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Leonard Hatred 6:34 Sat Mar 24
The Stranglers
I am in BRIXTON attending The Stranglers' gig at the Academy this evening.

The Stranglers are GOOD.


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normannomates 2:02 Wed Mar 28
Re: The Stranglers
Jet on drums and Greenfield s genius on the keyboard were the bands excellence.
Hugh couldnt sing a note..but suited the punk style.

Burnell was just a cool fucker..so gets a pass.

Great band back in the day..end of

Willtell 12:57 Tue Mar 27
Re: The Stranglers
La Folie...

Swiss. 12:48 Tue Mar 27
Re: The Stranglers
Cabaret Voltaire?
The Au Pairs?

Willtell 12:40 Tue Mar 27
Re: The Stranglers
Goodness only knows how they are doing today. They made lots of very good records and I still have a Best Of on my iPad. I get bored if I try to listen to the whole album but some of their tracks were truly excellent.

Loafer 12:29 Tue Mar 27
Re: The Stranglers
I saw them loads of times, some of the best were at the Red Cow, Hope & Anchor and the Nashville Rooms but also saw them in '76 at the Roundhouse and next night at Dingwalls with Flamin' Groovies and the Ramones. In late '77 i saw them at the Roundhouse with support from Handsome Dick Manitoba & the Dictators then at the Southend Kursaal. By then they were a bit shit and appealed more to old hippies. I remember The Vibrators and another night The Jam blowing them off stage at, i think, Hornsey college or Brunel or LSE?

gridbasher 12:21 Tue Mar 27
Re: The Stranglers
you got whomail frank

Razzle 12:32 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
watched them several years ago with Hugh, decidedly average...

Likewise I went to see Dinosaur Jr on Thursday - they were boring and left me with tinnitus for 3 days..

w4hammer 11:43 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
saw them at The Roundhouse in 1976 when they did 4 or 5 nights in a row- fucking immense- the support band was a fucking awful merican band called the dictators with a ,lead singer looking life jeff Lynne- his fuzzy hair was covered in spit then he got a bottle across his nose! Crazy days

Saw them in shepherds bush five years ago- the sound is ok but they are a long way away from what they were IMHO

JAC 11:23 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
Saw them in Brixton last year...support band The Ruts.

Stranglers very average without Hugh up front.

SecondOpinion 11:15 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
Two of the band members live in my village.

That's all I am saying

normannomates 2:54 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
Saw em in 78..in Hyde Park. .along with Kate Bush ..my older cousin got me into Hugh and the boys.
Jet Black and their ice cream van tours...top lads all.

Glad their still going in some form..is jet the main man now?

normannomates 2:49 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
'Hanging around'.. the best track on a truly great album..

normannomates 2:43 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
Rattus Norvegious

Fucking immense

normannomates 2:37 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
Grew up on the Stranglers..superb.

White Pony 1:03 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
Are we just listing random shit?

Nu Schooz
Owen Paul
Scarlet Fantastic
Sigue Sigue Sputnik
It Bites
Cutting Crew

Attwood 12:19 Mon Mar 26
Re: The Stranglers
Saw these in about 76/77 at The Malvern Winter Gardens.
Dave Greenfield having a pint at the bar before the gig signed my ticket for me,
So tightly packed in that the ticket disintegrated to mush in my pocket soaked in my sweat and that of the person literally lying over my back.
Superb band. Enjoy them!

frank marker 9:30 Sun Mar 25
Re: The Stranglers
Wanna buy some drumsticks? ;-)

gridbasher 8:05 Sun Mar 25
Re: The Stranglers
Seen them many times over the years, always preferred the Hugh line up but Baz does a decent job, and yes Frank I have made a racket sat at the back of a few bands if you call it drumming, oh and played Swords of a Thousand Men with Eddie Tenpole once too

Far Cough 7:30 Sun Mar 25
Re: The Stranglers
13 Brentford Rd 12:12 Sun Mar 25
Re: The Stranglers
In no particular order......

The Cure
Joy Division
The Stranglers
Tears for Fears
Simple Minds
Stone Roses
Fleetwood Mac
Neil Young
Pink Floyd
Ian Duty & The Blockheads
Denis Brown
Bob Marley
Toots & The Maytals

I like most of those, I would add :

Patty Smyth and Scandal
Peter Gabriel
Peter Frampton
Psychedelic Furs

Swiss. 6:58 Sun Mar 25
Re: The Stranglers
yes Golden Brown is in my top 50 tracks

Ridikzappa 12:23 Sun Mar 25
Re: The Stranglers
Superb taste Brentford xxxxx

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