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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Gavros 1:02 Fri Mar 23
Siege in France
Gunman holding hostages, claiming allegiance to ISIS.

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Willtell 8:31 Mon Mar 26
Re: Siege in France
If God is on the side of Islam why are they such fucking great losers throughout history?

arsene york-hunt 4:46 Mon Mar 26
Re: Siege in France
Sir Alf 4:23 Sun Mar 25

Are you saying there is no God?

Ah fuck, I was hoping to go to heaven, BOLLOCKS!

jfk 12:30 Mon Mar 26
Re: Siege in France
Sir Alf 4:23 Sun Mar 25

Sir Alf 4:23 Sun Mar 25
Re: Siege in France
The fact that these "one god" religious types ( billions of them) have not noticed that gods are different depending on geography is all you need to know about the credibility of religions. Its utter nonsense. Human beings made it all up. Our ancestors who worshipped the sun had more sense. :-) They could at least see the sun ( always a useful pointer to whether something exists or not? ) and realised the sun brought life.

Unfortunately, the human mind is a sponge for the first 10 or so years of life and is perfect for indoctrination. Shame anthropology was removed from the syllabus in this country. It should be mandatory everywhere and explains how religions are a human / cultural construct used for power, control and making money ( well the organised ones certainly are ).

Sadly Islam is the furthest behind in its evolution (500 years behind the secular societies) in terms of values, rituals, superstitions etc. and is all about ensuring continued male dominance. Air travel and later the internet and modern media, comes along and the world shrinks. Migration increases as people see that its better elsewhere. Cultures 500 years apart then struggle to integrate. What a surprise ? :-(

In this country successive govts have not thought about the issues surrounding cultural integration and the fact you cannot achieve it overnight. Blair and Mandelson especially take a bow here with their political engineering exercise aimed at changing the voting demographic. They did not envision or simply did not care about the social "friction" it would create.

These "incidents" are the new normal and will not be going away for many a life time until human evolution reaches the point where most the world's population understand there are no such thing as gods and divine beings. Human species will probably be extinct well before then though.

David L 2:15 Sun Mar 25
Re: Siege in France
No apologies for any perceived 'offence' needed SoH.

Why should anyone feel,the need to care if someone is offended by a point of view? Pat Condell doesn't give a fuck and neither do I.

Willtell 11:03 Sun Mar 25
Re: Siege in France
OK but what is the point of false hope?

Surely it is better to face the fact that we are not 'controlled' or living courtesy of a supreme being?

I'll bet that every terrorist act today is the result of one set of people believing they have 'God on their side'

Dicko75 10:32 Sun Mar 25
Re: Siege in France
Never understood religion but not sure it’s an entirely bad thing. Pretty sure it gives solace and hope to millions. Extremism is the evil...of whatever kind

Willtell 10:26 Sun Mar 25
Re: Siege in France
We have had our differences from time to time SofH but I'm fully behind you on this one.

There has never been a single piece of evidence that the god of religion exists and overwhelming evidence to the contrary point that he does not exist.

Only in the tiny minds of the uneducated, simple minded and desperate losers does religion have any relevance.

I really hope we soon arrive at a time when the poisoning of young minds by schools with the blatant lies of religion is outlawed.

Mike Oxsaw 7:04 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
*Stands full square beside Side of Ham*

Side of Ham 6:59 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
It’s getting to the point where anyone in this day and age who is led by religion or needs it as it’s moral compass for doing things has to have a slight deviance from the norm.Anyone i meet who has religion down as a big part of their life gets a swerve from me.

Apologies if that offends anyone.

arsene york-hunt 6:51 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
What a vast chasm in the quality of human beings between the brave officer and the piece of shit who shot him.

brick_lane_batty_boy 10:41 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
What a hero that gendarmarie is.

Takes a special person with incredible bravery to do what he did.


DagenhamDave 10:23 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
I wonder what a rational person might say...

B.ferguson1980 10:20 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
My Missus old man lives in Trebes,spoke to him yesterday and the small town is lock down . i have been in that supermarket many times.

Ronald_antly 10:10 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
SilverSurfer 2:46 Sat Mar 24

"An Islamic State fanatic who was well known to the French security services ......"

These 'fanatics' are ALWAYS known to security services.
A cynic might suggest that they are merely disposable assets of the security services.

Sven Roeder 8:11 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
Hard to comprehend the bravery and sacrifice needed to put yourself in that situation with some terrorist cunt.
Reading that he put his mobile on the table with an open line so that the police outside could hear what was happening & storm in when they heard gunshots

wurzel 7:23 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
The Police officer who swapped places with a hostage, has died from gunshot wound.

Religion of Piss

SilverSurfer 2:46 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
An Islamic State fanatic who was well known to the French security services murdered three people today before being gunned down himself by special forces police.
The 25-year-old Moroccan screamed his support for the terrorist group as he carried out the killings around the South West town of Carcassonne, while also seriously wounding two others.
He also shouted: Youre bombing Syria, youre going to die and said he wanted the notorious Isis terrorist Salah Abdeslam freed from prison.
The gunman was named as Redouane Ladim by Interior Minister Gerard Collomb.
It was soon after 11am that officers from the CRS the Republican Security Companies who specialise in riot control came under fire from the man.
There are reports of one person dead and up to eight hostages being taken (Reuters)
He shouted Allahu Akbar Arabic for God is the Greatest and Vengeance for Syria! as he fired, said an investigating source.
The source added: He fired at least five bullets, and caught one officer on the shoulder, shattering it. The other officers tried to give chase.
The terrorist then hijacked an Opel car, wounding the driver and killing a passenger, before speeding away from Carcassonne into Trebes, a neighbouring town.
Fifteen minutes later, the gunman pulled up in the car park of the U-Supermarket in Trebes.
Police officers secure evidence during the police operation near Trebes (EPA)
He ran inside and immediately killed a butcher inside, as well as a shopper said the same source.
The gunman was heard shouting slogans about the war in Syria. He said he was a soldier of Islamic State.
Around 20 hostages were released from the shop shortly after 12.30pm, but the gunman remained inside and began to brandish grenades.
The police then brought the hostage taker's mother, who lives in Carcassonne, to the store to persuade him to surrender.
French gendarmes block an access to Trebes (AFP)
Shes gone to talk to him to try and get him to drop his weapons, and give up, said a source at the scene. His sister was there too.
The killer was finally fatally shot by police special forces shortly after 2pm. Interior Minister Collomb said he was killed inside the Super U store.
Ministry services confirmed Ladim, from Morocco, was in intelligence files and was known for his extremist views.
But he had only been arrested in the past for minor delinquent acts, so could not be locked up.
It also emerged that a French military officer had taken the place of a supermarket hostage, entering the danger zone as the drama unfolded.
The 45-year old lieutenant-colonel swapped himself in exchange of one of the hostages, enabling him to negotiate with the terrorist. It is not known whether it was the soldier who killed the gunman.
Another witness, described by her first name of Carole, said she was shopping at the supermarket, and ran to hide in a freezer.
A man shouted and fired several times, she said. I saw a cold room door, I asked people to come and take shelter.
There were ten of us, and we stayed an hour. There were more gunshots and we went out the back door.
French counterterrorism police at the scene of the hostage standoff (AP)
It was through police negotiators that the man demanded the release of Abdeslam, 28, who is on trial for attempted murder and possession of weapons over the 2015 Paris attacks in which 130 died.
France has been hit by a string of jihadist attacks since 2015, starting in January that year with the assault on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were gunned down.
Four Jewish shoppers were killed during an attack on a kosher supermarket carried out by an Islamic State terrorist in Paris two days later.
In response to such bloodbaths, a State of Emergency was initially declared by the French government, but it has since been lifted.
Despite this, France remains on a high state of alert, with armed soldiers patrolling the street along with police.
Trebes is in an area hugely popular with British second home owners, expats, and holidaymakers.
The French Airforce has been involved in attacks on Isiss so-called Caliphate in Syria.

HairyHammer 1:24 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
A very brave Policeman took the place of some hostages in that attack and is now fighting for his life after being shot by the terrorist , I hope he makes it as this world needs men like that living not dead, whatever happens he is a hero in my book.

Willtell 1:13 Sat Mar 24
Re: Siege in France
I notice that the French don't ever have to worry about the cost of trials or imprisoning the idiots....

Ridikzappa 4:41 Fri Mar 23
Re: Siege in France
Charleston remains top billing, Darby

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