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Eerie Descent 1:49 Mon Apr 2
Nick Pope
We need to go all out in the summer to sign this lad.

No, we are not being linked with him. Yes, I started this out of boredom. But I know our DOF Jack Sullivan reads this board, and he'll listen to me.

Why would he join us from Burnley? MONEY.

£15mil bid in the summer will do it, we get a solid, young, excellent English goalkeeper for the next decade, they get Heaton back in goal, Pope comes to the beautiful south

Thanks for reading. Happy Easter.

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Sven Roeder 11:10 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
I’d not heard of Etheridge before this season.
Seems he was born in Enfield but is the Philippines national team keeper
Am guessing he is the one and only Philippines international to play Premier league football

tnb 11:02 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Have to say, Neil Etheridge is looking half decent tonight. Cant say I've followed his career particularly closely but if he fancies remaining in the Premier League as a number 2 (he's 29 it turns out) when Cardiff are seemingly inevitably relegated then there could be worse choices.

tnb 10:05 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
We need a Schwarzer at Chelsea, now Rob Green, or Richard Wright with us and Man City back in the day type. Someone happy to sit on the bench and maybe play in the cups, plus potentially taking a lead in training and passing on valuable experience. That would allow Trott the season or two more he needs to develop ideally with some good guidance. He can get some exposure by being on the bench for cup games, but that's about his limit right now.

geoffpikey 7:59 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
I thought this was more Catholic child abuse.

dm 7:55 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
I thought this was going to be about the journalist

Sven Roeder 6:43 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Two alternatives
One of the many 30 something keepers around who are happy to be a PL number two
Or someone from the Championship etc who is 21 or so and happy to learn his trade and then challenge the 34yo Fab

Pope will want to be a first choice at a PL club
Plus with that name you’d have to keep him away from the young players

arsene york-hunt 6:27 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
No Popery!

GingerHammer 4:37 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Why do we need Pope, we already have the best keeper in the league, with Trott just for cup games. Trott may turn out not to be quite good enough, but what are the chances of Fabianski getting a season long injury? Ohhh!

Sign Pope.

terry-h 3:46 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Anyone suggesting promoting Nathan Trott soon hasn't seen his horrendous fuck ups this season. He has poor judgement with crosses and free kicks I'm afraid and lacks command of his six yard box. He is likely to go out on loan to a Championship club next season to toughen him up, but I have serious doubts about him as regards Premier League potential.
If he does get a chance in the first team any time soon, I predict heart attacks among the fans might become prevalent.

Takashi Miike 3:13 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
before sales, that will probably be our full summer transfer budget. I say bad idea

Mr Kenzo 2:57 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Save the money and use it elsewhere in the squad, promote Nathan Trott

Nicey 2:47 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
I wrote that a year ago. Pretty funny I reckon. Then I had a sabbatical.

Alex V 2:25 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Not £12m no. I'd go £6m though.

Not sure if I ever said any of that, probably not. It's a fact that keepers go for the lowest prices of any position - I've certainly thought that. I also think it's the easiest position to find ooc players generally, so I've probably said that.

Lee Trundle 2:21 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
I remember a time when you believe the position of goalkeeper was totally overrated, and you reckoned we could do with a load of freebies who would do a capable job, V.

Now you think we should be dropping £12m for our reserve keeper.

gank 2:09 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Northern Sold 1:57 Wed Apr 3

ag ag ag ag

Alex V 2:08 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
How long does Fabianski have left at 34? Could be a couple of years or more, or he could be starting to falter already. I think we need a reserve who is ready to step up.

dealcanvey 2:04 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Would be a good signing but will he be happy playing second fiddle to Fabianski for the next few seasons?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:00 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Off that salary thing - it seems they doubled his salary and then upped it to £30k since I last checked.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:59 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
This time last year Pope was England's no.3, now, through no fault of his own, he is Burnley's no.3 behind Hart, who is shit.

He's on £6k per week.

I don't suppose he's happy about any of that.

Northern Sold 1:57 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
Our plastic wannabe Mick ol' Declan McRice will be all over this move... he loves the Pope...

Rossal 1:57 Wed Apr 3
Re: Nick Pope
He might be keen on moving back down south as he came through at Charlton but suspect he will want somewhere offering a no 1 spot.

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