and sing through a game they will be blamed and they will point at the Burnley game as the catalyst .

angryprumphs 4:53 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
What i would do:

Unite what ever factions can be united and come up with standpoint that everyone agree with

Outline that standpoint, backup up by CLEAR statistics, financials, quotes with proof of broken promises etc.

Put all this into a document, a white paper for want of a better word, this gets spreads as far and wide as it can be. Local press, national press, social media, fans forums etc. This document should clearly outline, the reasons for ill feeling, what the fans are looking for and contain option for dialogue and resolution

Confirm dates for organised, PEACEFUL action which will take place if a resolution is not found. Such as not buying anything at the stadium on match days, boycotting games, arriving late / leaving early. These ideally will include sanctions which will effect the club off the pitch but not on it.

Passion, shouting and aggression has its place, but you have to make it clear what you are angry about, at the moment a lot of people on the outside are viewing us as spoilt and self entitled, there is no clarity of message.

Oh and they seriously need to get someone who can deal with the media / PR, the way it has been handled so far makes a train crash look like a positive experience.

neilalex 4:19 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
Yes, I've seen our run in but was working on the assumption that we can get 3 to 4 points from Everton and Leicester who will have very little to play for at that point. It also depends on just how shit the other teams are naturally.

I think six points from those two games would see us stay up, Genuine six pointers, both.

Infidel 4:13 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?

After losing so heavily to Swansea and Burnley the games against Stoke and Saints are like two FA Cup Finals for us.

I don't think 4 points from 6 will be enough mate. The other three games we have in the next 5 are Arsenal, City and Chelsea, which are write offs, so if we only get 4 points we will be on 34 pts with 3 games to play.

The other 3 are Leicester away, Man Utd and Everton on the last day.

I think we'll need 6 out of 6 from Stoke and Southampton. Even that won't guarantee anything. Just gives us a chance.

The Kronic 4:10 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
Replace the ball with Brady's head.

neilalex 4:03 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
I completely understand the dilemma here, and as has been said there's an argument for both sides as to whether people should continue to protest in the ground and keep the momentum going, or call a halt in the interests of getting behind the team and keeping us up. I've no problem with either view, it's a difficult call.

I think events will probably dictate what happens as they did on Saturday and people will react spontaneously. The atmosphere was fairly supportive until we went behind. If that happens again against Southampton I doubt people will be able to hold back even if they had every intention of doing so. If we don't get a minimum of 4 out of 6 against Southampton and Stoke I reckon that's curtains.

BournemouthHammer 3:52 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
What has happened to this football club. We have a board that has fed us lie after lie, players that I would say 90% just dont know what it means to play for our great team and fans who fight amongst themselves. We are to blame as much as everything else that is associated with this club at the moment and for the past 2 years. It started with sitting down at games and now its the board, the stadium, the players. Honestly people, we are all adults and we seem to be all contributing to our clubs downfall. And to be honest we are looking stupid and its embarrassing.

For the record I agree that something had to be done and a protest in front of the directors box wasn't a bad idea if you are singing about the club etc. I dont condone running on the pitch. We have two vital games and we all need to pull in the right direction going forward. After these two games then think about another protest. There is nothing wrong with a sit in on even a sit on the pitch once the teams have left the field. Whilst they are on it, get behind them.

I'm not expecting anyone to agree with my comments but it is a forum and I have said my piece. Fingers crossed if things are done correctly by our fans, change may happen but it wont be until the summer and for that, we need to be in the Premier League.

Infidel 2:27 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?

If you can find a single post of mine, anywhere, anytime, in which I express my support for these owners I'll stop posting on WHO permanently.

Either you are confusing me with another poster or you have completely lost the plot and are just firing missiles off in every direction out of hysteria.

Understand you are upset, we all are, but you need to pull yourself together. You're making a fool of yourself.

JayeMPee 2:24 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
Left the Royal Navy in 1965, moved to Chelmsford and have supported the Hammers ever since. Don't claim to have been to matches as many times as most on here but my love and passion for the club is as strong as any.

I loved UP, took my dad and went with my son many, many times. The only downside (for me) was queuing for the tube after the match. Like many I guess I swallowed the move to the OS solely because we were promised that quality players would be attracted, we would make marquee signings and be aiming for top six finishes and Europe.

We were lied too, not just then but every transfer window since. I believe in management integrity, honesty, loyalty and trust qualities which do not exist as far as GSB are concerned! I think the wider football public are aware of that now.

Reality is we are not going back to UP and if we want rid of GSB then we need to stay in the premiership and prove to any potential buyers that we can still be the best supporters in the land. Repeats of what happened Saturday will do us no good at all, banners by all means and a peaceful 'march' to the ground fine but frightening kids is not the West Ham I know and love!!!

Listen to Trev and Noble and pay tribute to the memory of 'Bobby' properly, the team needs us now let getting rid of BSG wait until the season is over when hopefully we are still in the premiership.

terry-h 1:40 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
The more I think about things at the moment, I'd sack Moyes and bring back Redknapp for the short term with a big bonus for keeping us up. Looks to me like some of those players don't want to play for the jock.
At least if we go down,we will do so playing attacking football.
To keep Chicherito on the bench until we were 2 down was criminal.

Westham67 12:46 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
Infidel 12:10 Mon Mar 12

I don't read all of you post because you keep regurgitating the same shit Leeds and Forest where did I read that before?

Plus you are a board apologist. I recall you got slated for the first match at O/S thread sucking the board's cock again

Jim79 12:12 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
If Gold was my grandad I’d say ‘gramps, it’s getting a bit lively round here being related to you at the mo. Mind if I nab the private jet and slope off to your place in Banus for a couple of weeks while it calms down.

Also while I’m away get Jeeves to give my Lambo a quick polish, uncle Dave and auntie Karen have given me some spends, they got a few quid in riffle this weekend so see you in a few weeks. Good luck the the West Ham London Olympics thing, I’ll semd you a postcard, love you pop pops, chin up!!! X

Infidel 12:10 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?

The march might make a lot of people feel better but it won't stop the club getting relegated.

We have a fundamental choice to make here, all of us.

If we carry on down this path of protest against the owners we have to expect that it will destroy whatever slim chance there is left of us staying up.

It will intensify the toxic atmosphere around the club and that will inevitably affect the players.

Those on here who argue we should all get behind the team and the players and try to build an atmosphere that gives us a chance of staying up have a valid point and don't deserve the abuse directed at them.

They are fellow West Ham fans and they want the best for our club. It doesn't mean they support S&G and it's just childish to throw that insult at them.

Those of you on here slagging off people who don't agree with the pitch invasions should take a good look at yourselves.

If we go down, which now seems inevitable in my view, we could be in very deep trouble. We may never get back, like Leeds and Forest. What will that do to all the future generations of West Ham fans, depriving them of seeing their club in the top flight of English football? It's a valid question.

We are all West Ham on here. We fight over all sorts of stuff - politics, music, films and bizarrely, crisps. But this is an existential crisis and we need to discuss it with a clear and calm head and have a bit of respect for each other's views, irrespective of past differences.

Dr Moose 12:02 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
Infidel 10:06 Mon Mar 12

Wasn't it reported that the likes of Mancini and Ancelotti turned us down when approached? The position we were in when Bilic was sacked no decent manager was going to take the job on. Moyes was the best out of an atrocious bunch that would have taken the job. At least they didn't throw a 3 year contract at him.

boltkunt 12:01 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
I wished.

chedylan 2 11:59 Mon Mar 12
Re: So people, what do we do next?
nothing until the end of the season. The point has been made for now, I salute the fans that did stick it the board.
The spiv cunts cant do anything now apart from sack moyes, which they wont and that hasn't been called for by the fans to do so (yet).

If we are relegated,expect saturday 10 fold at the end of the last game.

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