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VirginiaHam 8:51 Sun Mar 18
FA Cup draw
What a fucking bimbo; she's just set blondes back decades.

Tottingham v Southampton......seconds after confirming correctly i was Chelski v Sarfampton.

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The Joker 3:13 Mon Mar 19
Re: FA Cup draw
Dr Moose 1:51 Mon Mar 19

Don't know if you've been keeping up mate, but we have precisely fuck all say in what the stadium is used for.

isolated hammer 3:10 Mon Mar 19
Re: FA Cup draw
Am i right in saying that if the other three teams stay as they are in the PL then Southampton qualify for the Europa League next season as the FA Cup representatives?

Swiss. 3:05 Mon Mar 19
Re: FA Cup draw
Rather have man U than Chelsea or Spurs any day. Anyone who says different ain't West Ham in my book.

Of course best option is Southampton.

Dr Moose 1:51 Mon Mar 19
Re: FA Cup draw
Man U fans are quite rightly questioning having the semi at Wembley. Perhaps we can offer the hotpoint as a viable alternative?

Mad Dog 2:37 Mon Mar 19
Re: FA Cup draw
Rather that cunt mourinho than those sp*rs wankstains.

RBshorty 12:56 Mon Mar 19
Re: FA Cup draw
Any advantage to shut that smug cunt Mourinho is ok with me. It’s a sorry state of affairs when you start wanting Mark Hughes to win the FA Cup. But unfortunately that’s were we find ourselves.!

Mad Dog 11:30 Sun Mar 18
Re: FA Cup draw
This was my big problem with the cunts playing at Wembley this season. I said months back it would give them a massively unfair advantage if they got to the Wembley stage of any competition.

Pedro 10:00 Sun Mar 18
Re: FA Cup draw
My word thank god she only had two ties to sort.

I was really confused as to what the correct draw was in the end and if she had got the numbers muddled.

Started badly as the text at the bottom said Wigan were number 4 instead of Southampton!

only1billybonds 9:36 Sun Mar 18
Re: FA Cup draw
She used to be Danny Bakers side kick on the radio til she jacked it in and did the channel 5 championship gig with Colin Murray.

slinger 9:31 Sun Mar 18
Re: FA Cup draw
yids should not be allowed to play a semi final at home its never been allowed in the past

charleyfarley 8:53 Sun Mar 18
Re: FA Cup draw
yes saw that, lucky beeb were pushed for time and had to get to news, no worries social media will be all over it

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