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Thames Ironworks 1:01 Mon Mar 12
Let's move away from the football as frankly not much can do about it.

So on to the subject of Vegans. I mean WTF is this all about?

Break your genetic makeup and eat veg, look after the animals well being and behave like hippies.

Ok a bit stereotypical I know, but there seems to be amongst a few this anger at meat eaters and a whole belief system around being a Vegan. Even Pamela Anderson advocates it now and claims it will make your sterile. Really Pam, after 1000s of year of eating meat the human race cannot procreate?

I'd like other Whoers views. I eat meat, although I do like vegetarian dishes as well. But not up with this made to feel bad crap by going Vegan, also the health issues I hear that come with being Vegan means supplementing with other vitamins and shit.

And what the f is Quorn?

I'll waft the smell of cooking bacon and see them salivate.

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Bromley Reject 4:20 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
I'm a vegan. I'd rather talk about WHU though to be honest.

gph 4:19 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
The chairman of Thames Ironworks was a teetotaler and a pioneer vegetarian.

There's always been something wrong with the board...

Northern Sold 4:14 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
… Oh and left out smelly breath and stinking farts… oh… and never get invited to one of my BBQ’s

Thames Ironworks 3:38 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
So I see this a lot, people saying I will eat Vegan for health reasons but still eat meat. To be honest I do that anyway. If I like the look of a veg dish I'll eat it, if it says Vegan, Coeliac or Gluten free but I like the look of it I'll eat it.

What does my head in are those who are pushy about going Vegan and criticise a meat eater.

Also those who are dedicated Vegans, do you really reap health benefits long term or suffer from certain deficiencies?
I had a friend who was Vegetarian and she ended up having issues with her skins, similar to very painful Eczema. Doctor said eat one steak a week and the condition cleared up.

geoffpikey 3:34 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
"Normally they look like an extra from Schindlers List and have teeth like Shane McGowan"

Like Lewis Hamilton, Jermaine Defoe, Woody Harrelson, David Haye and Alicia Silverstone do? Righto.

Northern Sold 3:20 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
Mad Dog 1:17 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
How do you know if someone is a vegan?

Normally they look like an extra from Schindlers List and have teeth like Shane McGowan

Stepney.Ammer 2:48 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
I've been having mainly a plant based, whole food for the last few months.

I'm not really into doing it for 'vegan' reasons and mainly for the health benefits. To be honest I feel much better and have a lot more energy, no longer go into a food como after eating big meals.

It's not something I stick to religiously and I will still have meat and diary now and then....there's no way could live without having pie n mash every once n a while!

bobbymoore 1:36 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
Get onto Netflix and watch the following:

1) In Defense of Food
2) What the Health

The 1st one is a really good video via general healthy eating. The 2nd is a vegan video but doesn't go down the "animal cruelty" route.

I'm thinking of going vegan again but don't give 2 shits about the animals. The health benefits are obvious.

BRANDED 1:35 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
Its a choice.

Right back to footy

Mad Dog 1:17 Mon Mar 12
Re: Vegans!
How do you know if someone is a vegan?

They tell you

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