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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Coffee 2:20 Sat Mar 31
Saturday football
There are some other games on in the Premier League today.

Palace’s mid-season upturn has taken a recent downturn. Who better for them to face in the early kick-off than Liverpool, for whom a win would see them climb to second, briefly. Come on, you Scousers. Away win.

They may be in 12th spot, but they only have four more points than us. Their opponents today are chasing Burnley for 7th spot and we must hope said position is sufficiently alluring for them to put in a performance today. Hard to see beyond a point a piece, though. Draw.

Swansea’s battle against the forces of gravity has been nothing short of spectacular, but they remain very much in the Premier League’s brown zone. The two Portuguese managers will be keen to show what they can do and a point would be worth its weight in gold for Mr Carvalhal. But put away soppy stories of David and Goliath for a moment, we need Jose to do a job for us today. An emphatic job for which we’ll be beholden to him for at least a couple of days. Home win.

A definite six-pointer here. What’s the best outcome for us – home win? A point a piece? The Terriers haven’t always shown what they can do when they’re out of Yorkshire. The Toon Army knows how to raise their team. Will they do it and can their representative 11 barcodes return the favour? Too right they can. Home win.

With both teams on 36 points, this one looks like an irrelevance amidst games of considerably greater import. So let’s not mess around. Draw.

With immense respect to both teams, this is another irrelevance. Away win.

It’s all about confidence. The first goal will be critical – and there can surely be no scope for a goalless outcome between two teams so miserably bereft of defensive ability. The Saints have the advantage, if that’s what it is, of new manager honeymoon syndrome. They have the disadvantage of genuinely crap league form. We have the advantage of some genuinely decent players, and the disadvantage of being shit scared of every opponent. The bottom line today is the team that shows it has the greater balls will win and will put themselves into an excellent position to avoid the drop. Relegation is not inevitable for the losers, but they’ll need lessons from Houdini to avoid it. A draw will only serve to increase sales of Imodium in parts of London and Hampshire. Home win.

Everton are safe, so the dashing of what little hope does exist for them today will be felt only by die-hard Toffee fans. They can look forward to an hour and half’s exercise in manoeuvring a large vehicle into an empty space as the league leaders march on towards the title. Mind the hub caps. Away win.

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Slim Shady 9:55 Mon Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
Jimbo, 7 out of 8. Brighton lost

jimbo2. 1:02 Mon Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
Great results for us this weekend!

gph 12:26 Mon Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
Tottenham have softened Chelsea up for us...

But they got away with two challenges worthy of red cards, without ANY card, the filthy bastards

jimbo2. 12:56 Sun Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Great predictions Coffee, 8 from 8 correct results!

ray winstone 8:28 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
Fat Sam spending the second half thinking of who to blame for the capitulation.

Leatherhead Hammer 8:20 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
I see those saucy cunts, Man City, are trying to upstage us by being 3-0 up at half time.

Hopefully Big Sam will have something up his sleeve, for the 2nd half, that ensures ours is the best result this weekend.

gph 8:02 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
The pinniped will be missing its fish supper.

His team won't get away without a good verbal flippering on MotD

Alan 7:53 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
City are taking Everton apart at Goodison.
3-0 after 40 minutes, and it's looking like this could be a cricket score.

zico 6:37 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
Good results elsewhere for us today.

nychammer 3:52 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
Liverpool 2-1 up.

fraser 3:10 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
Liverpool should have had a pen eve though Mane exaggerated it.

As for that cunt Cabaye, he seems to spend every game brandishing imaginary cards, the French cunt.

Sven Roeder 2:23 Sat Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
An actual genuine pen for Zaha
Palace 1 Scouse 0

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