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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

HairyHammer 10:58 Sat Mar 31
Moyes is 'Hot' again
I honestly believe that had our players converted their chances against Burnley in the first half right now many of us would have been singing the praises of Moyes and pleading with our terrible chairmen to give him a shiny new contract.
I am not convinced with him because for me West ham should go all out attack at home against the smaller teams instead of inviting teams to come on to us which is the way we play mostly.
So do you feel slightly tingly and warm inside for Moysie?

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Russ of the BML 12:33 Wed Apr 4
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again

More like moderate.

Eggbert Nobacon 11:13 Wed Apr 4
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Texas Iron 8:56 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Benitez for one example...

he's outperformed Benitez since coming in

We were 6 points behind Newcastle when he was appointed

We're now 2 points behind them

do we really want to replace one fairly negative manager with another?

Lertie Button 9:29 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Hardly hot let's save the eulogies till we're safe, just hope we can limp over the line

Eerie Descent 9:23 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
East Stand Pat 8:33 Tue Apr 3

He had a full pre season with Sunderland last season. The season they were the worst team in the league by a mile.

claret on my shirt 9:02 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
BRANDED 8:51 Tue Apr 3

How do you work that out?

Texas Iron 8:56 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Better than Bilic this season...
Not as good as many others we should be chasing...
Benitez for one example...

BRANDED 8:51 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
He's proven he's capable of upper mid table success. Something we get every few seasons.

jack flash 8:39 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again

If 50,000+ fans & a large dose of common sense failed to get the owners to spend more than they collected in the January window it's unlikely that one of their employees, on a very short contract, would have much success,either

East Stand Pat 8:33 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
I think given a full pre season and the signing he want I think he could be a real success next season. The way he got a tune out of Marco is amazing. I think he has the Right balance between the players friend (someone who will back them in the press) and there boss (who behind closed doors give them a bollocking). I like Slav but don’t really think he had the right balance.

, 7:38 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Not hot or even Luke warm. One of his failures is that he failed to get the owners to spend more than they collected from sales in the January window.

Swiss. 6:38 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
getting the early goal makes a big difference. Luckily Southampton were utter garbage and should go down.

Burnley aren't. If by fluke Southampton had scored first I'm not too sure it would have gone tits up.

I don't think Moyes has changed much other than the players have responded.

Brucies_Star_Prize 6:33 Tue Apr 3
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Moyes was lucky the wrath at Burnley was directed toward the board because his part in that debacle should not be overlooked.

Playing one up top so isolated was extremely negative against a Burnley side who came for a draw then saw the game was there for the taking. That Dyche brought Chris Wood on and went two up top whilst Moyes sat their twiddling his thumbs was unforgivable.

Overall he hasn't done a terrible job, but he's the embodiment of the mediocrity and lack of ambition shown by the club. He should go in the summer but I suspect he will be given a new deal.

Kaiser Zoso 10:34 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
What tactics?

The Kronic 10:10 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Are you seriously saying Slav's tactics were as negative as Moyes?

Hermit Road 10:07 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Keeping us up is no big achievement in my view. He is a terrible manager playing terrible, negative football. If we stay up it is because the teams below us were absolutely woeful, marginally more so than we have been.

jack flash 9:55 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Firstly, he wasn't my choice to replace Bilic

He came in when the club was in total disarray from top to bottom (& it still is) on a short term contract & it seems he had very little to spend in our disasterous transfer window (& it's still unclear as to who's buying/lending/choosing the players, him or Sullivan)

The players fitness is visibly better than under Bilic but his tactics seem to be just as negative (Possibly down to the players he inherited)

If he does manage to keep us up, it will be no mean achievement, & I think he will deserve a new contract to show what he can do

One thing we will need is a bit of stability if there is to be a director of football appointed to oversee all transfers & a large influx of new players (Believe it if I see it!) & a lot of outgoings

I don't see Moyes as being a long term solution, but he'll do until the right man becomes available

cartis 9:10 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Any manager in the world wouldn't be able to realise the full potential of this club while these three cunts are here quite simply they are just no interested in proper investment in the squad.

Januarys window was absolutley unforgivable not another board would gamble like that , absolute wankers.

I just want them gone ASAP, yesterday was wonderful,fantastic to see, so many happy people and the team play like that but not for one second does the hate for them three ever subside.

terry-h 8:02 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
We will suffer two or three bad defeats, a couple of possible wins,and one or two dodgy draws.
Then we will review a pretty lousy season and come to the following conclusion -


Keep dreaming 7:20 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
A ridiculous January transfer window he was a major part of.


master 6:19 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
Despite some concerns about what we've seen in the last few months, hopefully a proper transfer window and his own squad of players, he could be a good manager for us. To judge him on a crap unbalanced squad full of players he can't trust and a ridiculous January xfer window that shouldn't exist is a bit nuts.

Keep dreaming 5:18 Sun Apr 1
Re: Moyes is 'Hot' again
His contract ends in two months.
Who did he manage to bring to the club in January?
How many goals have we conceded under him?
How many wins has he so far?

And people still want to see him here next year? Jesus wept.

He is past it, let him retire or end his career elsewhere please.

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