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billywhitehorse 8:25 Fri Mar 16
Heard a rumour today about a buyer from the other side of the world. Wants to buy the stadium too.

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Mike Oxsaw 9:20 Thu Mar 22
Re: Takeover?
A 4x4? Isn't that the same as 2 4X2s?

Same old, then.

LeroysBoots 10:38 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
Kia Joorabchin ?, the new 4x4 by KIA

Johnson 10:21 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
Yes Gold0 did lie about planning permission, he denied it had ever existed first then claimed it wouldn’t be granted again even though we’d been offered the bus station to allow for the east stand to develop.

Given they said in their first press conference they wanted to move us to the OS it’s obvious how much effort the liars put in to seeing UP could be redeveloped.

Gavros 6:41 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
No. they had permission for the expansion then it lapsed and Gold0 said it wouldnt be granted again, IIRC.

Swiss. 6:35 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
I thought the issue of not redeveloping UP and therefore the increase in capacity was with local authority/transport refusing to support the increase in numbers?

JonWHUFC 3:28 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
I just realized, if we have to wait three years then why don't we simply all bring 50p coins to every match but instead of throwing them at Sully put them in a giant jar and by the time of the takeover we will have about £1.7m to spend on huge party to welcome the new owners!!!!!! Yey!

JonWHUFC 3:26 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
Mike, call me cynical but I detect a touch of sarcasm there me old son!

Mike Oxsaw 3:14 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
Jocelyn Bell's LGM signal of 1967 was actually a message of intent "to buy the club" once it had become sufficiently advanced.

There is some academic debate as to what "sufficiently advanced" actually implies, but many believe that Payet's goal in the FA Cup against Manchester United to have been a key trigger.

The time delay in MotD reaching Alpha Centauri and the returned initiation message, coupled with an imprecise point in time of some bloke called "Jesus" mean that the anticipated purchase date is July 2020 plus or minus a century or two.

essexmaniacinexile 2:47 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
El Scorchio: Got it 👍
Still makes little sense though given that the owners wanted the OS from day one so staying never an option.

Gavros 1:20 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
if youre going to make something up, at least try to make it seem sensible.

"oh yeah some korean firm with chinese money told the dildos 7 years ago that they would buy the club but first they had to move to the OS and wait ten years....then they'd buy the club and partially buy the stadium and then do it up and buy more bit by bit"

Eggbert Nobacon 1:17 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
probably because they are all made up!

Gavros 1:10 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
None of this makes any sense.

Eggbert Nobacon 12:45 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
The one I read was that someone who I won't name in case it gets deleted again (think 3rd party or Korean cars) , with Chinese backing

had paid for a survey to be done on converting the ground, and that the plan was they would buy in in part now then slowly increase holding

completely likely to be bullshit of course

Don Ravioli 12:37 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
Like I said I have absolutely no idea.
Just passing on what I was told.
Hopefully it’s true if not then we’ve all got to look forward to a few more years of these cunts.

arsegrapes 12:23 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
1 X Chicken Tikka
1 X Plain Rice
1 X Bombay Aloo
1 X Peshwari naan

Gavros 12:22 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?

How can you make the decision to move stadiums based on a promise that if you do someone will buy the club 10 years down the line?

Northern Sold 12:18 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
How can a deal be done but can't be finalised until 3 years later.... ?? All sorts can happen in that time...

Don Ravioli 12:13 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
El scorchio

El Scorchio 11:22 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
Essex- I think he meant that we did have the option of redeveloping UP, but the buyer they allegedly want to sell to only wanted the club if we moved to Stratford instead. So therefore they chose to move instead of stay.

Gavros 11:15 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
Sounds totally legit that, Don...



goose 11:13 Wed Mar 21
Re: Takeover?
3 years!!?? fucking hell.

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