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Queens Fish Bar 9:15 Wed Mar 28
Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
How can they defend their record?


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Mike Oxsaw 2:04 Wed Jun 6
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
If people spent more time worrying about their own lives than what other people were thinking about them, I suspect a lot of these problems would, indeed, "magically drop away".

If people think I'm a cunt, that's their problem and for them, not me to address. If the whole rest of the world thinks I'm a cunt, it's still THEIR problem to resolve, not mine, and I'll thank them for not trying to make it my problem.

If I am a cunt, then, indeed, it is for me to address; until then try and contribute something positive to the debate.

Queens Fish Bar 1:49 Wed Jun 6
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
Conservatives hoping Islamophobia issue 'will magically go away', warns senior party activist


The chairman of the Conservative Party’s own Muslim forum has accused the Tories of failing to root out Islamophobia because they are scared of damaging their own political power.

Mohammed Amin said the party does not want to “rock the boat” with a contentious racism probe at a time when it lacks a Commons majority, and instead is hoping the issue “will magically go away”.

Speaking exclusively to The Independent, the chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum (CMF), itself comprising party members and set up to encourage Islamic people to stand for office under the Tory banner, claimed repeated warnings about the problem had been ignored.

It comes as further evidence of Islamophobia came to light, including:

Five BME Tory members being seated on a single table at the back of a room at a Conservative association dinner
One Muslim member telling how a councillor had told him he was “not welcome” in the party
The same member later being told during a candidate’s interview that “naturally in your core belief women are not allowed to work”
The CMF has now echoed calls made by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and 11 other Muslim councils across the UK – representing more than 500 mosques, organisations and schools – for an inquiry into the issue.

But Mr Amin said the CMF had received “several approaches” about Islamophobia to party leaders, and that despite raising the issue repeatedly they had not received “a satisfactory set of outcomes”.

“The Conservative Party seems to be taking the approach that if it keeps quiet and does nothing the issue of anti-Muslim sentiment by some members of the party will somehow magically go away,” he told The Independent.

“Right now the Conservative Party does not want to create political problems or rock the boat.

“It is challenging when you have no majority at all as you don’t want to alienate individual MPs, but the consequence has been that the party has failed to take sufficiently strong action.”

In one example, Mr Amin said that when Bob Blackman MP hosted an event in parliament in which controversial Hindu nationalist Tapan Ghosh – who praised the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in Myanmar – spoke, the CMF wrote to his office to voice their concern.

He said the CMF was ignored by both the party and Mr Blackman, and after repeated failed attempts for dialogue over a five-month period, they were forced to publicly criticise the decision to host the event.

Theresa May urged to launch inquiry into Conservative Islamophobia
Mr Blackman denied that he invited Mr Ghosh and said he was brought in to speak at the event he was hosting “without his knowledge”.

He did however acknowledge being contacted by the CMF.

Mr Blackman told The Independent: “I have found an email from the Conservative Muslim Forum to which I thought my office had replied.

“If they would still like to meet, I ask they telephone my office to make an appointment.”

It is not the first time the party has faced claims of Islamophobia – Zac Goldsmith’s London mayoral campaign in 2016 was heavily criticised for the rhetoric used.

In response to recent accusations, home secretary Sajid Javid argued that the party had no particular problem and cited his position in the cabinet as proof.

“For a start, let’s just look at who the home secretary is in this country. My name is Sajid Javid, I’m the home secretary,” he said.

In an attempt to bat away the issue, Mr Javid also attacked the MCB, which was the first group to write to the party calling for an inquiry, claiming they had associations with extremism and did not represent British Muslims.

But Mr Amin said the same argument could not possibly be used against the Conservative Muslim Forum.

He went on: “The CMF has members who are as integrated as you can get. We are lawyers, accountants, bankers and doctors.

“We cannot be disparaged as closet extremists – if we are concerned then it is a serious problem.”

In recent days a number of current and former Tory members have also contacted The Independent about their personal experiences of Islamophobia and racism in the party.

A current activist in London, who has been a member for four years, said he has experienced discrimination throughout that time.

In one example who said that a dinner hosted by his local Conservative association, five BME attendees were placed on one table at the far end of the room.

A former Tory activist from Ealing said he experienced harassment because of his faith which ultimately led him to leave the party.

When he applied to be a councillor he was asked to attend a selection interview and, upon hearing that he had volunteered at a Muslim-led community organisation, one of the interviewers asked “if there was something he was not telling them”.

Another interviewer quizzed the activist on his position on women participating in politics and being members of the workforce.

“Naturally in your core belief women are not allowed to work – what is your opinion on that?” the activist said he was asked.

He said he could not believe the line of questioning and after the interview no longer had a desire to represent the party.

In another shocking anecdote, he said a councillor regularly “swore at him” and told him he was “not welcome” in the Conservatives.

“I just remember feeling terrible when I walked out of there. It just was not a pleasant experience,” the activist told The Independent.

“I’ve been bullied and harassed and I am mentally tired from this.”

There have also been a number of incidents of Islamophobic and racist content posted on social media by councillors and party members, with 12 reports in the past two months.

Stephen Ardley, a councillor on the Waveney District Council, was suspended after The Independent revealed he allegedly said it was “unbelievable” that a Muslim had been elected mayor of London and went on to describe those who voted for him as “blind”.

“I think it’s unbelievable that a Muslim was actually elected the mayor of this great Christian country – oh wait, he’s Labour so the blind just vote red and left,” he apparently posted on Facebook.

Councillor Ian Hibberd from Southampton was also suspended after he commented on a picture posted on social media uploaded by fellow Tory councillor Harmeet Singh Brar asking: “Why are you dressed like a p***?”

Mr Brar, who is not Muslim, has now left the Conservative Party altogether saying it was due to “two years of bullying, harassment and racism”.

He said the party’s decision to “investigate” the matter was a “get out”.

“I felt when I spoke out about racism I was isolated and casted out. That was the major reason why I left” he told The Independent.

In response to calls for an inquiry, a Conservative Party spokesperson said: “We have introduced a new code of conduct covering all forms of discrimination and we take all allegations seriously.

“The party has acted quickly when presented with evidence of inappropriate behaviour, suspending those involved and launching immediate investigations.”

Darlo Debs 12:53 Wed Jun 6
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
Comma any school that seeks to indoctrinate kids into.religious belief makes me very uncomfortable.

Darlo Debs 12:52 Wed Jun 6
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
Willtell i cannot agree with you more on that.

BRANDED 11:50 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
I think people being cunty to others is pretty normal. Being cunty to minorities to put them down or oppress them is another thing. Sure, some times they deserve it but usially its just the dedire if the majority to oppress.

Hammer and Pickle 11:47 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
Seems COCK's misses has taken him to IKEA again

, 11:42 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
Are you feeling OK?

You seem to be verging on becoming one of this Board's fruitloops.

riosleftsock 11:38 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
The obsession with isms in general is a political construct. It aims to divide and keep people in labelled groups where they can be punished or rewarded for their behaviour.

Ultimately they will be controlled into behaving the way they should.

If this is paradise, I wish I had a lawnmower.

, 11:37 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
So C of E schools, Catholic schools etc are to be banned?

Willtell 11:27 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
Why would anyone have a problem with that Debs? By 2nd generation they are real Brits born in UK.

Unfortunately some groups maintain their identity by going to schools specifically for their race or religion and perpetuate the differences.

I do not see how any multi-cultural nation can allow and even contribute to sectarian schooling. It needs banning completely and should certainly have its charitable status removed imo.

Darlo Debs 11:39 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
*please excuse crap typjng

Darlo Debs 11:38 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
A second generatiin immigrant has also been FA Chairman.

I am.assjming ylu have no priblem.with 2nd generation immigrants becoming successful or holding prominent positions?

Hammer and Pickle 11:37 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?

Good one.

The Kronic 11:29 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
I've been an anti-Semite for a couple of weeks now and have had a marvellous time since my conversion.
I've no idea why we get such a bad press.

icwhs 11:21 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
It’s still not against the law to be racist..

Bo people getting on high imaginary horses on here can fuck..

Even if it was, and it’s only a matter of time in this stupid country, with all the hate speach gay laws... do people actually think racism will go away ?

The majority of the world is racist in one way or another.

Willtell 11:14 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
In your case Pickled - Vodka is the answer

Hammer and Pickle 11:13 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
What difference does it make? The projections of the frustrated and insecure have many different names.

Prometheus50 11:07 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?

The establishment has a problem distinguishing between racism and a group of people who follow a multi faceted and deeply divided religion it is trying to repackage as a persecuted race even though Sunnis hate Shi'as and vice versa (which apparently is not islamophobia)

Willtell 11:00 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
Mr Tumble
"After all they are just a reflection of the society we live in which is both discriminatory and racist."

Human beings are inherently racist imo. It was a contributing reason why we survived through pre-history to this point. A different tribe in the wilds presented strong danger signals that only soon to be dead fools ignored.

The world has moved on too fast for the instincts of mankind and Afro/Caribbeans are just as racist towards Asians and even Asians are racist to other Asians but white man is now the least racist of all imo.

Where else in the world do second generation immigrants get to be Mayors, Lords and MPs as well as prominent business people. Ethnic minorities need to get real and stop automatically reaching for the race card like Enni Aluko, Yaya Toure and Diane Abbott do. It will only rebound on them...

Queens Fish Bar 12:19 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
ice cream seller 8:19 Mon Jun 4

did you mean MOOBs? It has been hot of late.

Nurse Ratched 12:11 Tue Jun 5
Re: Does the Tory party have a problem with racism?
The Tory party certainly has a problem with conservatism.

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