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Lee S 6:03 Thu Mar 15
Stadium - Realistic Options?
Apologies if done on another thread but thought it deserved its own. Keen to know what other people thought were preferred options.

If the right negotiations happened and money was no object, what would be your realisticpreference?

1) Do Nothing

2) LS185 - Pay to upgrade the stadium to more football friendly (retractable seats? Never gonna happen?)

3) West Ham buy the ground and renovate (Including the roof)

4) West Ham buy the ground, Knock it down and build it again on the same site

5) West Ham get out of their lease and build somewhere else in East london / Essex - if so Where?

My suspicion is that GSB are angling for #3 as they know that they have Khan and the LS185 crew over a barrell, so will be trying to buy it on the cheap.


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Mike Oxsaw 8:04 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Either way, the benefit to the taxpayers must always take centre stage - the club would be wise to take this on board and deflect any questions about benefit to the club (a private matter) back to potential savings to the public purse.

There will still be some, however, that would rather the country go bankrupt than West Ham not pay "their fair share" on the deal. They'll happily keep pissing the taxpayers' money up the wall until they get their way.

DJH 7:56 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Not sure what I see are the benefits of us owning the stadium and then be liable for the costs in running the and financing the redevelopment against renting even paying more and getting a few more concessions in return.

If we get to own it I can only see two logical reasons for doing it and both benefit the owners not the club, either it increases the value of the club to sell or allow them to sell the club but keep the stadium after rewriting the rental deal.

zico 7:44 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Got to say it's an absolute mess but what else would it be in this country?! I used to go to UP quite a bit but haven't been to the LS once, just don't fancy it at all. Still love the club to bits although it winds me up something chronic like it has for nearly 50 years but will always follow them as a lazy armchair supporter, but can't see myself going to the LS at all.

Crassus 5:47 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
I see it slightly different - I think that the club knew that the deal was untenable in the long term and that in due course, the authorities would be ready to absolve themselves of the liability
Now the difficult part are the politics, but, it is a collective mess, conceived by Labour but initiated by, in part Coe. The deal struck under Boris and Khan now making it a cause celebre during his tenure
I remain convinced that the Birmingham games will free the athletics legacy, with the centre of the country bonus. Somewhere along the line we will take ownership either directly or by way of long term lease, free to do as we see fit. That will be the final part of the board's master plan and after which the club will be sold, at huge profit.
What happens next will be subject to whom ever buys the club, but I am inclined to think that the stadium will be reconfigured/rebuilt upon the same site
Time will tell mate

Mike Oxsaw 4:47 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Crassus 11:50 Fri Sep 7

That's pretty much how I see/saw it. Selling UP revealed the club of the millstone of a massive debt and no asset against which it could borrow more (hence the earlier "payday loans"/advances on season ticket sales/TV money).

As the government has effectively embedded the stadium's "Iconic" status in the countries DNA, it's they that will have to come up with a way out (they're civil servants and already decided on the answer they want, so I don't hold my breath, and any consultants they hire will have their hands tied as to what they can suggest/recommend). The taxpayer picks up the bill after all, not them.

Several "behind closed doors" deals will need to take place (sending social media absolutely How-very-DARE-they! apoplectic in the process).

I don't believe something on the site can be realistically built without tearing it down completely (that will never happen unless it could be completed before an election - local or general is called), and even then, from the outside it would need to be virtually indistinguishable from what is already there.

Pressure will need to be put on Newham to find us a suitable plot (again all clandestine and behind closed doors), and it will need to be effectively held in escrow, by an independent third party until a joint statement releasing both parties from the current deal is announced, immediately after which, the club will reveal their "long-term, long-held plans for a(nother) move; this time to a place of our own.

Keeping it out of the spotlight will probably be the most difficult part of the whole process - especially if there are people involved who still want to "teach West Ham a lesson", for whatever reason, even if they've signed watertight NDAs on the subject before the work starts.

Lato 4:12 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Options 4 or 5.

Only problem how would we pay for it......anyone got a spare 850M-900M?

Hermit Road 3:54 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
What’s becoming clear is that the people running the stadium are absolute incompetents more suited to inventing excuses for why it isn’t commercially viable than lo9king for ways to make it pay for itself. It’s not rocket science to generate more revenue and in the process make it a better place to spend an afternoon.

The walk to, and area immediately surrounding the ground should be packed with places to get a drink, food and merchandise. There is hardly any. Inside the ground, if you’re in the upper tier and fancy a drink you’re facing a mammoth walk so why bother? Go to an American stadium and you are inundated with options for all the above without even moving fro, your seat. They’ve got a captive audience with decent size wallets and they haven’t a clue how to capitalise on it. This is the problem with the public sector running businesses. They’re really shit at it.

goose 3:36 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Yeh where are those two retards that organised the march?
I’m sure the architect will be ready to report back after their jolly in Rome.

overbyyer 1:16 Sat Sep 8
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Have the architects finished their redesign of the stadium seating yet?

Thought not.

Crassus 11:50 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?

I think we agree, sort of, but not sure if you see the end game as I presume it, and as I belive the owners foresaw it

Rental is an interim step to ownership and monetising the club further prior to sale

To optimise that, a degree of shrewd, actually not that shrewd but necessary handbag dancing is required to furnish the politcal aspects of a favourable sale to negate public loss

In simple terms, an ongoing dialogue, behind the doors, ought to have been established to relinquish both sides from a perceived poor deal

We have a shite stadium for fuck all that is costing them a fortune - no benefit from entrenching either side and cunt calling

Wiser minds would be on course to remove the athletics legacy and give us free licence to do as we will with the structure

gph 11:33 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Why do do posters ruin their own threads by mentioning words like "realistic"?

Noah 11:22 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Blown up by fanatical revolutionaries hell-bent on defeating their Russian oppressors?

(Starting with the Boardroom)

The Stoat 11:17 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
hammer205 11:03 Fri Sep 7

Leigh Sports looks great as it is for our free flowing football ;-)


Mike Oxsaw 11:15 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Crassus 10:36 Fri Sep 7

Believing you hold all the cards risks an air of complacency overwhelming the discussions.

Everybody knows we do indeed have a knap hand, but, as you say, it's the West Ham way to bollocks up the unbollocksupable.

We shouldn't actually be making any overtures here, just waiting for what is, effectively, the government, to make all the offers and suggestions; it's not that far removed from a No-deal Brexit in terms of negotiating structure - there's a deal in place, the board are playing the role of the UK government and the UK government are the EU bureaucracy.

The board/club have no real need to put any effort into getting what they were already happy to sign up to. They walk away from the table and they still have what they originally wanted.

hammer205 11:03 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Build a new ground over the players sports ground ( Leigh sports) it's the field adjacent to the north circular in East Ham barking. You pass it on the district line and c2c where the grass has overgrown the. Goal
Or knockdown romford greyhound stadium or Dagenham Redbridge

Crassus 10:36 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Public and adversarial comment is not the way forward for the club at this stage

Be as pointed as the legal position allows privately, but understand that the other side needs a result to give us the bigger future

It really is not that difficult, we hold all the picture cards and can call trumps - only West Ham could fuck this up

Wilko Johnson 10:16 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
West Ham, Essex.

BulphanIron 3:33 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
scott_d 3:29 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Is there loads of spare land around the Olympic Park?


scott_d 3:29 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Is there loads of spare land around the Olympic Park?

Just build a stadium near the current one!

dicksie3 3:22 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
Trevor B 10:55 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?

There's no need to move to Essex, just move to somewhere like Upminster/Romford/Hornchurch, you know, East London ;-)


I'd welcome a move to the LONDON BOROUGH OF HAVERING in EAST LONDON.

If it stops THE DRUIDS and GOGGLEBOXERS from whinging then I'm all for it as they're driving me nuts with their old women-like negativity.

Gavros 3:03 Fri Sep 7
Re: Stadium - Realistic Options?
"as if there's tons of spare land going in East London"

The only possibility i can think of is down Dagenham Dock way.

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